Man sets ex-gf on fire…to avoid being a father.

16294185_GSource: Phoenix Police Department/Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

A sorry excuse for a human being named Antwaun Travon Ware, age 20, admitted to beating to death, then setting on fire his ex-girlfriend Jasmine Dunbar, age 21, for the simple fact that she was going to have a paternity test done regarding her 7-month old daughter named Ariel. Reported by the NYPost

If you would like to help with Jasmines funeral expenses a gofundme has been set up that right now is about $1,300 short of it’s goal

Jasmine believed Antwaun was the father of her daughter and I believe he knew it was true and did not want to have to deal with the responsibility of raising a child.

I wanted to talk about this because I believe this story is representative of several things happening in America. It represents the complete breakdown of the family unit. Males shunning the basic responsibility of raising their responsibility and accepting the consequences of their actions.

It also hits at the heart of problems in the black community. I have heard a thousand and one rap songs where they celebrate avoiding marriage and a pervasive “not my baby” culture is rampant in a young community that is becoming increasingly sexualized.


However, I also want to talk about how could have been avoided entirely. Men like Antwaun are total scumbags and girls like Jasmine need to do a better job avoiding men like that. Terribly sorry if I offend anyone reading this, but the tattoo, toxic social media and party culture is what leads to tragic events like this.

Women like Jasmine need to value themselves more. You don’t need to have unprotected sex to make yourself feel better. You don’t need to tattoo yourself to look beautiful. You don’t need to party and get drunk all the time to make yourself feel better.

In my opinion the female body is Gods most beautiful work and you wouldn’t doodle on art made by DaVinci now would you? God rest Jasmines soul, she could have done so much to avoid this and if she had only never spoken to scumbag Antwaun, she would be alive right now and her 7-month old daughter wouldn’t have to grow up without a mom.

Smarter decisions on her part, and a better upbringing for Antwaun could have completely avoided this situation. People need to do a better job raising their children and that starts with men and women being smarter about having children. We cant allow them to have a sex culture and a lack-of-responsibility culture.

Hopefully people can look at this situation and learn a lesson from it. Praying for everyone involved.


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Thank you God bless the police, God bless the military and God bless America.

3 Comments on “Man sets ex-gf on fire…to avoid being a father.”

  1. The thug culture values tennis shoes more than human life. They want that “moment” where they are fly, cool, hip, it, and will Rob, steal, kill to get it. Mass mental illness. They scream for equality but demand artificial leg up programs. Racism exists because of thier low IQ and need for material grandiose display of attainment.


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