UPDATE: Officers arrest suspected California cop killer

UPDATE: FOX News has confirmed the identity of the shooter


One officer has been killed and another wounded in a barricade situation in Pomona, California Friday night. According to ABC7. Now we are getting word that police have arrested the suspect accused of killing 30 year old Officer Greggory Casillas.


Officer Greggory Cassillas

Capt. Christopher Bergner of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said at a news conference that “The suspect ran into an apartment complex and the officers gave chase. As he barricaded himself in a bedroom, officers attempted to contact him. He then began firing through the door, striking the two officers.”


I do not own the above video, all rights to the owner ONSCENE.TV

Capt. Christopher Bergner also spoke on the condition of the wounded officer, who was reportedly shot in the jaw, “The other officer is in serious condition and is undergoing surgery. We expect him to be fine,”

We are still waiting for the identity of the shooter to be released and I will update the information accordingly.

Officer Cassillas was still a recruit, training in the field. He leaves behind a wife and two children. Rest in peace Greggory, I will be lighting a candle for you and praying for your soul.

This deadly shooting is just the latest act in a string of violence against the police that has surged in recent years. In California, according to official crime statistics, from 2011-2016:

  • 53,754 reported assaults on police officers
  • 22 officers were murdered

We recently saw Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf put ICE agents in harms way by tipping off violent illegal aliens that ICE agents were on their way to arrest them. That virtue-signal lead to the escape of 800 criminal aliens.

We also saw Hasta Muerte Coffee Shop turn away a police officer due to a policy they have against serving police officers. How do they feel now? Those sick people are probably celebrating the death of this brave heroic police officer and they would welcome in the scum that shot him.

Something needs to be done about the increasing violence in California and the increasing hostility against police in Liberal dominated areas. I truly believe this has to do with the mass hysteria being instilled in a large part of the population by the Liberal media.

Radical socialistic Liberal groups in pop culture and universities are fueling this anti-police rhetoric by using their platforms to push anti-American sentiment onto the masses like #TakeAKnee and #Resist.

When you tell people to ignore the Trump administration and to effectively ignore Federal law, eventually they will start to ignore state and city laws as well. That is why you see an increase in violence, drug use, graffiti, teen pregnancy, incidents of road rage and assault.

When you have a state government like California that so flagrantly undermines the Federal law and promotes an anti-cop culture, eventually people start to ignore all the laws.

Criminals prosper while police and communities suffer.


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Thank you God bless the police, God bless the military and God bless America.

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