VIDEO: Man shot dead in courtroom…during trial!

WARNING GRAPHIC. I must warn you the footage you are about to watch shows a man being shot 4 times, killing him, after he attempted to stab a man who was testifying against him in a federal racketeering case.

A federal judge on Monday released video of a US Marshal shooting an accused gang member who attacked a witness with a pen inside the Salt Lake City Federal Courthouse. The man who was shot was named Siale Angilau, a Polynesian-American from what I can gather. The incident took place in 2014, the man who was assaulted was not injured.

Apparently Siale was a Tongan Crip, and the man who was testifying was laying out everything about initiation into the gang and was set to let authorities know what he knew about Siale being involved in a racketeering scam.

READ more about the violent Polynesian gang Tongan Crips

Now the family has filed a lawsuit, in U.S. District Court, that says that Angilau’s April 2014 death resulted from a “grossly negligent use of unnecessary, deadly force,” which is an outright lie. Siale was clearly charging at the man and he was hellbent on physically harming him…

The “he wuz a good boi” narrative is being foisted onto a community yet again and I honestly don’t think it will work this time because people are starting to take all the evidence and facts into consideration before they act.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune the families lawsuit claims:

“After dropping Siale to the ground with the first gunshot, Marshal Jane Doe approached the witness box and shot Siale three more times in the back, from close range,”

“Siale was no longer a threat when Shots 2, 3 and 4 were fired.”

Now. That is obviously not true. You can clearly see the evidence for yourself, the shots were consecutive. Four shots fired with barely any space in between them. The lady Marshal was backed up in the corner and had no choice but to discharge her weapon for the safety of everyone in the courtroom.

They are trying to make it sound like the officer fired a shot, walked up to the man, and then fired 3 more shots into his back. That is clearly not what happened and it is a shame that people lie just to try to smear law enforcement.

The Marshal placed four very precise shots into Siale and there was obviously no malicious intent behind her reaction. For Siale however, as is evident in the video, he clearly had malicious intent to harm the witness who was testifying against him.

“Why did they have to shoot him like that? He’s not an animal.”

Did they even see the video? This man literally just tried to stab another man to death during a trial! A trial! One of the most sacred American things is the courtroom. If he acts like that in here, imagine how he acted in prison? Imagine having to be his cellmate? Thank God no one will ever have to deal with that now. Ever.

Let’s get a little more context into the family filing the lawsuit:


This is Tolina Tausinga. Who was sister of deceased Siale, posted this on her Twitter account:

Why do families like this act so surprised when their relative, a known gang member, gets hurt or jailed?? Siale lived his life on the edge, he lived a lifestyle that could literally get him killed at any moment. He knew what he was. He knew what could happen when he charged that podium. Do the families cry because they knew and could have prevented it?

But rather than see it like that, they blame the police for doing their job and protecting everyone. It’s unfortunate Siale died, but that was a consequence of his action and I truly believe he was aware of what he was doing and decided he would rather die than go to jail for the rest of his life.

Not every shooting committed by a law enforcement officer is justified, but more often than not they are justified. The family and the grieving mother(who ignored the warning signs that their relative was a prominent gang member for years) are the last people who the media should be speaking too.

I thank the police for doing their job and I am praying for everyone involved.supportpolice


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  1. L if a police or US Marshal can’t stop a person with a pen he shouldn’t be a u.s. marshal or in law enforcement he didn’t have a gun it was a pen


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