Rifle Fire Can’t Melt Steel Beams. #PrayForVegas

First I want to say that I am incredibly saddened at the news of this massacre. Words cannot describe the grief I feel and I truly cannot imagine what those who have been personally affected are going through.

I have been walking around with a sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach. This is nothing short of a tragedy, the gore was absolutely off the scales.

I saw video of people lying dead in pools of blood, other people half breathing with bullet wounds to the head and loved ones trying in vain to comfort them back to life. Chilling.

I wanted to write a semi-funny comedic intro to this article to try and lighten the mood but I really couldn’t. Doesn’t feel right.

This was a horrifying…truly gruesome…barbaric attack, perpetrated by at least one psychopath. The official narrative is telling us he acted alone, but I am not buying that for one second.

From a video I saw it looked like gunfire was raining down from the 4th floor as well.

The following video contains NO bloodshed, but it does contain offensive language used by a violent Leftist:

Now. It looks like if people could have potentially been firing from multiple angles.

I personally don’t know exactly what happened in Vegas, but I do know the FBI is being extremely vague about everything and LVPD is giving very light details.

I got a lot of questioning about how could someone break open the window on that floor and honestly I don’t know.

I don’t know because our government isn’t honest with us. They still have classified WW2 documents, you really think they are interested in ever telling you anything?

Wake up and join reality.

This was a coordinated terrorist attack by very professional gunmen that could potentially have ties to some federal agency or something.

Im not saying someone was shooting from the 4th floor, I am saying we need to explore every possibility and it looked like from the video that the gun shots were lining up with the fire perfectly.

I don’t know, someone on Twitter said it could be a strobe light, though that doesn’t make very much sense to me.

However, regardless of whether or not there was a shooter on the 4th floor, I do believe there were multiple shooters elsewhere. Especially up on the 32nd floor with Paddock. If Paddock was even responsible for all of this.

Hell the damn hotel security was so lax the real killers could have hauled Paddock up there in a duffle bag then just shot him and left him up there to serve as a distraction while they made their escape.

This was obviously an extremely professional massacre and all angles should be considered.

I don’t believe that one man did this all by himself, especially a 64 year old man. No offense to any seniors that happen upon this blog, ah hell if you’re reading this non-PC you probably don’t give a damn if I call you an old fart anyway.

My 78 yr old grandfather still fixes cars and hammers away with a sledgehammer sometimes so maybe it’s possible, but it seems completely unlikely to me that someone would go through that level of planning only to commit suicide.

This feels like an attack on gun owners and Trump supporters. The killings seem politically motivated at a time when the nation is more divided than it has ever been. To me this seems like a Left-Wing terror attack just like the shooting of Scalise.

It looks like multiple shooters were involved, but like I said, I don’t know.

The far Left has already gone as far as praising the shooter or saying the victims deserved it for potentially being Trump supporters. The regular Left is screeching for gun control.

I only know that 58 people have died for no apparent reason. My heart is with them and their families.

Go with God, for now you are free of this evil world. Rest in peace to the fallen.


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