John Oliver LastWeekTonight Decucked Ep 21 & 22

CaliLiberal here everyone, SHUT THIS DOWN! This is hate speech! Due to the recent hate in Charlottesville we need to denounce hate speech like the KKK and Trump, and yes you CaliConservative as well!

I cannot allow this racist, xenophobic, racist, transphobic, racist, homophobic, racist, nomophobic, ableist, fascist, racist KKK, but worst of all right-wing. We must shut you down.

Who’s Internet? OUR INTERNET! Who’s Internet? OUR INTERNET!

BLACK LIVES MATTER! BLACK LIVES MATTER! Hey hey, ho ho, racist KKK got to go, hey hey, ho ho, racist KKK got to go.

Oh dear god, not you CaliLiberal. How did you even get in here?

We live in a Sanctuary City that means I can just come into your property whenever I want, besides the law doesn’t apply to fascist racists Trump supporters like you CaliConservative!

Please CaliLiberal I don’t have the energy to deal with your shenanigans again, this is why you need to get a job so you don’t have time to sit around doing this.

Actually I do have a job now.

Wow that is great! What is it?



Protesting right-wing fascists like you is my new job.

You aren’t serious…

Here is the flyer I saw for the job.

You get paid $15/hr to protest against Trump supporters?

And paid time off.

I don’t even get that and I work 40 hours a week in a hot kitchen…

Well you probably should have went to college like I did.

Your stupid triple-major at Berkeley in Gender Studies, Social Welfare and LGBT studies aren’t even required for this job, anyone could apply for it.

Yeah…well OK, but I am sure it helps to be familiar with all the racism and bigotry of you Republican wingnuts.

The Democrats invented the KKK you ponce. They were the main party engaged in slavery. During the Civil War no Republican owned a slave. The Republicans freed the slaves.

But there was a switch–

So then FDR and JFK were Conservative Republicans then?

Well no–

You guys think you can just rewrite history and it’s sad as hell that you can’t even get people to voluntarily do it that you have to pay people to push your propaganda.

Oh speaking on paying to protest I forgot I needed to be at an antifa rally.

What are you guys going to be protesting?

We will be burning down Mt. Rushmore.

You’re kidding.

Nope. Gotta go, see ya CaliCon!

*CaliLiberal hurriedly marches off chanting ‘Black lives matter! Black lives matter!’*

Very quickly thank you to everyone reading and my sincere apologies for not updating sooner. No one pays me to write this hilarious awesome blog so you will have to bare with a lack of updates every once in a while as I am forced to work a real job to survive…or hey I could always become a Liberal, abandon all my responsibilities and go on welfare for a living.

I have decided to put episode 21 and 22 in the same article to give me a chance to catch up. The sheer amount of dishonesty, misinformation and spin coming from shows like LastWeekTonight, Colbert, Daily Show, Samantha Bee is simply astounding and a humble meme farmer like me can barely debunk it all.

They will take a heap of lies, pile a bunch of absurd metaphors and false equivalencies on top of the lies and the Libtards line up like pigs to the trough to feed. They truly do not give a damn that they are being fed lies.

I still regularly hear from anti-Trumpers about the phony and salacious “Russia dossier” that was even admittedly totally made up. They truly do not care that they are spreading lies because they think they are standing up for something which gives them justification to lie.

That goes hand in hand with the Lefts fake crusade against fascism. In the name of fighting fascism, they can lie, be violent, and yes even be actual fascists and their addiction to self-righteousness fuels this destructive behavior.

OK, sorry for mega ranting there, I have a lot to get off my mind I guess. Getting right into Cuck Oliver.


Does it surprise anyone that he is talking about Charlottesville and painting all Trump supporters as Nazis? It certainly does not surprise me. The Left was so happy that Charlottesville happened, because it gives them the exact justification they wanted to be more violent.

Van Jones can go on CNN and pretend to shed a tear for Charlottesville, but he didn’t give a damn when BLM was burning down Baltimore or Milwaukee. When it’s obvious when you boil down what happened in Charlottesville it was a reactionary response to the violence demonstrated over and over by radical groups like Antifa.


The Right universally condemns the hatred and bigotry of the KKK and Neo-Nazis. I don’t see the same condemnation from the Left about Antifa.

Yet they will paint everyone in the Right as White Supremacist Nazis regardless if many find their core beliefs to be in direct opposition to the core tenets of the White Supremacists.

John Oliver begins to condemn Trump for not condemning strongly enough…This is a total repeat of the way they acted last year when they accused Trump of not condemning white supremacists strongly enough…They have officially run out of tricks and are just repeating old talking points over and over.

John Oliver says “Nazis are a lot like cats, if they like you that’s probably because you are feeding them” Besides that being an incredibly retarded and simple way to break down a complicated extremist ideology, John Oliver provides zero examples as to how Donald Trump might be ‘feeding Nazis’.

His entire basis for “Trump is feeding Nazis” is that White Supremacists voice an opinion for Trump. Which I have already stated is insane. Trump has a Jewish daughter now and strongly supports Israel which runs in direct  opposition to White Supremacy Neo-Nazis.

But as we have already established, facts do not matter to the feral anti-Trump movement.


So moving onto Olivers main topic of Episode 21, North Korea. He immediately starts to sympathize with North Korea by playing a CNN clip that accused the President of pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war….

In reality it is the rogue state of North Korea, a holdover nation from the Cold War that is terrorizing it’s neighbors, not just with nuclear weapons, but it’s missile and artillery capabilities are frightening. It’s not so easy to stop an artillery shell from raining down on the beautiful city of Seoul.

John Oliver proceeds to talk about how Kim is acting out of self-preservation, but I totally disagree with that. If Kim wanted he could abdicate his position, have the North Korean forces lay down their arms and reunify the Korean peninsula the peaceful way.

Freedom won the Cold War, North Korean should have been dealt with the moment the USSR collapsed. Instead The Democrats sent them the technology to get nukes.

I am not kidding you this segment ends with John Oliver saying the President needs to watch what he says after Trump made his “fire and fury” comments.

He even plays a clip of North Korean propaganda to his audience and they seem to agree with what is being said by the North Koreans. Strange, and they call us Trump supporters a cult…LastWeekNorthKorea.jpg

OK so moving forward to episode 22. If the previous 21 episodes of this season of LastWeekTonight with John Oliver are any indication, we are in for a lot Trumps attacks, a boatload of lies and so many insane metaphors that make no sense your head will spin like a Liberal on election night.


Awwww it looks like someone let their dog take a dump on the front lawn on the White House…oh wait that’s just John Oliver.

John Oliver starts right off of course rejoicing over the departure of Steve Bannon from the White House. Good bye Bannon, you will be sorely missed but I look forward to you jumping headfirst into the culture war.

Which is why John Oliver shouldn’t be celebrating too much. His opponents, us patriotic Trump supporters, just gained a valuable new ally in the culture wars. CNN and John Oliver better get their asses ready to be handed to them on a silver non-politically correct platter.


He gets absolutely giddy about the shake ups at the White House. Which actually are not totally abnormal, especially with such an unorthodox president and staff. The Trump Presidency is truly revolutionary and like our buddy Steve Bannon has said, if you think they are going to let you take back your country without a fight, you are mistaken.


Aaaaaaaand he pivots immediately back to White Supremacy. Again, condemning President Trumps condemnation, saying it didn’t go far enough.NoNoNoJohnOliver

Even though Trump condemned both sides, but also pointed out how both sides do have some well meaning non-violent individuals who got caught up in senseless violence.

Of course this triggered John Oliver because it’s not the exact neo-nazi message he wanted but he will still paint Trump as a Nazi of course despite all logic and facts.


John Oliver finds someone his own size and strength and goes after FOX host Melissa Francis, when she gets a little teary eyed and says a beautiful piece, she knows she has no hate in her heart and that no one is different based on the color of their skin but we Trump supporters are still called racist anyway.

Now, if a Leftist woman was making the same sort of statement, John Oliver would be attacking Trump right now for creating a mysogynistic atmosphere that made the woman cry. However, since this is a Republican White woman we are talking about, it’s OK for John Oliver to be a snarky little sarcastic worm and calls the woman a nazi sympathizer.

The Left has officially jumped the shark from Russia to racist in less than 60 seconds.


This was John Olivers main topic. Why? I have no idea. Probably to get people to ask for more government control over the environment to protect them from harmful nuclear waste.

Now if you watched this segment and know nothing about nuclear waste, you probably think your going to fall into a puddle of radioactive material on your morning jog.

The truth is, the nuclear industry produces very little waste compared to other industries. 97% of all waste produces by nuclear energy is considered low to intermediate level waste and can safely be disposed of in near surface repositories.

Take France for example. Only .2% of all the nuclear waste from France is considered high-level, dangerous waste.

John Oliver says the storage facilities are dangerous, but fails to mention that nuclear waste actually dissipates over time. Sure it takes a very long time, but few other types of waste can actually just be stored somewhere while we wait for them to become non-harmful.

Of all the different types of waste transported across the country, only 5% of it is nuclear waste.

This entire segment was a pointless waste of time, but since most likely the person reading this is not a John Oliver fan, you probably missed it anyway.

Until next time, thank you.

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