What They Aren’t Telling You About Columbus Day.

Hey everyone! Happy Columbus Da—

*The door suddenly flings open and CaliLiberal enters wearing some sort of tribal wear*


Ummm. OK, hey CaliLib, Happy Columbus Da–

Stop right there CaliConservative you imperialist right-wing Nazi, I’ll give you one chance to say the right thing. You mean Happy Indigenous peoples day right?!

Indigenous? Oh you mean uncivilized tribal people?

OK STOP IT YOU RACIST XENOPHOBE! I can’t believe you! You’re Mexican right?

My parents were from Mexico, but thank God I was born in America. I am an American 100%.

No CaliConservative. First of all God doesn’t exist, so please stop being religiously microagressive against me thank you.

Second, you are Mexican no matter what because White supremacist Trump supporters that celebrate Columbus Day will never accept you as American.

Christopher Columbus, that fascist White supremacist, killed 1 MILLION NATIVES!! He wanted to genocide all the poor Mexicans.

Those tribal people you are dressed as are fervently religious! They practice human sacrifices and will cut a mans heart out and offer it to their gods!

That’s just a lie created by White Supremacy everyone knows the Natives were perfectly peaceful people that never hurt a fly and shed a tear every time someone pollutes.

Besides even if they were doing Human sacrifices it’s OK because it was part of their culture and they probably did it because of Western imperialism.

Human sacrifice is never OK! I am so glad the Europeans brought law, order, and civilization to the New World.

Mexico didn’t even exist when Columbus came to America! In fact, the country of Mexico would not exist if Columbus never sailed to the New World.


Ummm, no CaliLiberal, actually the expedition to the New World by Christopher Columbus created a majority of the Mexican population that we know of today.

WHAT?! That is probably just some right-wing propaganda. How dare you say such a thing?!

It’s true CaliLiberal. In the 1921 Mexican Census it was shown that more than half of the Mexican population was of the “Mestizo race”, estimates today say upwards of 90% of the country is Mestizo.

A Mestizo is a person of mixed race, consisting of Spanish and Indian ancestry.

Probably because they raped and pillaged everything.

Actually no. Spaniards and Native Americans engaged in actual marriages.


In fact in Mexico. Columbus Day is celebrated as “Dia de la Raza” which is actually celebrated on October 12th, the exact day that Columbus charted a path to America.

It’s celebrated in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

It’s a day used by the Mexican people to celebrate “colonization”. Yes, they literally celebrate what your Liberal professors at Berkeley told you was the greatest evil ever.

NO! I don’t believe you, why would any Hispanic person today want to celebrate Western patriarchal imperialism?!

Well, many reasons actually, for one basically 90% of the Mexican people today wouldn’t even exist if Columbus didn’t chart a path to the US.

How do you know that?! They would exist and they would have clean organic unpolluted water.

Well it’s pretty hard to pollute the water when you haven’t grasped the concept of manufacturing and ore extraction.

Chop busted fellow adult, chop busted.

They wouldn’t exist because we are the offspring of Spanish ancestors somewhere along the lines. Have you ever seen a light-skinned Mexican?

Oh, I don’t see race or color at all, unless we are talking about dark skinned marginalized communities.

OK well they exist. You will see Mexicans that almost look like White people, that is because the Mexican people are pretty much all a product of Spanish and Indian interbreeding.

I for one am very thankful, since I love being alive, that the Western world was colonized by the Europeans.

Imperialism can be a very scary thing for many people, but if I could go back and talk to Christopher Columbus before he set sail, I would wholeheartedly wish him good luck on his voyage.

Well I would shoot him in the chest and burn all his ships down CaliCon!

Well then I wouldn’t exist CaliLib!

Well maybe you don’t deserve to exist if you are a product of imperialism!

Wow CaliLib. Wow. I don’t deserve to exist? You’re an idiot CaliLiberal get the hell out of my house you racist Leftist idiot. You are so ignorant it’s disgusting.

*CaliLiberal scoffs, takes a knee, and walks out*

Thank you Christopher Columbus for bringing civilization and the Spanish genes that run in my DNA, for which I would not exist without. I am very thankful.

The world is much better off with modern day America, and I wouldn’t change a thing about our hemispheres history, because we wouldn’t exist without the past.

We have to stand up to Liberals trying to erase and change our entire history. They want to control history, so they can control you. Don’t let them, fight back, learn your history, and don’t let them intellectually rule over you.

They don’t have a monopoly on information.

Happy Columbus Day.



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