Trumps planned visit to California triggers Democrats

If you are one of the 4.5 million patriots in California who voted for Donald J Trump you are probably very excited to hear that the President plans to finally visit California next week to inspect his border wall prototype.

However, if you are one of the millions in California who voted for Hillary, you might not be very happy right now. In fact you are probably downright triggered that Trump would set foot in California.

You see because up until this week, California was pretty much allowed to operate in its own little bubble. A veritable Liberal “safe space”. Until Jeff Sessions came to town.

While no major protests have been announced by any of the known anti-Trump groups, the Sheriff of Otay Mesa, San Diego has issued strict restrictions for the area in an official statement:



The following items will be ILLEGAL to be carried in the area where the President will be:

  1. Firearms
  2. Knives, Daggers
  3. Clubs
  4. Pepper Spray, Mace, Bear spray
  5. Axes, picks, ice picks, axe, pick handles
  6. Explosives, fireworks
  7. Slingshots
  8. Baseball bats
  9. Poles, sticks, staffs, dowels, boards
  10. Bricks, rocks
  11. Baseball bats
  12. Tasers
  13. Glass bottles or containers
  14. Any other item generally considered an “implement of riot” that can be used as a weapon, like a length of chain(bike lock?)

Now ask yourself, what group of people generally bring with them and use those kind of items during political protests? Liberal protests in the past few years quite often turn into full on riots. The media can pretend the Left is all rainbows and daisies(and there are quite a few daisies), but really it’s a whole lot of hysterical hate and irrational violence.




It seems to be an official warning from the Sherrif of Otay Mesa to any anti-Trump groups who seek to disrupt the Presidents visit. They may possibly have some intel of something that might go down, but like I said, no major Liberal groups that I am aware of have planned any major protests…yet

His visit is scheduled to be very brief and at this moment it is unclear on whether he will meet with Jerry brown or not

This is the Otay Mesa area in San Diego, California where the the restrictions have been issued:screen-16.05.50[11.03.2018]

The Presidents visit comes as relations between California and the White House reach a new low. The California Democrats have made themselves into the #Resist party and they have hijacked the state and are using is as a bulwark to slow down and try to weaken the Trump administration.

Using the Attorney General of California Xavier Becerra to file lawsuit after lawsuit, ranging from the environment to immigration, against the Trump administration and using the 9th District Court of Appeals to hamper and obstruct the Trump administration.

As I pointed out yesterday the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board quite openly voiced their support for Sanctuary Cities and the open borders policies of the California Democrats. They said they really don’t think the courts will side with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump in the lawsuit recently filed against California by Sessions.

(By the way if you are getting blocked by those annoying paywalls in the New York Times or Los Angeles times, try opening up a “private tab” and going to the website through there)

Well yet again today a writer over at the Los Angeles Times is triggered by the Presidents decision to visit the state.

“What drives the president’s toxic relationship with the nation’s most populous state is this: his near-obsessive desire to be seen as a winner.”

-LA times writer Noah Bierman

Well that is total nonsense. This is why the Liberals desire to push us all into a “Shared Reality” because they live in a non-reality where crap like this is taken as fact when indeed it is nothing but Liberal drivel.

The President has a toxic relationship with California because the state is in complete violation of the Federal law and communities/families are suffering as a result.

The state of California thought that because they successfully defied the Federal government on marijuana that they could do the same with immigration. WRONG.


As I pointed out in my other article debunking the Los Angeles Times editorial board, drugs are not the same as immigration for one very specific reason, the Supreme Court has already decided that the Federal government decide ALL matters regarding immigration. It is hard wired into the Constitution. Drugs? Not so much.

One can argue that what a person does to their own body is their own business. Immigration however is totally different. First of all, if you are not a citizen or lawful resident you are, in my opinion, effectively waving all of your rights. You are saying that you prefer to operate outside of the parameters of the Constitution.

When we allow illegal aliens to go about their lives unpunished, especially when they commit violent crimes, it undermines our entire system of law and order. It causes society itself to decay. We CANNOT allow that to continue and I have full confidence the Supreme Court will see it the same way.

If people won’t even respect the sanctity of borders of this great country, eventually society as a whole begins to ignore every law on the books.


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Thank you God bless the police, God bless the military and God bless America.

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