LA Times: ‘Sanctuary Cities and Blacks Need Reparations’

In a slightly Orwellian piece titled “Jeff Sessions does California and the U.S. a favor”, the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board seems to signal support for sanctuary city policies and doesn’t believe Jeff Sessions has reasonable cause to end the dangerous practice of harboring millions of illegal immigrants.

They seem to show a very odd amount of confidence that the courts will side with the California Democrats against the Trump administration which makes me wonder if they know a fix is in or if they are just feigning confidence.

The Los Angeles Times had this to say:

“Oddly, we (sort of) welcome the Trump administration’s legal challenge in hopes that it will clarify not just for state officials, but for the federal government where the lines of responsibility and culpability might lie. We suspect the courts will side with California on most if not all of the legal issues Session’s lawsuit raises”

-Times Editorial Board

They go on to state something to the effect that the reality of “sanctuary city” is not sanctuary at all… even though that totally flies in the face of reality, but that is why the Liberals are pushing for “shared reality” so they can place us in their Liberal bubble.

Preventing police officers from working with ICE is sanctuary! Preventing deportations is sanctuary! Just look at this text from California Senate Bill 54 the so called “Sanctuary State” bill:

“This bill would, among other things and subject to exceptions, prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies, including school police and security departments, from using money or personnel to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes”

You can clearly see there for yourself that the state of California is actively conspiring to shield illegal immigrants from deportation and hamper federal immigration officials. The Supreme Court has already ruled that immigration is the sole responsibility of the Executive branch in 1876.

For more about how the Supreme Court feels about immigration, look at how they ruled on Arizonas controversial Senate Bill 1070, which the Liberal media went into a complete uproar over and quickly called it a Nazi style law because it gave officers extended power to investigate immigration status.

The law was challenged and ended up in front of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court voted 5–3 to remove sections 3, 5(c) and 6 of the insidious Nazi bill and….well thats it, they removed just 3 small sections of the bill, overall the bill stayed largely in place. Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas wanted to uphold the entire bill and Justice Alito agreed with them but still voted with the majority.

So overall the Supreme Court has been historically hawkish on immigration, delegating the authority to the Federal government over most immigration matters.

“What this lawsuit really is about is politics.” -LA Times

No you idiots! It has to do with safety and security, and protecting our sovereignty and identity as a country from illegals who choose to not properly assimilate into our culture. The American people are starting to wake up to that fact and millions of Californians are noticing that our elected representatives prefer illegal citizens over legal ones.

So I truly believe that this lawsuit by Attorney General Sessions is the last thing the California Democrats wanted. Sessions was biding his time waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce.

He wouldn’t file this lawsuit if he didn’t think he had a strong chance of winning. So let’s bring home a big win for America by supporting Jeff Sessions and help bring down the liars and criminals in charge of California and shut up the dumb editorial board over at the LA times in the process.

“For the administration, liberal and ethnically diverse California is the America its political supporters hate…” -LA Times.

OK many of us may hate your destructive, sick, disgusting, toxic, perverted Liberal ideology, but why do you add ethnic diversity into the mix? Trump supporters dont hate ethnic diversity they hate that they are being subject to a forced INVASION of over 11 million illegal aliens.

The Los Angeles Times to their credit did denounce the actions of Libby Schaaf, though I believe they secretly praise her actions because they believe in the cause of amnesty for illegals.

The LA Times ends by sharing:

“Jews should support reparations for slavery. Similarly, the United States was built with the stolen labor of stolen human beings, and the descendants of those people deserve reparations.”

Which is verifiably wrong, no the United States was not build with the stolen labor of stolen human beings. NOTHING we use as a society in the modern day was built by African slaves. Freeways were not built by slaves, modern hospitals and schools were not built by slaves.

Huge apartment buildings and sprawling cities were not built by slaves. Slave labor doesn’t produce the spectacular results that the magic of capitalism can produce. It was American capitalistic policies that elevated hundreds of millions out of poverty in American and around the world.

White people already fought and died by the thousands to end slavery in America for good, isn’t that enough reparation?


Hey everyone. I am a first-generation Hispanic-American that voted for President Trump in 2016 and I am 100% committed to getting him reelected in 2020. I want to fully dedicate myself to supporting the Conservative cause because I believe deeply we need more platforms for God, Guns, Freedom, the military and our police. I am pro-life and I live for the day that California becomes a red state.

With your help I believe we can achieve that within my lifetime. I am simply 1 person, I do not have the resources to compete with a mega news corporation, but I have the truth on my side and some of the best followers in the world.

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