First Sessions, Now Trump Set to Visit California Next Week

In what is set to be a tense moment in the Trump presidency, the President plans to finally visit California next week to inspect his border wall prototypes and attend a fancy high level fundraiser for his reelection campaign. According to the Los Angeles Times.

As the relationship between Trump and the Democratic state government has reached a new level of toxicity. Many Democrats consider California to be the center of “resistance” to Trump. Mostly due to the numerous lies they are fed by the mainstream media.

President Trumps visit comes on the heels of Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealing today that he has officially filed a lawsuit against the sanctuary city policies of the state of California.

The state may have shot itself in the foot by passing statewide Sanctuary policies rather than city ordinances. This action placed California within the realm of being a very credible threat to the Constitution .

Immigration is not marijuana, the state will not be able to openly violate the federal immigration law as it has with the federal drug law since immigration is hard written into the Constitution


In a scathing speech in front of the Alliance for California Law Enforcement, AG Jeff Sessions laid out the case against California.

Sessions called out key players like Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, whom made headlines recently when it was revealed she tipped off illegal immigrants of an impending ICE raid, leading to the escape of around 800 verifiably dangerous criminal alien.

He didnt name him, but Sessions quoted and called out California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for outright disobeying the Federal Immigration Law.

NOOOO! CaliLiberal here, and I am shutting down the fascist Trump supporter known as CaliConservative!! No Fascist USA, No Fascist USA! Get Trump and God out of California!

Oh shut up CaliLiberal, you can keep crying all you want, but sooner or later, Trump always wins.

Hopefully our numerous violent gangs, cartels or human trafficking organizations disrupt Drumpfs visit! How dare he visit my Liberal safe space!?

Drumpf dares set foot in my progressive California?!! You see? This is why Glorious Leader Jerry Brown should have seceded and begged to become a part of China!



That Xi Jinping sure knows how to run his country, China loves him so much they are making him leader forever! He’s not a dictator like Trump!

Open the borders! Everyone should be allowed to come to America whenever they want! We are a nation built by immigrants, leave the Dreamers alone!

CaliLiberal stop peddling your Liberal propaganda here! This isn’t CNN or the New York Times!

We have to do something about the tide of illegal immigration that has already fundamentally altered our nation forever.

We already take in about a million per year, more than any other country, and at the rate we are going the USA will have the largest percentage of non-native born individuals of any country.

According to a UN report: The USA already has the single largest immigrant population in the world, with a whopping 46,000,000+ non native born individuals living in America. Only Germany comes close to matching that number with around 12,000,000+ immigrants.

A country like China doesn’t have to take in millions of immigrants per year and they shoot, kill or imprison anyone who illegally enters their country.

China, a country of over 1 billion people, is 93.94% Han Chinese race. Barely any diversity over there in your communist utopia CaliLiberal

We cannot afford to be the stupid country anymore that gets taken advantage of simply to please clueless Liberals.

Sanctuary city policies are dangerous and have lead to disastrous consequences. Just ask the family of Kate Steinle, her murderer was let go due to the insanity of Liberal leadership. Enough is enough. kathryn-steinle.jpg

I am so glad the President has decided to visit our state. I am glad he and Attorney General Sessions are taking a stand against the criminal state leadership that seeks to place all our lives in danger with Sanctuary City policies just so they can keep winning elections.

I am a little sad that he has to visit us during a time when our state is decaying and rotten from the failure of the Democratic party. It’s sad the President has to visit us when poverty and homelessness are at record levels.

It’s sad the President has to visit us when violent crime, rape and murder have increased under the Jerry Brown administration.

Thank God for President Trump taking the time to roll up his sleeves and take on these criminals that seek to destroy our country. It’s time to end Sanctuary City policies.

God Bless America.

1 Comments on “First Sessions, Now Trump Set to Visit California Next Week”

  1. We are a nation of settlers NOT illegal aliens. AND if you think the president is NOT popular in California check his CostaMesa rally. Thousands showed up. More conservatives in California than we realize.


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