The Tweet & Video Twitter Forced Me to Remove

Well hello! CaliConservative here. Today twitter has decided to hold my
account hostage due to a tweet that was posted almost 80 days ago…


So I will reupload the video to this site and to my YouTube account now. You decide if you think this tweet was targeting anyone other than terrorists.

Here is the video:

I totally understand that millions of followers of Islam live in peace with people, but that doesn’t mean Radical Islamic Terrorism is not a genuine threat to society, even an op-ed in the LA times admits lays out just how Islamic Terrorism it is a legitimate threat to society.

I am not saying Hate Crimes or Terrorism come solely from followers of Islam, but within that religion(perhaps due to the numerous violent passages in the Koran) we see a massive increase in terror attacks and violence.

I see the removal of the tweet and video as blatant censorship, and I wanted to fight it to the end, but I realized that it probably wouldn’t be worth it in the long run. I am incredibly dismayed that this would happen to me.

Yes I see that Twitter is blatantly, admittedly, censoring Conservatives. They want our opinion totally gone, I get that. However, I still do everything I possibly can to stay within the parameters of their rigged platform.

I was explicitly speaking out against bigotry, against intolerance, and against violence, but because it was committed by Muslims and not Christian White Males, Twitter decided to flex their muscle on my poor little account.

They will NOT silence me.

I will write on here more, I will upload more to Youtube. I will start Gabbing more and find other platforms as well.

Thank you all for your support, stay free, and stay safe. God Bless America.