WATCH: Canadian Conservative RIPS Liberal Justin Trudeau!

It isn’t often you get to hear from a Conservative Canadian, because like the California Conservative, you barely even hear we exist. We often think of Canada as a Liberal-Progressive bastion(a lot of that has to do with the neo-progressive image of the Prime Minister Justice Trudeau), but there has been a recent surge in Canadian Conservatism.

READ: More than ever before, Canadians disapprove of the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau

The Leader of the Conservative Party and Leader of the Official Opposition Andrew Scheer totally ripped the Canadian PMs plan to purchase 88 used jet fighters from Australia. WATCH:

Trudeau seemed totally shaken.

The context of the argument is that the neo-Liberal Trudeau administration recently announced plans to upgrade their fighter fleet and he somehow plans to do that buy buying used F-18s from Australia rather than buying new ones from the United States.

The announcement to buy the used fighter jets came after the US imposed 80% import tariff on Canadian Bombardier jets so to get back at Boeing, an American military industrial aviation company legendary for designing the B17 in WW2.

The silly thing is that Boeing still designed the used F18 fighter jets Canada will buy from Australia…The fighter jets are around 30-years old…So if you can wrap your mind around the logic, Trudeau plans to upgrade Canada’s fleet by buying 30-year old planes…yeah Liberal logic indeed.

Glad to see Canadian Conservatives are speaking up against the insane and backward Liberal policies being foisted on everyone. Conservatives, across the world, need to really speak up right now and get totally involved as we push to take our countries back from those that would destroy it.

These Liberals policies put us all in danger simply so Progressives can satisfy their ravenous desire to virtue-signal. They are addicted to feeling self-righteous, even if it is at the expense of safety, and it’s time we say no more.


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Thank you God bless the police, God bless the military and God bless America.

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