OFFICIAL: Russia-Trump Collusion Probe is dead!!

Well pat yourselves on the back Trump and his supporters, you were right again…

The House Intel Committee Chairman Conaway just announced that the Committee is closing the “Russian collusion” investigation, having found zero evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians.

Yay, we knew it! Now can we have our money back?

The Intel committee has finally finished interviewing every witness in the year-long Russia probe and they have concluded unequivocally that there was absolutely zero evidence of collusion between the Trump team and Russian election trolls.

CNN went into immediate spin mode(click the image to view their report):screen-16.57.56[12.03.2018].png

Well no CNN, actually the House Republicans are agreeing with what your own attack dog Mueller found. Which is that some Russians, with no real tangible connection to Putin, did indeed attempt to influence our elections…on both sides of the political spectrum.

Yes, some Russians are entirely guilty of stealing identities, making fake accounts, creating memes and even organizing rallies…for BOTH SIDES! Yes Michael Moore even attended one of the rallies organized by the Russian trolls.

The Mueller investigation found that any contact that had taken place at any point in time between officials of the Trump campaign and the Russian trolls was totally unwitting. As we saw, there were many Left-Wingers as well that fell for some the memes.

Notice how the claims went from “Trump directly colluded with Putin” to “Some Russian trolls that we cannot directly link to Putin created some memes”. If that was the best operation the Russians could muster, well then they are a lot weaker than I imagined and we should consider ourselves lucky.

The House Intel committee knows that the Russian attempt at “election influence” was rather weak and not well directed from the Kremlin point of view. Russia has all sorts of problems to worry about and Putin is trying to hold onto power, he didn’t divert many resources to the American election.

Besides, millions of people watch RT(Russian Television) and the Kremlin can always use that outlet to influence people.

The goal of the Russian plan wasn’t even to support any specific candidate, it was simply to antagonize both sides into more conflict. Why would Russia do something like that? Well for over 60 years we undermined their communist government eventually collapsing it and Russia lost a lot of territory.

They are still very bitter over that and we obviously can never let our guard down when it comes to Russia, but at the moment, unless you compare nuclear arsenals, we are surging far ahead of Russia in every military and economic aspect. Yes it is awful what they did, but it is to be expected.

I looked at all the 2016 Russian election influence material, I didn’t actually see any of it, or any of the fake accounts, during the 2016 election. I only saw it all after the Mueller investigation pointed me towards it.

Again, if that was the best the Russians could do, well then we really have nothing to worry about right now, especially with zero-tolerance President Trump in charge.

Congratulations to every single one of you Trump supporters out there that kept your head held up high in the face of Liberal lies. Here is to 7 more years of MAGA!


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Thank you God bless the police, God bless the military and God bless America.

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