Fashionable Oppression: How the Left Sells Self-Subjugation Pt 1. Kaepernick

*CaliConservative checks bank account*

Man, I really don’t have a lot of money in my bank account and I am unsatisfied with my job. It must be because I am Hispanic and America is such a racist nation.

Damn you White Supremacy!

Fashionable Oppression is the perpetuation of synthetic oppression as a kind of “social pass” which will allow someone to blame racism for most of their problems.

It is the manufacturing of “oppression”, then turning around and selling the idea that being oppressed in our society will afford one certain benefits.

Who manufactures false oppression? People like Bernie Sanders and Linda Sarsour who will take a microscope to society, find an injustice, or imbalance, and turn it into a national issue.

This is a very common tactic when trying to destabilize and demoralize a nation to bring in Communism, just sayin.


We always hear that life is unfair, and it certainly is, but that doesn’t mean that any unfairness in your life has anything to do with “White supremacy”, racism or some insidious Patriarchy.

A few tips to help you become fashionably oppressed:

1. Be a racial minority. Racial minorities can always resort to the “you don’t understand” and “historical oppression” arguments when faced with logic and reality.

Pro-tip: If your half-black, half-white, the Black side is more historically oppressed so only identify as Black.

2. Be a Liberal woman. A Liberal woman can be fashionably oppressed in a variety of ways, from mean comments they encounter online, very cold air conditioning that favors men and a vast amount of ‘microaggressions’ that cover just about every aspect of daily life.

Pro-Tip: If you’re any type of ethnicity besides White, be sure to call yourself a “woman of color”. If you’re White, you can try pretending to be Native-American, or just turn the White-guilt up to extra when around your minority friends.

3. Join a strange religion. Although the Left despises Christianity under the guise of being against religion, they wholeheartedly accept all Muslims, Satanists and Pagans!

Pro-Tip: The stranger and more violent the religion, the more sympathy you will get from the Democratic party when Christians voice their concerns against you.

People like Bernie and Sarsour will constantly cry that the system is inherently unfair and incapable of natural progress. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many believe the propaganda that Bernie and Sarsour put out and become convinced that some racists are permanently lurking in the shadows waiting to get us.

Let’s look at Colin Kaepernick. He told the media the following when he caused a stir after deciding to sit on the bench during the National Anthem:

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color”

Now. What was Kap talking about? Well he said in an interview afterwards it’s mainly because of police brutality, but he isn’t exactly clear on what incident specifically instead referring to it almost as if it’s plaguing our nation.

He goes on to state that:

“I’m seeing things happen to people that don’t have a voice.”

but he doesn’t name any names. Who are you standing up for Kap? He doesn’t cite any specific cases, he talks about a very vague form of oppression.

He sure isn’t talking real oppression about how the Democrats keep Black people trapped on the welfare plantation or that Planned Parenthood was specifically invented to sterilize Blacks.

He doesn’t talk about the gangster rap culture being sold in the media that fuels youth crime that keeps the prisons full.

Police Brutality is a horrifying thing when it happens, but it truly rarely ever happens.

Cases like the shooting of Michael Brown are not police brutality.

Yet still I can find people on twitter, daily, saying he was wrongfully shot.


You know it was a massive lie when even the BrainWashingPost has to admit it was a lie.

Yet the lies about a police brutality epidemic persist. Let me clue you guys all in on something *ahem* THERE IS NO POLICE BRUTALITY EPIDEMIC.

Police are not out to systematically kill black people and there is no annual massive pile of bodies racked up by the police in some kind of annual goal to exterminate Blacks. THAT DOES NOT EXIST.

Check this out: KilledByCop2016.png

A grand total of 963 people were killed by police in 2016.

466 White people compared to 233 Black people.

So exactly twice as many White people were shot by police than Blacks, but now look at this from FBI crime statistics:


A total of about 10.7 million arrests were made across the United States.

963 of those encounters ended in an officer discharging his firearm and killing a citizen.

10.7M/936= About .009% of police encounters end in the person being fatally wounded by the officer.

Now they will shift and talk about “population percentages” but they won’t talk about how the crime-rate among Black males is disproportionately higher.

The main fact is twice as many Whites, and almost 3x as many when you combined White+Hispanic are killed by police, but even still overall 963 deaths in one year in a country that experiences about 2.5M+ deaths/year isn’t an issue.

I don’t know about you, but I clearly see no police brutality epidemic(especially one aimed at Blacks) underway in the United States.

Does Police Brutality happen? Yes, of course.

Does it warrant saying the United States “oppresses black people and people of color”? Absolutely not.

Kaepernick sure as hell isn’t oppressed, has never been oppressed, and indeed has little idea was real oppression even is.

He was raised by a White family after his mother was abandoned by his Black father.

Overcame that and went on to receive many accolades in high school for pitching, onto the University of Nevada and even declined being drafted by the Chicago Cubs.

This guy has had every single break, privilege and opportunity that anyone could ever ask for. He should be showering the United States with praise for everything he has been given, not out there brazenly claiming this country oppressed “people of color”.

He is pushing oppression as a lifestyle choice. He is making it so that literally anyone can feel or claim to be oppressed and use that to leverage certain privileges in society.

Look at the backlash from the Left after Kaepernick himself opted out of his own $126 million contract and no team would sign him. They raged.

They claimed up and down, left and left that Kap was certainly being targeted by racist White Supremacists. Despite the 49ers being completely fine with Kap sitting during the anthem.

When a team, the Baltimore Ravens, were finally going to sign Kap to a team. His Muslim girlfriend went ahead and tweeted that the owner of the Ravens was basically like a slave owner, this ruining his chances of being on a team.

Yet still they claim racism, oppression, inequality!

No one told Kap to opt-out of his very lucrative contract, most of us would be blessed to get even a fraction of what he got. He did that to himself.

Yet, because oppression has become so fashionable, Kap would rather cry foul or racism before admitting he simply messed up.

Kap and his rabid fans will claim racism before realizing Kap did this all to himself and he was never really standing(or kneeling) for anything to begin with.

Kap is certainly fashionably oppressed, not actually oppressed and he subjugated himself.

He has no one else to blame for his problems, but himself.

He created his situation, and he needs to own up to that.

Instead he is doing the opposite.



Kaepernick is a high level pawn in the game of Fashionable Oppression.

On the next installment of this series I hope to talk about Linda Sarsour and her connection to the upper level Fashionable Oppressors.


Tell me how this woman gets away with calling herself a “woman of color”?

I can’t even tell the difference between her and Eminem!

Stay free patriots.

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