John Oliver LastWeekTonight Decucked Ep. 20

NO! NO! NO! CaliLiberal here and I cannot allow this hateful, xenophobic, right-wing blog to continue to spread vile hate and Conservative pro-Trump propaganda. I have reported this blog to MediaMatters, ThinkProgress and I posted a five paragraph expose on the forum DemocratUnderground about you.

Conservative propaganda like you CaliConservative is why we have that hate flavored cheeto in the White House, when he isn’t out golfing!

John Oliver is my hero! His show LastWeekTonight is one of my only sources of news and he shreds Trump and you wingnuts to pieces every night! I love John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee and Seth Meyers. They are all true patriots who don’t wanna go along with the fascist orange, thank Gaia we have them on our side!

CaliLiberal you ignorant slut! People like you and John Oliver are wishing against the well being of our nation, simply because you don’t like Trump. The media MKULTRA program is working pretty well if they can take a genuine non-politician that want’s to fix this country and make him into a demagogue in your eyes CaliLib.

I have heard Libs call Cons “gullible” before, but the Lib media lie about Trump and Conservative issues all the time and you Progressives either knowingly push the lies yourself or simply believe them. Ask John Oliver about Voter Fraud, he will tell you it’s virtually non-existent.

It is.

Ask Stephen Colbert and Trump was elected by Putin.

He was.

Ask Hillary Clinton and she will tell you she actually won the election.

She did!

The Liberal-Progressive movement is engaged in a full on rewrite of history(and logic) and John Oliver is a full participant in this propaganda effort. Thank God for the internet because it gives alternate media a chance to counter his fake narrative.

We can finally push back against the disinformation of the Left. For instance, now we can say the Democratic Party is the party of slavery and the KKK.

Shut up.

The Democratic Party voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Stop it.

Climate change may be part of a natural cycle that has nothing to do with humans.

Not true! Everyone knows America is responsible for Climate Change, and slavery and every war in history!

The United States is the single greatest nation in the history of the Earth with a culture vastly superior to all others.

OMG you racist, how dare you! You scruffy looking xenophobic wingnut!

Hey who you callin’ scruffy lookin? Look, CaliLiberal, I am immune to your propaganda.

How did you manage that?

I started to think for myself.

What?! Without CNN telling what you think and Snopes fact-checking it for you?! No, that isn’t possible. You can’t possibly believe Trump is good for this country.

He is CaliLiberal, you will see. Well actually

, you probably wont see because you will be too busy waiting for that bombshell Russia evidence you guys keep promising.

Trump will be in handcuffs soon!

Hahaha, I have a feeling we will see Hillary Clinton and her cohorts in jail sooner.

*CaliLiberal scoffs and walks away*

OK enough of that getting right into this weeks episode. Thank you everyone for reading, I encourage you to go back and read all the previous episodes as well to get a sense of how dishonest this show LastWeekTonight can actually be.

John Oliver starts his show by saying “Much like the degradation of Western Society, we start with President Trump”.

That line should tell you everything you need to know about where John Oliver is coming from. That he thinks Trump is the beginning of the degradation of Western Society, but perhaps John Oliver hasn’t been paying attention the last eight years.

From hordes of refugees absolutely rampaging across Europe, to the increase in LGBTism and gender confusion. The degradation of Western Society is actually being prevented and reversed by Donald J Trump.

But in the 1984 New World Order mentality of John Oliver and his lib media buddies, ignorance is strength and collectivism is independence. Darkness is enlightenment.

We see through his lies now.


So right into it, 43 seconds in, John Oliver is already attacking Trump. In most of his episodes this season he begins to attack Trump within 60 seconds of starting his show, John Oliver is like a little rabid attack chihuahua.


John Oliver of course plays a CNN clip where they said Trump is going on a “17-day vacation”. John Olivers audience laughs, they’ll laugh at anything. It was a dishonest statement to say the least.


Trump is on a “working vacation” and renovations are currently underway at the White House. John Oliver loves to cite Politifact, except when it doesn’t fit his narrative:2.png

He tells his audience after this, “don’t relax, never relax, your life is still a torture chamber of fear and panic”. Exactly how he wants his audience in a constant state of fear and panic, it’s the only way they will listen to anything he says and block out everything else.

To give you a sense of his audience’s disdain for anything Trump does, they laughed at the mere mention of “American Dream Week”. John Oliver wasn’t even making a joke, he was just saying the phrase “American Dream Week” and his audience snickers and chuckles, because patriotism is a joke to them.


Then he brings up a story from a Sports Illustrated Gold Magazine that accused Trump of calling the White House a “real dump”. This is a non-story. We have an armed conflict with North Korea and Iran brewing and the Liberal media wants to talk about anonymous quotes from people in golf magazines.Dump.png

President Trump vehemently denied saying this, and I tend to doubt the validity of the sources that say Trump said this. The author of the article doubled down by saying that at least 8 people had heard the President make this statement, but of course, not one of them would come forward. So again, I tend to doubt the validity of these claims.


John Oliver quickly attacks Trump for saying back in January 27 that he won New Hampshire because of the drug epidemic there which the LastWeekTonight audience laughs at. 4.png

Does John Oliver tell his audience there actually is a horrifying drug problem in New Hampshire? No, he just makes fun of Trump and moves on to attacking Stephen Miller.


He brings up the exchange between Acosta and Stephen Miller, where Acosta asked about the poem on the Statue of Liberty. John Oliver attacks Miller for saying the poem was added later, which it was.

Besides, the poem on the Statue of Liberty is not the law of our country, it is not the constitution and it is not indicative of a sound immigration policy. It’s a great message, but honestly in this century asking other countries to send their “poor huddled masses” is a totally outdated message.

The United States of America cannot, and WILL NOT under President Trump continue to allow the destruction of Western Society by allowing in hordes of immigrants that have zero will to assimilate.

It’s absolutely HILARIOUS that John Oliver COMPLETELY leaves out Acosta’s display of his “cosmopolitan bias” as Stephen Miller put it. Jim Acosta said that the United States will only have immigrants coming in from Australia and Great Britain, implying those were the only two other cultures in the world that learn English.

Acosta is an idiot and so is John Oliver for defending him and leaving out the footage of Acosta blatant ignorance about the world. 8.png

In India alone 125 million people speak English and India aims to quadruple that number over the course of a decade. Which would actually see the world have more English speakers in India than in the United States. The United States currently has the highest number of English speaking individuals.

So of course rather than debate actual facts, John Oliver cuts Stephen Miller out of context, leaves out Acosta’s moronic ignorant statements and his audience eats it up.

Every. Single. Time.


He even goes way back to find some old footage of Stephen Miller in high school. This hilarious video where Stephen Miller says something to the effect of ‘why do I have to pick up my own trash when we have janitors that get paid to do it for us?’

Now, I can’t find the entire unedited version of that speech, I could only find like a kind of mini-documentary on that speech he made here:

His friend claims the statement was a joke. It sounded pretty funny, hell I laughed when I saw it. Stephen Miller attended Santa Monica High School, a very Liberal school, despite it being a fairly wealthy tax-base.

Again, no context from John Oliver. Ever.

OK so moving on to the main issue of the night. Border.png

I was actually going to do something different for this piece and just post the Steven Crowder rebuttal to this segment, but Crowder started off his segment by saying “I think John Oliver is hysterical”…WTF…John Oliver comedy isn’t any different than Amy Shumer comedy!!!! Totally lost some faith in you bro.

So it’s up to me to debunk this UNFUNNY, NON-HYSTERICAL moron named John Oliver. Let’s go.

So first of all, John Oliver wants to create a sense that nothing is wrong on the border. He says that President Trump has authorized, through executive order, an increase of 5,000 more Border Patrol agents to supplement the 20,000 already there: “To tackle the many problems that he [Trump] sees on our southern border”.

The problems that ‘Trump sees’, not that any American citizens see. Kate Steinle and her family saw first hand the serious problems with our immigration policy. Many Americans see the problems caused by heroin that primarily crosses over the border.

I for one 100% support increasing our border security, especially at this critical moment in the history of our country.


Polygraphs, according to many scientific studies, are not indicative of a person telling the truth or a lie. They are useful for measuring fear in a person and making them admit to crimes under the pressure of the polygraph.

“One applicant admitted to smoking marijuana 20,000 times in a 10-year-period.” With 3,650 days in a 10-year-period. This guy smoked marijuana 5 and a half times a day every single day for ten years…and hes applying for a job?

I don’t know if I buy that, I’ve seen first hand lazy smoking herb can make a person very lazy. I know, I know #NotAll, but still sounds kinda unbelievable. The main point is that polygraphs produce some really outrageous results at times.

John Oliver then starts to talk about a number of border patrol agents whom were arrested for various crimes.

Indeed corruption exists in probably almost every part of government, but does that mean we shouldn’t have a police force because of the actions of a few officers.

That’s basically what it looks like the Border Patrol responded to John Oliver with:


So they are 100% admitting they definitely hired people during their surge who ended up disgracing the badge and are always actively working to stop corruption. John Oliver would rather get rid of the entire thing, why? Because Trump supports border security so according to the laws of Trump derangement syndrome John Oliver has to take the opposite position.13.png

It’s true. You can find some truly horrifying cases of corruption within the ranks of the Border Patrol, but with over 21,000 agents to have only 153 prosecuted cases of corruption isn’t too bad. Even if the problem is twice as bad as that, it’s only about 1% of agents are actually caught in corruption scandals.

President Trump has already signaled that he is 100% against corruption and is waging a war against it. I stand with that decision. A few, or even a bunch, of bad apples doesn’t mean you throw out the whole batch.

So rather than focus on the number of individuals that committed corrupt acts, I think a much more important number to remember are the 126 brave patriots that gave their life for this country defending our borders. John Oliver should be ashamed of himself for crapping on their sacrifice, but we don’t expect much from rabid Leftists like him.


Thank you for reading, sorry it’s so late, I will try to publish much sooner in the future. Again, thank you.

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