Dictator Watch: Communist China removes term limits

China voted recently to completely remove presidential term limits. Effectively making Xi-Jinping the President of China for life. A mere 3 out of 2964 deputies voted against the measure. This is a very scary move in the country that commands the second largest economy in the world, millions of soldiers and hundreds of nuclear weapons.

CaliLiberal here, and I am shutting down this fascist right-wing blog! How dare you attack glorious leader Xi Jinping, his country loves him so much that is why they voted to make him leader for life. He’s not a right-wing racist oligarch like your precious Trump!

No fascist USA! No fascist USA! Glory to China. Communism is sooo great. I know, I was Leader of the Socialist Feminists of Berkeley group.


This is why I was hoping our very own version of Xi-Jinping, Governor Jerry Brown(who himself found way around those pesky term limits!) would break off from the fascist USA and join the glorious communist, workers paradise of China!

If we had no stupid Republican racists in our country we would have been able to get rid of term limits for Obama!

Only three of the 2964 deputies voted against getting rid of those fascist term limits, they were probably racist right-wing xenophobic Trump supporters like you CaliConservative!

CaliLiberal go eat some more tide pods and watch CNN! Stop peddling your left-wing propaganda here, my readers don’t come here to be subjected to your communist drivel. They are better than that. My audience is smart and well informed and they demand in-depth analysis of the facts considering ALL positions.

NO! We can’t allow all positions! We only need a left-wing point of view, we need to ban all right-wing speech! We have almost done it at my alma mater Berkeley.

No CaliLiberal, I will die before I let you silly Liberals destroy free speech simply because, like the Chinese communist party, you hate to have to listen to anyone elses point of view.

To the point you are willing to use violence to achieve your goals of silencing all opposition. That is why left-wing terrorists have upped the ante in recent years by shooting at GOP congressman and starting numerous riots. You want to turn us into communist China so bad and I for one will NEVER allow that to happen.

I find it reprehensible that in our modern day the worlds second largest economy can become a full on dictatorship with barely a whimper of protest from the Liberals who so pretend to care about human rights.

We rarely ever hear anything about the severe human rights abuses going on in China and severe crackdowns on political dissent. Because the Left and the Democrats seem to have a strange love affair for the communist Chinese. Indeed even the North Koreans have been drawing lots of praise from the Left recently.

You won’t hear China getting the same scolding from the Left as Russia does. Even though China is guilty of trade manipulation, currency fraud, intellectual property theft and they are even involved in the American illegal drug trade. Much of the deadly fentanyl that is pouring across the border from Mexico is being shipped in from China.

We cannot sit idly by while the world falls into darkness like this and many on the Right are smart enough to realize the fight against the toxic communist ideology never ended. We must continue to be very aware of what China is up to, Russia is a distraction.

Of course you wanna stop looking at Russia because you are a Putin bot and Russia probably funds this blog!

You liberals are so silly and simply cannot handle the cold hard facts. Russia collapsed not long ago and lost a huge portion of it’s territory and continues to struggle economically and domestically, while China continues to surge. Can we focus our main attention on the adversaries that matter?

You just hate the Chinese because you are a racist!

No. I just love American more because I am a patriot.



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