WATCH: Becerra threatens Trump: “Be careful” if you find yourself in an alley with Maxine Waters

It doesn’t bode well for the perceived low IQ of Maxine Waters that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra can’t necessarily speak to her political strengths, but instead uses veiled threats of violence against President Trump.

Talking about Maxine Waters like if she is a gangster, drug dealer rather than a politician! Why wouldn’t Becerra say something like “Trump wouldn’t want to find himself on the debate floor with her”. Why the immediate jump to suggested violence? Probably because he knows Maxine Waters has nothing of substance to say and her district is a complete failure.

“I would urge Donald Trump to be careful if he ever finds himself in a dark alley with Maxine Waters.” – CA Attorney General Becerra

WATCH the clip below:

Why is our Attorney General acting like one of these #NeverTrump late night comedians? Issuing out vague threats of violence and trying to disguise it as terribly unfunny comedy. Oh yeah because just like those “comedians” they all get their talking points from Podesta, Soros and Hillary.

And look at the face he made at the very end. He looked very serious and if I were Trump, knowing about the bloody history of the Democrats, I would take that as a serious threat of violence. A veiled threat, but a threat none-the-less.

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Why would Trump be afraid to tell Maxine Waters to her face that she is low IQ? He isn’t afraid to say anything to anyone, this is the man that stood tall in front of seasoned Republicans and took all the abuse they had to offer and didn’t stumble once.

Attorney General Becerra said:

“It’s unfortunate he uses that kind of language about someone who’s been a public servant for so many years — someone who’s fought very hard,” Becerra said. “And just because he disagrees with her doesn’t mean he has to use derogatory language.”

Maxine Waters is an intellectually deficient human-being, it isn’t derogatory to point that out. It is awful that our state attorney general is speaking up so adamantly for someone that has overseen one of the continually most crime-ridden areas of California.

It’s unfortunate the President had to call her “low IQ”, but how else do you describe someone who seems oblivious to the problems plaguing her district?

But as we have seen, the Democrats do not seem to care very much about their local district or state and instead choose to grandstand and virtue-signal on issues like Climate Change and Social-Justice.


Xavier Becerra and John Podesta served as “presidential delegation” to celebrate and praise #NeverTrumper Pope Francis. 2014.

The California Democrats seem pretty terrified that the Federal government, and the rest of the country has turned it’s attention onto the state of California. That is why they are scrambling to clean up homeless encampments in a desperate last-minute attempt to make the state seem safer and cleaner.

Xavier Becerra had a few more words for President Trump regarding recent comments he made on Maxine Waters. President Trump recently called Maxine Waters a “low IQ” individual.

Attorney General Becerra, the people in the district where Maxine Waters represents(not where she lives) have to deal with trying to survive just walking to the store. The gang violence is out of control in that area.

I made a video to Twitter highlighting just a tiny fraction of the violence that has taken place in Maxine Waters district, how can Becerra defend this?:

Anyone that can defend that has no business being in a position of power in our country. Both Maxine Waters and Xavier Becerra must be voted out this year if California finally wants to start healing our toxic state. Thankfully we have solid candidates going against both of the two clowns.

The formidable Omar Navarro is taking on the confused Maxine Waters and has received many high-level endorsements from the GOP.  You can donate to his campaign by clicking here.

As for Attorney General, I encourage you all to follow and support @BaileyForAG on twitter. The retired Judge Steven Bailey has blasted Attorney General Xavier Becerra as the absentee AG, because while communities suffer from terrible crimes ranging from human trafficking to gang violence, Becerra is busy suing coal companies.

EVERY freedom loving Californian need to get out and vote in the primary! We must ensure our candidates even make it onto the ballot, because due to the open-primary voting system in California, there is NO guarantee a Republican will be on the ballot this November.

Please don’t let these Democrats compete with another Democrat. We cannot allow them to continue to get away with their numerous crimes. We need to be strong and unified in 2018 if we wanna help send President Trump more support and stop the Democrats for good.


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