What They Aren’t Telling You About the US Flag Code. #TakeAKnee

*CaliLiberal is quietly kneeling in front of a very creepy shrine.*Creepy.jpg

*CaliConservative, wearing an American flag hat, approaches him*

What are you doing CaliLib?

What does it look like I am doing CaliCon?!

It looks like you’re getting ready to sacrifice a goat or something.

That is a totally culturally insensitive thing to say CaliConservative! I wouldn’t expect a religious wingnut like you to be so accepting of my open-minded religion.

Yeah sure, let’s just say I am too close-minded to understand what it is that you are doing, but why are you kneeling?

I am showing support and solidarity for Kaepernick and I #TakeAKnee for all the black people that have been brutally massacred by the police on a daily basis.

507 killed by police in Chicago this year alone!

Actually that number is just the number of people that have been shot in Chicago, mostly black people shot by other black people.

Yeah that’s just what the White Supremacists and Drumpf want you to think! How dare he demand that people stand for the National Anthem and the American Flag! Face it CaliCon you were conned into voting for an orange fascist.

Asking that you respect the flag isn’t that crazy I think. People have died for that flag. That flag represents freedom, individual rights, prosperity and private property.

The flag that Liberated Western Europe from the iron grip of the Nazis. The flag the cleared the oppressive imperial Japanese from the Pacific. What an amazing flag we have and I think we all should respect it.

Then why do you disrespect it by wearing it on your hat? 

Excuse me?

US Flag Code Chapter 10.176D “The Flag should never be used as wearing apparel”


You hate the US flag and you are in violation of our flag code and belong in prison. If you wanna talk about disrespect, maybe start by looking in the mirror.  

You’re actually the one that hates the flag and this country!

Yeah but at least I don’t pretend to love it.

Where did you even read that thing about a flag code anyway?

I saw it on Twitter.

Well did you know that a Supreme Court ruling nullified the flag code as unconstitutional? Obviously if they allow you to burn a flag, wearing it as a hat is obviously allowed. Besides the original Flag Code never laid out specific punishments for violating the code.

Nope not true, Drumpf belongs in prison and all of your Trumpanzees should be sterilized and put into some kind of camp so we make sure you can’t spread your racist Nazi ideology around.


Gather around kids, take a knee–sorry poor choice of phrase, just sit Indian style–what? I am not allowed to say that either? Geez.

OK just stand there in a completely unoffensive politically correct manner and check this one out.

In the middle of all this NFL take a knee craziness, as Trump does battle with the demonic forces behind the NFL, a tweet caught my attention…and the attention of millions of others as well.

Its this on twitter and it’s from a few days ago:

Wow. Literally hundreds of thousands of likes and RTs on the original tweet.

tRumpf should just resign his Russian self now since this most virtuous bearded Flag Code expert just destroyed his orange ass, hah just kidding. That is what they want you to believe.

Who are they? For some strange reason tons of Liberal media picked up this guys thread and shared it on their websites 7788

The disgusting HuffingtonPost went ahead and just stole all of this guys talking points and posted an article like if they came up with the idea99

Pretty much word for word stealing all of the same insane things HennyWise was saying.

Though it doesn’t really matter does it if both of them are utterly wrong.

Oh wow so every time I walk around wearing my America hat I am disrespecting the flag. Who knew I hated America by loving it so damn much!


Really I should be arrested, beaten and shot for daring to every wear our flag in a proud and meaningful way. I should be kneeling during the anthem, I should be burning or spitting on the flag.

Then maybe I would be properly respecting free speech in the Liberal sense.

No In all seriousness here is why that guy and ESPN, and Huffpo and every other Libtard out there that isn’t telling you is that part of the US Code Title 36 – Chapter 10 Sec. 173 says:


The following codification of existing rules and customs pertaining to the display and use of the flag of the United States of America is established for the use of such civilians or civilian groups or organizations as may not be required to conform with regulations promulgated by one or more executive departments of the Unites States

So already you have specific exemptions for civilian groups or organizations laid out. Funny that HennyWise chose to completely omit this section of the code.

But this part made me particularly upset:


So here he says that nothing in the Flag Code explicit states you have to just that you “should”.

Well wait a minute, lets go back and look at the other tweets he just put out about other parts of the Flag Code: 001.png

Everything in the Flag Code says you “should” do it. Not just the part about standing for the anthem.

So when it comes to players standing for the anthem, Hennywise can bend the meaning of the code to defend the ungrateful multimillionaires that take a knee against non-existent oppression, but if you wanna wear an America hat or socks now you have to deal with autistic Liberals accusing you of violating the flag code.

The wording the Flag Code is clear and the part about standing for the anthem reads exactly the same as the rest of the code.

So the mental gymnastics that “Hennywise” is doing to justify his argument is astounding, gold medal worthy.


But don’t worry. Guess who is in direct control of the US Flag Code. That’s right, the President of the United States Donald J Trump can alter the flag code at any time he likes.

Something tells me way less people will be disrespecting our flag by the time this great patriot Trump leaves office.


Now. I just wanted to end that this guy also has a thread where he defends Michael Brown…Yes.


Surprised? Of course not. MoronMB.png

The “hands up dont shoot” narrative was a total lie, but people that still want to hang on to hatred will keep this story alive and ignore all the evidence.

WaPo.png When even the garbage WashingtonPost has to admit it was wrong, you know it was a whopper of a lie.

The website “Hennywise” was looking at had this article:


These people are literally insane.

It’s funny that if some people have a “White” website it immediately gets taken down as “Hate speech” but there can be a Black site like “The Root” and that’s totally fine. Liberal hypocrisy at it’s finest.

Back to Hennywise. He uses this weird document that was typed up outlining the testimony of Darren Wilson, the officer that shot Michael Brown.


I don’t know why it says “Response: Admitted”. That makes the whole thing look grossly generalized. You can of course read the testimony for yourself


“Hennywise” @Koopa_Kinte was tweeting at a person that had the following as their pinned tweet:


The whole Black Lives Matter movement is straight outta the Soros playbook to invoke racial civil war in this country, and sadly, people like this guy “Hennywise” contribute to the hatred.

I am sure that somehow fuels his support of the NFL kneelers.

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