Mexico: ‘What are Black People?’

OK CaliLiberal here, I am going to have to shut this blog down for racism, xenophobia! You have gone too far this time CaliConservative!

How dare you disrespect the flag of Mexico! They are our friends and brothers in the fight against Right-Wing Christian Conservative terrorists like you CaliConservative!

I am happy that Liberals and especially African-Americans(like the brave Marshawn Lynch and the heroic Snoop Dogg) are praising the country of Mexico!CA-061033_grande

CaliLiberal you ignorant slut! The country of Mexico is incredibly racist!!

It took the Mexican government until 2015 to even admit it had a Black population!!



And despite being more than 1.3 million in number, Blacks in Mexico are still not recognized as an official minority.

In America, we recognize trans people as an official minority despite only being 0.3% of our population! The United States of America is far more sensitive to the plight of minorities than Mexico ever has been!

Those were the descendants of Africans that were brought to America by White People!

No. They were brought here by the Spanish, whom the Mexican people still regularly pay homage to. I’ve talked about it before about how Christopher Columbus is revered as the creator of the Mexican(Mestizo & Hispanic) race.

According to a 1995 article in the New York Times:

‘about 200,000 African slaves brought here before slavery was abolished in 1829’

Mexico was known as New Spain, and in the sixteenth century it had the largest concentration of slaves in the Western Hemisphere.

Yet even still, despite Mexico “abolishing” slavery in 1829, it still took until 2015, a whopping 186 years for Mexico to even admit it has a Black population! Still refuses to officially recognize Black people as a minority.

The reason I say they “abolished” slavery is because they still practice a very aggressive form of Wage Slavery.

According to Reuters:

The average hourly wage in Mexico – home to Carlos Slim, one of the world’s richest men – is 31.3 pesos ($2.43).

You Liberals beg for $15/hour to serve coffee while people are working dangerous construction jobs for $2/hour in Mexico. That is what Marshawn Lynch and Snoop Dogg are supporting.

Oppression, tyranny, slavery, and horrific violence. That is the legacy of Mexico, that is  that is why millions flee to the United States.

Yet the Liberals and idiots like Marshawn and Snoop convince these people to identify with Mexico.

NO ONE should be identifying with Mexico or even flying the Mexican flag! I am so grateful to have been born in the United States and although my parents are Mexican, I do NOT identify as Mexican.

My family left that, they fled that to get away from oppression and violence, and Liberals wanna bring it over. NO! We must resist, not just illegal immigration, but unrestricted legal immigration as well.

People are coming to America that are not only unwilling to assimilate to our English Judeo-Christian values, but are being encouraged by the Democratic party to never learn English or become part of American culture!!

Shame on you Marshawn Lynch and Snoop Dogg for tearing down our wonderful beautiful country that actually recognizes it’s black population and standing up for a nation that brutalizes and marginalizes black people and it’s own citizens!

Look at these stamps commissioned by Vicente Fox in 2005:920x920.jpg

Thank you President Trump for standing up to these racist scumbag anti-Americans!

We need unity in our nation under the AMERICAN flag and under God if we wanna survive the coming storm as the Deep State tries it’s hardest to prevent America from reaching it’s full potential.

The USA is the nation of Freedom, and Mexico practices a very strict oligarchical political system that is in a permanent state of Martial Law. We must denounce the civil rights violations of Mexico in the strongest possible words.

God bless all you AMERICA loving Patriots out there, across our nation, and across the world.77

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