MAGA: Consumer Confidence Hits 17-Year High!

Consumer Confidence Index at highest level since Nov. 2000

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index® increased in February, following a modest increase in January. The Index now stands at 130.8 (1985=100), up from 124.3 in January. The Present Situation Index increased from 154.7 to 162.4, while the Expectations Index improved from 104.0 last month to 109.7 this month.


This is what WINNING looks like! Every single day President Trump makes me very proud that I voted for him. Truly a great leader. An economic magician. screen-15.45.23[27.02.2018].png

The economy is reaching new, rarely seen heights! Just in time too, as things looked very bleak for small and medium business during the Obama administration.

Sure, the stock market “did well” under Obama, but only for a handful of people. The Left hates the 1% and they love Obama, yet the 1% were the ONLY people to truly benefit during Obama.

The lower class got an extra $20 in welfare, an Obama phone and maybe took part in the failed “cash for a clunker” program.

Under President Trump they get a tax break and a better paying job. Sure the 1% is still doing fine, but now EVERYONE is doing fine right along with them.

President Trump is bringing back short term and long term confidence and optimism, the report goes on to state:

“Consumer confidence improved to its highest level since 2000 (Nov. 2000, 132.6) after a modest increase in January,” said Lynn Franco, Director of Economic Indicators at The Conference Board. “Consumers’ assessment of current conditions was more favorable this month, with the labor force the main driver.

Despite the recent stock market volatility, consumers expressed greater optimism about short-term prospects for business and labor market conditions, as well as their financial prospects. Overall, consumers remain quite confident that the economy will continue expanding at a strong pace in the months ahead.”

Optimism and confidence, not false hope and broken promises. This is the Donald J Trump effect happening right before our eyes and this is why the media is happy to drum up dubious claims of racism to distract and deflect from Trumps success.

Donald Trump has done more for the American worker in a little over a year than Bush and Obama did in 17 years.

While the economy did fairly well under Clinton(mostly due to the GOP in Congress), he gave us the disastrous NAFTA which has gutted our manufacturing industry. The US economy became far too reliant on consumption and not enough on growth.

President Trump is bringing back our manufacturing, cutting taxes and regulations for small and medium businesses.

With his economic magic alone, he is guaranteed to win reelection in 2020. #MAGA

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