Ninth Circuit Allows Children To Sue Trump…Over Global Warming!!

 “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

― Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

The #NeverTrump 9th Circuit of Appeals ruled yesterday in favor of 21 children and young adults suing the US government. According to the Daily Caller

The children are alleging that President Trump is not doing enough to protect their constitutional right to a stable climate…

Pretty crazy right? Shocked that the Democrats would exploit children and young adults for partisan purposes? Of course not. We just saw them pull the same shenanigans with gun control, except unlike the Parkland Massacre, no one has verifiably died from Global Warming.

It isn’t exactly clear what actual harm has been caused to these children as a direct result Global Warming. Instead the lawsuit aims to prevent any potential future damages to the environment…

The lawsuit began with the environmentalist group Our Childrens Trust. A group that seeks to exploit children to further their political cause. Convincing young people that Humanity faces certain doom and it’s all because of increased CO2 emissions and those darned fossil fuels.

The alarmist method of the Left must be contained, because they are making people hysterical with their claims that President Trump and his policies are going to kill everyone on the planet. They constantly use alarmist language like “time is running out”.

Policies Must Be Based on 350 ppm and 1 Degree Celsius to Protect Young People and Future Generations” -Our Children’s Trust Website

Do you see how they have to sell the entire program as ‘it’s to protect the children’? Just like Hitlers quote, they are using a real concern like the safety of children to justify a different concern like “Global Warming” and in the process taking away millions of Americans actual rights to the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Because when the Liberals shut down a “dirty” coal plant, a “toxic” oil refinery, or “hazardous” manufacturing plants and forges, they aren’t hurting the rich investor. The rich guy will reinvest his money somewhere else, he will be perfectly fine. No, instead they are actually hurting the average American citizen.

The common coal miners, the roughnecks working the oil fields, the fathers and mothers toiling away in manufacturing plants that get shut down are the ones that lose when rich Liberals partake in environmental virtue signaling.2016-9-childrenstrust-WB

The families that have to pay more for gas are the ones that suffer when we install draconian environmental policies. The struggling working class folks that now have to face ever increasing energy prices as a result of those failed policies are the ones that suffer

Small and medium businesses will now face even more financial obstacles due to increased environmental regulation and that’s already on top of high taxes, socialized healthcare and absurd minimum wages, but don’t worry because the rich unaffected Liberal will feel a false sense of accomplishment so that makes it all worth it for them…

And for what? Are we actually saving the environment? I pose the same question to the Left that I use for immigration. Why is there one standard for the United States and entirely different standards for other countries?

Why is there not as much outrage when Mexico illegally dumps raw sewage into the ocean? Why is there not as much outrage when China opens a new coal plant almost every week? How exactly are American energy companies supposed to be responsible for every single detriment to the environment?

Watch the following video. The ocean off the coast of Indonesia is totally trashed. A cascade of garbage in the water that has absolutely NOTHING to do with America.

We already have a great love for our environment here in America because we don’t toss as much trash into our oceans or rivers as other countries, but just South of the border in Mexico people burn their trash. If that is contributing to Climate Change, why should American companies be unfairly punished for that?


Look at this evil American whalers callously killing whales! What monsters! Well, actually those are Japanese whalers. Japan allows a certain amount of whales to be hunted every year despite a near worldwide moratorium on the practice.

Norway is another country guilty of whaling. They recently upped the number of whales they want hunted to 1,278! Consider that only about 430 whales were killed all last year.

Despite the European Union warning Norway not to hunt whales, they are going through with the practice, because it’s part of their culture and they aren’t gonna let a bunch of bureaucrats tell them how to live.

Are American companies responsible for the whales killed by Japan and Norway? Of course not. Are we responsible for the CO2 output of India or China? No. Is there anything we can do about it? Probably not, unless China, India, Japan and Norway wanna completely change their way of life and that isn’t happening.

President Trump isn’t the environmental monster they are trying to make him into he just recognized that the standards set for the United States of America and the standard set for other countries were entirely different and unfair. It’s time we fix and change those double standards so Americans aren’t treated unfairly in economic affairs and unable to compete.

Make no mistake, it isn’t the children that are orchestrating this environmental push, they are simply being used as tools by the Democrats. The key players are the organizations like Our Children’s Trust, The Rockefeller Brothers fund or The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation that are behind this and they are not above exploiting children for political and financial purposes.

And it doesn’t entirely have anything to do with cleaning up the environment. No, the main reason for this decision by the 9th Circuit is simply just a way to try to circumvent the Trump Administration and force him to issue orders that help their agenda.

This is the same court of appeals that has fought tooth and nail to try to keep the illegal DACA program going. The 9th Circuit is the #Resistance court. Looks like those judges are gunning for jobs on the FISA court!

You see, they simply cannot accept that they lost the election and it is absolutely killing them that they have to sit idly by while watching President Trump gloriously dismantle their entire rigged system.

So don’t be fooled by the, “It’s for the children! Listen to the children! shtick. These people want more money flowing into their coffers that is all, they don’t actually care about the environment or the real dangers to it.

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