VIDEO: Latin immigrant hits girlfriend, Democrats dismiss case!!

Surveillance video has been released showing a domestic violence incident involving a former Astros minor league baseball player named Danry Vasquez. The video, received through an open records request, shows the assault, which happened at Whataburger Field, August 2nd, 2016.

Danry was born in Venezuela and in 2010 the Detroit Tigers signed him to a $1.2M deal. So yet again we send the message, “Come to America, take advantage of all our wealth and splendor, break the rules and terrorize people, don’t worry a Democrat will get you off the hook!”

The video shows a man(Vasquez) and a woman walking into a stairwell and heading down the stairs, he waits for the door to close then he lashed out violently and attacks her, pulling her hair and throwing her around.

The video continues to shows the woman being hit twice, then her hair is pulled and the two walk down the stairs, where she is hit a third time.

In 2016 the Astros dropped Dany Vasquez from their organization in 2016 for the Domestic Abuse incident.

The video shows a man and a woman walking into a stairwell and heading down the stairs, when suddenly, the man, identified as 24-year -old Danry Vasquez, strikes the woman with his left hand and hitting her in the face.

The video continues to shows the woman being hit twice, then her hair is pulled and the two walk down the stairs, where she is hit a third time. He was officially accused of hitting his girlfriend and the incident was clearly documented on video.

Enter Mark Gonzales, a Democrat, the newly elected District Attorney, the self-described “Mexican Biker Lawyer”…

The unshaven, tattooed, motorcycle ridin, aging “bad-boy” who showed up his Democrat opponent by attending their debates with his sleeves rolled up and his tattoos on full display(so edgy!) prides himself on getting criminals off.

He doesn’t deny his affiliation with his motorcycle club, that some have speculated may be a gang. He says they have instituted toy drives and give to charities, which I believe is true. Even the Cartels know to build up a reputation of “helping the community” using their patron saint Jesus Malverde.

Mark Gonzales wore a Cowboys jersey to his swearing in(so edgy!)636188863509867566-Mark-Gonzalez.jpg

He was arrested when he was 19 and he proudly displays the mugshot in his office…He says that his mother told him to simply plead guilty and tell the judge the truth, and he did. I find that extremely admirable and his mother did the right thing, but he says he saw a savvy lawyer get another man off for the same charges he had and thus he began his pathway to sleazy lawyer.

So you can see why even though this man never prosecuted a case in his life, he was elected to be the District Attorney by Democrats…

READ Nuces County District Attorney Mark Gonzales Was Ineligible to Practice Law

The Nueces County District Attorney says the case against Vasquez has been dismissed and that Vazquez complied with conditions set by his plea deal…it was announced they struck a plea deal with Vasquez that allowed him to avoid any prison time so long as he attends a year-long battering intervention and prevention program and stays out of trouble.

Look at Danry earlier in 2016 during a Hook’s baseball game:

So to be clear, this District Attorneys plan is to put this obviously very angry man in a in a Women’s Shelter…yes you read that clearly. This man wants to put a violent angry woman beater in a home where abused women go to seek shelter from scumbags like that.

“Does the program work? We are going to find out and if it doesn’t work they go to jail. So what have we really lost here besides time? Nothing,” said Gonzalez.

If the program “doesn’t work” that means yet another woman was beaten, assaulted, and terrorized. So no Mark, we didn’t just lose “time”, another woman had a little piece of her soul destroyed by a man. Yet again the Democrats don’t care and they would rather virtue-signal that they love immigrants while ignoring real domestic-abuse.

Gonzales calls Vasquez a “first offender”,  I call that BS! I say this is just his first time getting caught!!

Having a Democrat for a District Attorney in these times is extremely dangerous because they are more sympathetic to these criminal scumbags than ever before. They are so high on social-justice that they are overlooking the broken promises and damaged individuals they leave in their wake.

Mark Gonzales ran on a promise to be tough on Domestic Abuse and he has obviously failed his county tremendously.

Hell the Astros took a tougher stance when they sacked Vasquez and hurt him financially, than this lame District Attorney did. It seems a Pennsylvania Baseball team has signed Danry Vasquez for their 2018 season.

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  1. Lmaoooooo whoever made this page sounds like he cries about everything in life because it doesn’t go his way. Booooooo hooooooooooooooo wahhhhhhhhh Lol stfu bro there’s criminals in our government and you more worried about this piece of shit baseball player and his race lol


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