Top 10 Trump Moments of 2017

Here we are. The end of 2017. A pretty great year for the MAGA movement. A great year for President Trump. Let’s take a look at 10 top moments from 2017.

Are you kidding me CaliConservative!?! 2017 was such a horrible year! Why is tRump dismantling Obamas amazing legacy?! I just wanna cry! AHHHHHH!

*CaliLiberal screams helplessly at the sky*

10. Killing TPP.

On his first full day in office, President Trump obliterated the disgusting trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership that was championed by Obama. It was going to be his signature trade deal, but it was met with tremendous opposition…from both sides.

Liberals were almost totally against it as were Conservatives. It was seen as a trade deal on par with NAFTA, a job killer, that not only transfers American wealth, but our sovereignty as well.

President Trump killed TPP immediately, a campaign promise fulfilled, and we sincerely thank him for that!

You’re a fool CaliCon, President Trump still wants TPP!

Haha!! CaliLib keep dreaming, you wanted, you begged, you cried for Obama to terminate TPP and he was never ever going to listen to you. Obama was hell bent on giving away what little of our manufac

President Trump is a real man that does what Obama never had the balls to accomplish and he proved it when he axed TPP.

9. DAPL/Keystone Pipeline.

Liberals were in a frenzy over a proposed pipeline that they claimed was threatening Native American water reserves.

If you asked the average Liberal, they would probably tell you the Keystone Pipeline was literally made out of stolen Native American artifacts and it was being built right on top of native burial grounds.

It turned out of course that they were just making up wild claims and assertions yet again, but in their frenzy they absolutely trashed the area and ended up making a huge mess that took weeks to clean.

Thank you President Trump for speeding up the construction of the pipeline and making sure Liberals aren’t trashing Native American land anymore.

8. Blasting CNN/Fake News.


President Trump sparked a meme war when he tweeted out a hilarious GIF of him beating up on CNN. And that was just one of the times Trump triggered CNN and the fake news media.

OMG CaliCon, how dare you praise Trump for threatening CNN with violence!! That is so typical of an alt-right neo-nazi xenophobic racist like you!

CaliLiberal, listen to me, President Trump understands the culture war between the Left and Right is very real. That is why he tweets out against ANYONE that attacks him.

He engages with his base through new media platforms(Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc) using memes, while Democrats still try to communicate mostly through old media(MSM) using late night comedians and SNL.

I am so proud of President Trump for standing up to the Liberal fascists in the decaying Old Media. #CNNisFakeNews

7. #SyriaStrikes

President Trump shocked the world when he fired 59 tomahawk missiles at Syria in response to reports that Bashar Al’Assad was using chemical weapons on the local population.

It was only 3 months into the Trump presidency and already he had shown the entire world that The United States of America would no longer hesitate when it came to matters of global importance.

Obama drew a red line, President Trump enforced it.


6. Enforcing the Border.

This isn’t so much a moment as it is a total shift in policy. Illegal border crossings have plummeted as much as 60%.

“The president has done more for border security and public safety than any of the six presidents I’ve worked for.” -ICE Director Thomas Homan

You’re such a racist CaliConservative and you hate all immigrants!! We are a nation built by immigrants! Besides, Obama deported more than anyone!

No! We are a nation built by American citizens. My grandparents came to this country to get away from the troubles of the Third World and the Democrats wanted to import that in here. We cannot continue to allow the uninhibited flow of people across our border.

Thank God President Trump is putting a stop to it.

You know who illegals benefit the most? Mega massive corporations that love having an abundant source of cheap labor, and most of those CEO’s are Democrats, go figure.

*CaliLiberal scoffs*

5. The Destruction of ISIS.

ISIS has suffered tremendous defeats at the hands of the US military and our allies. Russia and Syria have also helped tremendously. A true coalition against ISIS has formed.

ISIS has lost a whopping 98% of it’s territory and both of its major cities. This was another campaign promise fulfilled.

The defeat of ISIS has nothing to do with Drumpf it’s all thanks to Obama!

Haha CaliLiberal, that is the funniest thing you have said all night, that is why I keep you around.

4. Christmas with the Trumps.

Didn’t Christmas feel extra special this year? I know for me, for the first time in a long time I actually felt really in the Christmas mood. I didn’t feel naughty for saying “Merry Christmas”

How offensive of you?! It is Happy Holidays! Or Xmas! I am reporting your website to MediaMatters now!

It truly was a spectacular Christmas this year, and the way the Trumps celebrated Christmas was incredibly classy and very well done. The decorations at the White House were truly amazing.

Thank you Mister President for getting America back into the CHRISTmas spirit, and hey look at that, another campaign promise fulfilled. Cyml5QPXcAExsHh.jpg

3. Slashing Regulations.

Some estimates say President Trump has slashed regulations by over 50 percent!! The Federal Reserve has estimated 4% GDP growth for Q4 2017! WOW!

Have fun drinking dirty water and breathing in filthy air CaliCon!

Oh CaliLiberal, you’re adorable. The government doesn’t provide clean water or clean air. No amount of regulations could ever completely protect us from harm.

Regulations only serve to cripple industry and the Free Market dictates that industry will simply find somewhere without regulations to do business, or even shut down. Profits are not ‘evil’. Profits are incentives.

In a capitalistic society, people will literally go out of their way to make your life easier if it means they can potentially make a profit. And why shouldn’t they be rewarded for making your life easier?


2. Locking up Child/Human Traffickers

Within one month of Donald Trump becoming president, an unprecedented 1,500 child sex traffickers were arrested. In the entire year of 2014 less than 400 were arrested.

It’s become apparent the Democrats are involved in some sort of human trafficking scheme. It certainly explains their affinity for illegal immigration. When you look at areas like Oakland, Chicago or Los Angeles(hardcore Dem areas) you will almost always find a plague of sex trafficking, even involving children.

President Trump tweeted:

Wow, yet another campaign promise fulfilled, whattya know?

Nothing to say this time CaliLiberal? Not even a “hmph”?

I just can’t even deal with you right now CaliCon, you are such a racist, stop pedo bashing! They aren’t monsters, they are just misguided, pedophilia is a sexual orientation not a sickness!

STOP WATCHING HOLLYWOOD MEDIA! You are being totally brainwashed by the pedophiles themselves to sympathize with him. It’s very sad that so many Liberals have allowed their minds to become so twisted by the very evil they pretend to be against!

Thank god we have Trump to deal with these sick monsters!! May they continue to suffer the most extreme of punishments under the Trump administration.

1. Trumps Tax Cuts.

As if slashing regulation was not enough, the economy is completely booming and set to do even better in 2017, due to the most comprehensive tax reform seen in years.

President Trump made history by helping push for the biggest tax cuts America has seen in decades! ANOTHER CAMPAIGN PROMISE FULFILLED!

Returning the wealth of the United States back to its citizens will the real legacy of President Trump.

But its going to increase the deficit!! I thought you were a Conservative Cali!

Of course lowering taxes will lower the amount of cash the government has to frivolously spend, that is inevitable.

You and your Liberal media buddies make the mistake of assuming the government will continue to spend as much as it has in previous years. Trump will slash the budget of the government.

That is something I have been looking forward to for years! President Trump is the opposite of a tyrant! Which is exactly why you hate him CaliLiberal!

OK Fine CaliConservative! You caught me! I am so upset we can’t use the government to control you racist Conservative bastards!! I wish Obama would have declared Martial Law and rounded up all you wingnuts!

Too bad CaliLiberal! Haha, we survived the Progressive Fascist Obama. You lose. President Trump wins. ALWAYS.

*CaliLiberal scoffs and walks away*

Thank you everyone for being a part of this blog, you are all truly amazing and I admire every single reader.

My new years resolution is to write more on this website. Thank you all again. Happy New Year.

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