TAX CUTS: Walmart Gives $400M in Employee Bonuses

Quick! Someone call Nancy Pelosi and tell her that Walmart just gave their employees a whole bunch of bread crumbs!! Did the Democratic party authorize this? How are they allowing a business to give their employees bonuses due to Trumps tax break? That money belongs to Pelosi and her cohort! Ahh!

According to BusinessWire Walmart has reportedly spent more than $400 million in one-time cash bonuses specifically tied to recent changes in President Trumps tax law!

They also gave out more than $160 million in cash bonuses based on their stores’ Q4 performance bringing the entire sum to more than $560 million.

  • Almost 900,000 Walmart employees will receive a share of more than the $560 million in cash based bonuses. WOW!
  • 136,000 California Walmart employees will be receiving around $34 million in bonuses!

So the policies of the Trump administration are verifiably helping Californians and Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters are too busy resisting and pandering to illegals to admit the President is doing a great job and he is helping the average American worker.


(Graphic: Business Wire)

Walmart is just one of many businesses and industries that are heavily investing in/expanding their workforce. This goes hand in hand with Trumps policies of lowering energy costs by increasing resource excavation and cutting crippling environmental regulations.

That is the Trump effect, the economic magician. If you voted for Donald Trump you are helping increase the livelihoods of the lower and middle class. And sure the rich are doing great, but they were always doing great. Now we lower folks are doing better right along with them!

We must continue to reject the failed Liberal economic policies that have drained our resources while placing a strenuous burden on the middle class. We must support the President and his sound economic agenda.

Despite what the WashingtonPost and CNN are saying, we will all be better off after 8 years of President Trump. #MAGA

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