America First: Scrap DACA Pt. 2

I seriously didn’t know it was possible to loathe another human being as much as I do right now!

I know I totally agree! Wait are we talking about Hillary Clinton, Obama, Warren, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff or Bernie Sanders?

CaliConservative you racist, xenophobic, fascist, right-wing, self-hating Hispanic! Of course I am talking about the Supremacist-In-Chief you worship and idolize so much.

Oh OK, geez don’t get your sparkly rainbow colored panties in a bunch CaliLib.

Hey I wore my pink ones today.

Hahah, good joke man.

*CaliLiberal laughs nervously* Yeah…joke…but even if I was wearing my favorite pink panties you would be a total homophobe for laughing at me!

Hey call me a bigot if you must, I am not going to refrain from roasting the hell out of you for wearing female undergarments.

Don’t you bring your fascist gender stereotypes down on me!! Soon people won’t even believe in “Man or Woman”. 

Well, I can believe that because is does seem a lot of you Libtards already have “Legal and Illegal immigration” totally confused.

*CaliLiberal breaks down and starts crying* Why did you remind me CaliCon?! OHHHH WHYYY! POOR DREAMERS! OH GAIA HOW WILL WE SURVIVE?!

CaliLib, calm down! Pull yourself together man. Tell me right now how getting rid of DACA affects you?

IT DOESN’T HAVE TO AFFECT ME! I actually care about people that aren’t me, unlike you stupid racist wingnuts. compassionate Progressive CommuFeminists want to take care of others!

You would think a Christian wingnut like you would care about others, didn’t Jesus preach tolerance and compassion?

Yeah, what about tolerance and compassion for the disenfranchised people that are already here?! We can’t fix all the world’s problems at once, we need to take care of ourselves before we can even think of helping someone else.

And wait, what is a “CommuFeminist”?

Oh it’s a great movement I started back at Berkeley, you see basically we will create a society where we practice a strict form of vegan-based Communism where only women are allowed to hold positions of power.

Men will be allowed to live out their existences but with absolutely no say in what society does.

Why are men being cut out of the picture?

Because all men are warlike, hateful and misogynistic by nature. Only by completely suppressing them, in chains if necessary, will we create the perfect communist society.

You can read about it in my manifesto “CommuFeminism for the New Age Transvegan”. Commufeminism1CommuFeminism

Well. I am so glad to see that your $150K triple-major at Berkeley wasn’t a complete waste CaliLib….

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