PREDICTION: Roy Moore Will Win.

CaliConservative, shut this down now! How dare you!?! You are supporting the racist molester Roy Moore?

Haven’t you been watching MSNBC or CNN? Do you even read the WashingtonPost?? Are you not following OccupyDemocrats on Facebook???

You actually think Roy Moore has a chance to win?? HAHAHA!

CaliLiberal, you brainwashed Obamazoid. Yes, I not only think Roy Moore will win, I believe it is pretty much a guaranteed win. Alabama is a very red state that has consistently voted for the Republican party in recent elections.

In 2016, 1,318,255 turned out to vote for Trump, while only 729,547 voted for Hillary

In 2012 Romney took 1,318,255 of the vote and Obama took 797,696

In 2008, McCain took 1,266,546 while Obama took 813,479

Over the past 3 general elections the Republicans have easily secured 60% or more of the vote. What about the midterm elections? It pretty much looks the same. Let’s look at 2014:

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Pretty much across the board the GOP candidates take 60% of the vote. Some counties even had the independents outperforming the Democrats. The places where Dems hold sway are not big players.


But CaliCon, what about all the polls that say Moore is gonna lose?

I have learned after last year that most of the polls simply don’t matter. From Donald Trump to Brexit, it has become clear that the media is using skewed polls to try and influence voters. When you look at the numbers, about 60% of the people vote for the GOP consistently.

Why would that change? Because of racism claims? Because of incredibly flimsy claims of sexual misconduct from decades ago?

These are the same exact tactics they used on Trump and they didn’t work last year and they won’t work today.

Doug Jones supports late term abortion which is essentially baby killing. He wants open borders and he would seek to fundamentally change the demographics of Alabama forever. To turn it into a blue state, filled with crime, drugs and poverty.

Alabama deserves better than Doug Jones, and I think they will make the right decision.

So my prediction is that Roy Moore will win with a victory margin of about 10-20% more than Jones.


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