VIDEO: Cops knock on door, man answers with sawed-off shotgun…

I must warn you the video footage you are about to watch may potentially be very shocking and is not suitable for children. While there is no blood, a man is shot twice at near point blank range by an AR15, after police knock on his hotel room door and he answers with a sawed-off shotgun in his hand.


The man who was killed was identified as George Randall Newman, age 26, and the incident took place on October 1, 2017, at America’s Best Value Inn in Fort Collins Colorado. An autopsy later revealed he had “extremely high levels of methamphetamine” in his system at the time of his death.

Police were called to the hotel following a 911 call in which the caller said he heard a loud boom and looked up to see a hole in his ceiling. When three officers arrived on scene they encountered a woman in the parking lot who said she was acquainted with the man in the room from where the gunshot originated.

The woman told officers that her 3-year-old daughter was in the room with Newman which sent the police into high alert. Newman answered the door holding a sawed-off shotgun and refused to put it down. The lead officer then fired his patrol rifle two times, striking Newman directly in the chest.

The officers rescued the baby and secured the hotel room without further incident. Thankfully no one but the maniacal gunman was hurt. This is just another reminder that a police officer has absolutely no idea what he will see on any given day. They need our support and prayers at all times.

We need to do a better job letting people know that it is in everyone’s best interest to comply with police officers when given a direct order. I have had my civil rights violated by a police officer before, simply for being Hispanic, but rather than disobey and fight the officer I choose to comply and be respectful at all times.

I don’t blame the police officer for racially profiling me when he probably had good intelligence that a Hispanic person who fit my general height and build had just committed a crime in the area. If even 1 time out of 10 he will be right, it’s still worth a shot to catch a potential bad guy.

I do not envy a police officers job, it is difficult and grueling and you have to deal with the absolute dredges of society. All the while you have to sit and listen to rap music and popular culture bashing the police when they are out there legitimately saving lives and protecting people.

I am sad that this man was shot, but the world is a better place without him and I wouldn’t want to be the one to have to deal with a situation like a drugged out madman locked in a hotel room with a baby and a sawed-off shotgun, so I am thankful we have people who make it their life to deal with horrible stuff like this.

Thank you officers for doing a great job. #BlueLivesMatter #SupportThePolice



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Thank you God bless the police, God bless the military and God bless America.

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