California Coffee Shop Refuses to Serve Cops! Meet the Owners.

If you are one of the brave police officers working the incredibly dangerous streets in Oakland, California, don’t count on the loving atmosphere of the “inclusive” Liberals at Hasta Muerte Coffee Shop to make you feel better.

The coffee shop, that opened its doors last November, is facing pretty severe backlash online after they admitted that they refused service to an Oakland Police Officer to protect the “physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves,”.

It’s worth nothing that according to the Trulia crime data for the area where Hasta Muerte Coffee is located it is one of the more crime ridden areas of Oakland:


In that same exact area people have been assaulted and have had their laptops stolen from them, it’s not a nice area and it is regularly covered in graffiti and has major drug problems. Probably shouldn’t be bashing the police, they could save your life one day.

Looks like the toxic anti-law culture fostered by their mayor Libby Schaaf has spread to the entire community, no wonder they elected a criminal for a mayor.

The Coffee Shop issued an official statement about the incident via their Instagram account @HastaMuertaCoffee:


Now, this is an insane response for a number of reasons. Let’s start with the fact that a police presence in a business should always be a welcome sight. ANY business at any moment could be the subject of an armed robbery and having police officers frequent your establishment will help keep everyone safe.

Second they claim that people that support police “..are White or have adopted the privileges whiteness affords because they are a home or business owning…” Well to the Hasta Muerte cop haters I tell them that both of my parents came from Mexico, they met in America and had me, I do not own a home and make less than $30K/yr, and I fully support the police 10000%.

As I have said to officers, you are always welcome to stop by my house anytime if you need a glass of water or anything and if I ever own a service based business they will certainly be welcome to discounts.

Hasta Muerte also posted a “talk to your neighbors not the police” meme and I found a few other concerning images they posted:


Notice the shirt with the police car on fire?


Here they depict ICE vans driving off the Golden Gate Bridge…


This one says “Solidarity with the J20 defendants”

If you aren’t familiar with the J20 protests it was when the feral anti-Trump Liberals tried a last ditch effort to oust Trump on inauguration day:



So they show solidarity with antifa rioters that burn cars and beat people but police offers aren’t welcome in their store? This Liberal insanity needs to stop.

Police officers are genuinely great people that have a very difficult job that sometimes requires them to get aggressive with people that seek to hurt or disrupt other peoples lives. I have found that 9 times out of 10, Liberals lie about cases of “police brutality”, like the now debunked “hands up don’t shoot” narrative.

Who is working in that restaurant that is so threatened by the mere presence of a police officer that they must refuse service? Are they engaging in criminal activity at the Hasta Muerte Coffee Shop? Are they employing illegal immigrants at Hasta Muerte? Violent criminals with warrants perhaps? Or are they simply Trump hating radical socialistic Liberals?

99.99% of businesses LOVE the police and for good reasons. Because contrary to what Liberal media tell us, police officers do protect us and most cases of “police brutality” are over exaggerated and the media even lies about it. Mostly though a business welcomes a police presence because well, businesses are often the main targets of criminals.

To make matters worse for the coffee shop, the officer they refused service to happens to be a “person of color”, he was a Latino(or as the staff at Hasta Muerte would prefer we call him a “Latinx” the gender-neutral pronoun).

So of course the Liberal hypocrisy sent their minds into a tailspin and they had to do some extreme mental gymnastics to deal with the fact that they pretend to be all about “people of color” then proceed to eject a person of color from their business. Oh the sweet sweet irony. They go on to basically accuse the officer of being a Latinx White-Supremacist homophobic terrorist that hates homeless people…

Hasta Muerte Coffee took two negative comments they received on Facebook and wrote NOT MY PRESIDENT over them. The reviews had absolutely nothing to do with Trump! None of this has to do with Trump, why are they making this about the President? Trump derangement syndrome indeed.


To give you a little better context on the people who are running that instagram account and that crazy coffee shop, I found an interview with the owners on a website called Ferronlandia. They posted an interview with Hasta Muerte in November of 2016.


Photo courtesy of Ferronlandia

Meet Matt and Kari. They are two of the three main partners in the Hasta Muerte Coffee Shop. Matt was born in Oakland then moved to San Francisco(wow, pretty privileged eh?) and co-founded a bike shop “that trains and mentors youth from all over Oakland”.

Oh God, I sure hope he isn’t training them to all hate cops!

Kari is from Southern California and went to UC Berkeley. Get this, both of her parents are from Mexico and ALREADY HAD EIGHT CHILDREN BEFORE MOVING TO AMERICA AND HAVING KARI. Kari was the only one of her family that was born in America, or as she calls it “the states”. What American calls our country “the states”?

Kari identifies herself as a “Xicanx”…No that isn’t an alien race from Star Wars, that is what new radical Hispanic-Identity extremists call themselves. Xicana, Xicano or Xicanx, to replace Chicano, Chicana and their totally made up Chicanx. They say they are “decolonializing” which is a fancy way of saying hate White people and America.

Hey Kari, here is some advice, the best way to decolonialize yourself is to move into the Mexican wilderness and disavow all the technology that has been created by Western Civilization.

How much you wanna bet all 11 members of her immediate family are also living here? And despite Matt and Kari having college degrees, they had to ask for money on to get the funds to launch their business.

In which they raised $35K and were even asking for $45K. Did they tell their kickstarter supporters that they were gonna institute a policy against serving police officers?

Matt goes on to state:

“Here are the things we’ve seen in the last 3 to 5 years in Oakland: an increasing amount of white gentrification, which means to say a gradual shift in racial and cultural hegemony.”

Well that is certainly a very loaded and interesting statement right there. What is this “gradual shift in racial and cultural hegemony” he speaks of?

Well, let’s tackle that “gradual shift in racial and cultural hegemony”.

Let’s start by looking at the racial demographics of Oakland California in the 50’s , 60′ , 70s , 80s, 90s and 2000s to now:


So in the 1950s we have 75.6% of the population in Oakland is White people and 12.4% black people, and only 4.3% of the population were White but had a “Spanish Surname”

In the 1960s we see an increase in the black population and black people become 22.8% of the population while White people still 73% of the population.

In the 1970s we finally see PERSONS OF SPANISH ORIGIN OR DESCENT start to be listed:



But wait, didn’t California belong to Mexico and weren’t there tons of Mexicans and Spanish people in California before The USA took it over?


FALSE. While Spain owned and influenced California for almost 300 years, the population of the ENTIRE state of California only reached a peak of a mere 10,000 non-native-American citizens by 1854. They simply were unable to fully colonize the dangerous and deadly countryside and few settlers ranged North.

In the 1970s we see 6.7% of the population of Oakland is of Spanish Origin or Descent that is also counting Latin people. So not until the 1970s did the City of Oakland have a significant Spanish population.

By the 1970s the Black population in Oakland had grown up to 34% and the White population had now dropped to 59%.



In the 1980s the Spanish population increased to 9.5%. The Black population becomes the majority in Oakland at 47% and we continue to see great declines in the White population who have now become a minority to Black people.

Let’s fast forward to the modern era:


Suddenly we see 25.4% of the population is now Hispanic or Latino +15% gain in about 20 years

White people have become the majority again, but not because of their population increase, no is actually is because a sharp decrease in the black population and the sharp increase in the Hispanic population.

You see, it is the Hispanic/Latinos and Black that are at each others throats for space in the community, the White people have already been dropped down to a little over a third of the population of Oakland.

White people dropped to 34% in just 50 years they lost about 40% of their total population in the city of Oakland. That insidious White-Supremacy plan must not be progressing well if White populations are dwindling while Hispanic populations increase.

It is unfair to pretend that Hispanic/Latin/Xicanx people are under assault when their population has been ever increasing and poised to take over the entire area forcing out the other races. Both Black and White populations have decreased while Hispanic/Latin population has increased. Fact.

In fact any Spanish/Latin presence in the area can only be as a result of historical imperialism.

The area where the City of Oakland is located originally belonged to a tribe called the Ohlone. The Ohlone were estimated to have reached an impressive 10,000-20,000 strong by 1770. Under Spanish rule, in just 30 years, by the year 1800 the Ohlone population had dwindled to just 3,000.

By the time California officially the United States of America in 1850, just 1,000 Ohlone remained in the area, Spanish/Mexican rule had effectively decimated the population.

Thankfully since the United States of America has owned the area, the number of Ohlone Indians have rebounded to 3,800 strong.

People like Kari benefit directly from imperialism today because she is able to live in this wonderful nation and pursue her insane dreams, that never would have been possible if the USA never took over California. The countries of Spain or Mexico never would have achieved what the United States of America has in this regard.

So maybe Matt should shut his stupid mouth when he says he has seen a “gradual shift in racial and cultural hegemony”

His other claims about “White gentrification” are just racist nonsense that he probably learned at Berkeley. Because with the increase in the Hispanic/Latin population the area has seen an increase an Hispanic/Latin based stores. So it’s actually Hispanic gentrification that is taking place.

Matt also says “Especially in the new Trump regime, people are feeling scared and we want to have a place where people feel safe…”

How exactly are they going to feel safe in a restaurant that doesn’t want police in their business? Thank you for reading this and remember to #BackTheBlue.


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