Franken & O’Neill: Judge, Jury and Sexecutioner?

In a shocking statement, an Ohio Judge, Democrat(Of course) Bill O’Neill came out in defense of Senator Al Franken with what may go down as one of the most disgraceful(but also very questionable) admissions ever made by a politician seeking office:


So. Yeah. Wow.

The “dogs of war” that he is referring to are the millions of people that are upset that a sitting US senator is seen in a photo groping a woman who was asleep.

leeann-airplane-pic.jpgHe’s talking about you, you’re just a dog of war if you find it appalling that creepo Al Franken grabbed a woman while she slept as some sort of “joke”.

The woman was very disturbed when she arrived home and saw the photo, having already been subjected to a forced french kiss by Franken while having to work with him during a USO show.

Already off to a very bad start for Judge Bill O’Neill, but he is a Democrat so we aren’t completely surprised.

O’Neill states: “In the last fifty years I was sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females”

And I totally believe him because nothing is sexier than a man with that face and a pension for socialism…


“very attractive females” was it even necessary for him to say that? By the Democrats own logic, isn’t he being misogynistic? Isn’t he creating unnecessary beauty standards? How many Liberal women did he just trigger with his vicious micro aggression?

I personally think it’s disgusting and completely improper for anyone to be talking about what he was saying, let alone a Judge who sat as a Supreme Court Justice in Ohio.

This just in we have breaking news the “gorgeous blonde” that was O’Neill first true love has come forward:a57fde1b392450ac6247efba00f6a1f1.jpg

He made “passionate love to her in a hayloft”…ummm OK, so? Why is he even talking about consensual encounters?? NO ONE cares how many women you have slept with. What Al Franken did WAS NOT CONSENSUAL. That is why it is an issue.

In more breaking news, the “drop dead gorgeous redhead from Cleveland”(that had the unfortunate displeasure of being number 50 on O’Neills list) has also come forward:

Fat_bastard.jpegIll admit, she certainly does have “drop dead” looks…

I wanna take this opportunity to say those 50 women should be incredibly worried that Judge O’Neill finds himself suddenly posting about his sexual encounters with an incredibly creepy amount of detail as some sort of defense of a colleague.

11 months ago when I started this website I never would have thought I would be blogging about a boastful post of a 70 year old man that is proud to say he slept with 50 only “very attractive” women…but here we are.

So O’Neill says: “Now we can get back to discussing the legalization of marijuana”

….really? Ohio last year had:

  1. 500 murders
  2. 5,500 rape
  3. 12,000 robberies

Just to name a few of the crimes taking place there that Judge O’Neill should probably be far more worried about. It makes me wonder how much marijuana had he consumed before deciding to send out that incredibly stupid post.

O’Neill finishes with: “I am sooooo disappointed by this national feeding frenzy about sexual indiscretions decades ago. Peace”

Who finishes their posts with “peace”? Why is he trying so hard to act like a 20-year old pot head?

It’s suspicious that he is coming out with his disdain only after his buddy Franken was exposed.

Judge Roy Moore has been getting hammered with dubious claims against him, O’Neill could have came to the defense of Moore, whom it actually looks like he didn’t do anything wrong.

His entire admission is very suspicious. It makes me think he knows that he has done some incredibly sketchy stuff in his past that will probably start to come to light in 2018.

I wonder if this lady, Gina Battaglia, was one of the ladies that O’Neill slept with.

Gina Battaglia Hero-1024x500.jpg

Gina pleaded guilty to her role in obstructing an investigation into a murder in Newbury Township, Ohio.

Who was there to defend her? None other than the sexecutioner himself, Judge O’Neill.

Bill O’Neill, and others, try to use Gina’s special needs son to ask the Judge for leniency. O’Neill says he knows her son very well and that they were even at his house for dinner…

He was a voluntary witness and even said the man that was murdered was his friend..

Gina Battaglia was described as a rampant drug addict, and totally incompetent, she gave seriously false misleading testimonies to the police which she pleaded guilty too. Yet O’Neill says she is a competent parent? It makes you wonder…

Bill O’Neill is a guy that believes in high minimum wages and high tax rates, but if you looked at his Facebook the only issue he talks about is legalizing marijuana. This guy is not a serious political candidate and I really hope Ohio isn’t foolish enough to elect this nut.

But they did elect Kasich. So.

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