Legal weed a bust for California, a boon for Cartels.

Liberals in 2016: “Hillary will beat Trump! Legalize weed and it will bring in billions of dollars for the state and hurt the Cartels…”

Well none of that turned out to be true at all and yet again we were lied to by Liberals as the marijuana industry in California has taken a dark new turn since “legalization” has taken place.

California has now become the new hub for Americas black market marijuana trade with over 90 percent of the country’s illegal marijuana farms, but it isn’t just happening in Golden State. Colorado has also seen it’s share of cartel problems.

A scathing report by ABC7 Denver titled Mexican drug cartels are taking full advantage of Colorado’s marijuana laws. The report explains how cartels are now trading drugs like heroin for marijuana and an increase in human trafficking has taken place.

“If you combine the legalization of marijuana and you combine that there are no regulations for the legalization of marijuana outside Colorado, it becomes an attractive criminal enterprises,”

-Jorge Duque with the Colorado Department of Law.

But strangely, it isn’t just Cartels that are getting in on the business. It looks like other international criminal syndicates are getting involved as well.

The Sacramento Bee reported:

“One recent indictment obtained by McClatchy asserts that money from a southern China bank account was transferred to California to pay for down payments on homes that later became grow houses, suggesting that at least some in China are investing the illicit U.S. marijuana market.”

The report stated that increasingly Chinese nationals are being arrested in illegal marijuana busts. This isn’t a simple gang operation as international banks and big business from China are also getting in on the black market “Green Rush” going on in California.

It seems more people prefer to do things illegally rather than legally in California in places where the state and city governments are telling us that illegal aliens are no different than legal residents.

For California, it doesn’t help anyone that very few of the states known growers have applied for a license to legally grow their marijuana. At this moment, less than 1% of the states growers have applied for a license to become a legitimate operation.

To further compound problems there has been a massive surge in illegal marijuana operations.

Landlords are struggling with growers who pose as tenants, then move into an apartment and convert it into a marijuana growing operation, in the process destroying the apartment.

“These are illegal growers. These are the people that are shipping this stuff out of the state,”

-said Calaveras County Sheriff Rick DiBasilio.

Property owners are forced to scour their land for evidence of illegal grows. One man in Calaveras County, California is forced to wear body armor while he patrols his property for “marijuana militias” that he says are willing to kill to protect their weed.

The rural residents in Calaveras County were living in total fear for their lives, you turn down the wrong road or hike down the wrong trail and come face to face with cartel men armed with automatic weapons that will gun you down without a second thought.

The Calaveras county planning department estimated there were anywhere from 700 to 1,500 illegal marijuana farms sprawled across private property or government lands.

Thankfully Calaveras County listened to the very real safety concerns of the residents and they voted to ban commercial marijuana cultivation.

In many areas law enforcement agents are forced to trek over very rugged terrain in search of sprawling illegal marijuana grows hidden deep within National Forests where the growers leave behind literal tons of trash and gallons of toxic chemicals that damage wildlife.

marijuana-farm-pollution.jpgAn illegal marijuana grow cleanup. Credit: USFS, Region 5

Many Conservative officials, including police officers warned against the legalization of marijuana saying that it would lead to an increase in the black market, now we see that they were absolutely right.

You would think more Liberals would be paying attention to this issue since it poses extreme environmental hazards. Many of these grow sites use dangerous chemicals and actively kill protected wildlife that could endanger the marijuana crop.

USFS_illegal-growsite_LassenNFUSFS_illegal-growcamp_ShastaTrinityNFCredit: USFS, Region 5

According to  at one of the drug sites they found the growers using hot dogs on fish hooks designed to attract and kill local wildlife to protect their marijuana harvest. At one grow cleanup they found 3 dead black bears and a grey fox. These animals died so that these criminal scum can protect their marijuana plants.

Avoiding paying the state anything and using government-owned and private-property to take advantage of the new marijuana laws, terrorizing rural communities, and on top of that they are killing innocent animals.

“Growers strung hot dogs on fish hooks to attract and kill nearby animals. While I was there, I came across a dead Pacific fisher,”

This is the Pacific fisher:

Fisher-BethanyWeeks-banner.jpgCredit: Bethany Weeks/Fickr CC

The poison used on the fish hooks was methomyl, a powerful insecticide that is highly toxic to humans, livestock and wildlife. It is almost never allowed for use in households or by non-professionals.

All of this is caused by illegal grow operations, that are causing untold amounts of damage to our environment and precious native wildlife. While the cartel profits from all of it.So far, the California Democrats have totally failed to respond to this monumental problem.

When you look at what is really damaging the environment, you will often find it is something seemingly simple like an illegal marijuana operation that could be far more of a threat to the environment.

Meanwhile American energy companies that take every precaution necessary to protect the environment and ensure that they operate within the parameters of the law are punished by the California government supposedly in order to protect the environment.

Hopefully 2018 is a year of change in California and people start to look at the plain facts about where these dangerous Liberal policies are taking us.

I believe marijuana certainly has it’s benefits and probably shouldn’t be illegal, but blindly legalizing it without seriously considering all of the ramifications was obviously a very bad idea and I am sure the cartels are thanking the California state government.


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Thank you God bless the police, God bless the military and God bless America.

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  1. It is time for a constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis across the United States.
    With “homegrow” as an absolute right. About a trade, I support your right own an AR-15 for my right to grow cannabis in my own home or my own property. Let’s keep America Great Together.

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