LastWeekTonight LIES Ep. 19


Ladies and Gentlemen(and Liberals) here we are! We made it to Episode 19 of LastWeekTonight with the insufferable John Oliver. Thank you to every single person that has read this blog and continues to read it.

I hope to publish a lot more about a range of subjects, including debunking a lot more of the Liberal propaganda being spread through shows like LastWeekTonight with Cuck Oliver, The Daily Show with Jester Noah, Full Frontal with Sam-I-Cant-Standya Bee.

It is literally exhausting watching this garbage and no kidding LastWeekTonight makes me laugh maybe once an episode these days, it’s not funny. The show would actually make for a good drinking game, drink every time John Oliver uses an obscene metaphor and you will be plastered 5 minutes into the show.

Sure, I know what I am getting into watching a late night show on HBO and compared to Game of Thrones, John Oliver lacks all the intrigue, majestic locations, dragons and epic battles, but at least he isn’t actively promoting incest…yet.

So, I have noted and quite often I must say(almost to the point that I am using it just to add words to this) that John Oliver said before the start of season 4 that he looks forward to making the show not about Trump all the time.

Well they must have paid him a lot of money because with this episode I can only count 1 episode out of 19 that Oliver has decided not to attack Trump directly, in that 1 episode he didn’t attack Trump, “Russia” was his main topic of the night……..

He parrots and mimics everything coming from CNN, MSNBC etc, but he just adds obscene insane metaphors and his audience goes berserk every time. A random 4chan user summed it up pretty well.


So getting onto this episode. John Oliver took three weeks off, it seems making up that amount of lies and obscene metaphors to couple with the lies is a tough job. Also remember John Oliver is getting his ass sued by Coal King Murray. Which John Oliver made seem like a silly joke, but he has effectively been forbidden from speaking about it.

Well done Murray, you did the world a favor by getting John Oliver to shut his slanderous lying mouth for once, good work!


So right into this, I knew Oliver and his writers would be triggered by the #TransBan and I am glad that he is bringing it up because it gives me an opportunity to analyze this decision by our President, which of course, I 100% agree with this decision and unlike John Oliver I will actually explain to you why.FT_16.10.25_LGBvoters_liberal

The military is maintained for one express purpose, to kill our enemies and to invade territory. That is what armies have fundamentally done since the dawn of civilization. The military needs morale and discipline to be effective under the stress of combat.

A person who just recently went through a “sex-change” operation, potentially emotionally unstable, is the last person you want on the battlefield. Now look, perhaps had Obama never got rid of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” then someone who was trans, but 100% mentally stable would have no problem serving.

Obama and his neo-Liberal administration introduced new labels and created whole groups of new “oppressed minorities” that the Democrats could then pimp as a voting block. He repealed DATL and in 2011 it became accepted for gay men to serve in open uniform, that was the first step, then in 2015 they moved to get in Trans people as well.

Why do they do this? Well according to PEW research, the LGBT community overwhelmingly supports the Democratic Party. So it’s all about votes, votes, votes.


The Obama administration specifically moved to create voting blocks that will be useful in the future, that’s why he didn’t care that the Democrats pretty much lost everything because he was investing in future voters like DREAMERS, people dependent on Obamacare, welfare recipients etc.SDT-2013-06-LGBT-7-08

So it’s unfortunate that Obama was not above manipulating even our military to have embedded support for the Democratic Party. Thankfully Trump is signaling that the military does not need to be socially engineered and I agree with him. I shudder to imagine what a Hillary Clinton presidency would have brought us, thank God we don’t have to find out.SDT-2013-06-LGBT-7-01

John Oliver says that ‘generals at the pentagon were worried Trump was declaring war on North Korea’ when he was tweeting about the trans ban due to a pause between his first and second tweet, citing a Lib media report, but they of course cite no evidence for which generals were concerned. I actually find it more concerning that we have generals at the pentagon apparently talking to the media when they probably shouldn’t be.

John Oliver pauses for a bit to relish in John McCain voting no to repealing Obamacare before quickly moving to hit the appointment of Scaramucci. President Trump had appointed him recently to White House Communications Director, he really doesn’t have much of substance to say here.

He just brings up a few of the graphic comments Scaramucci made especially when he said “I am not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying s**k my own c**k”. Since Scaramucci is gone anyway no point in going on about it, though I am sure Oliver will bring it up on the next episode.

Moving onto John Olivers main topic of the night, conspiratorial drum roll please…


Alex Jones! Yes the humble water purification salesman is going to come under a complete propaganda assault from Cuck Oliver, I mean John Oliver so sorry. This further reaffirms my belief that John Oliver and his Lib Media cohorts, “The Cuckmedians” are deathly afraid of alternate media like Alex Jones.ALEXJONES.jpg

Of course John Oliver and his buddies are scared because they have tons of stiff competition now, all over YouTube, Twitter and Reddit. Even people who weren’t very Right-Leaning/Conservative before are starting to jump the sinking Liberal ship and joining our ranks every day.

John Oliver brings up a clip of Alex Jones saying that “they’re putting chemicals in the water to turn the friggin frogs gay!” calling it a “government conspiracy” but Alex Jones literally had the article he was talking about up on screen. The article was about how the US military asked for $7.5 million dollars to research a weapon that could turn our enemy gay…


Does John Oliver show this video or explain this to his viewers? No. Of course not, he simply ridicules Alex Jones rather than present a factually based rebuttal to Jones’s claims.

To get to the friggin frogs turning gay. Scientists have already identified several species of frog that are fully capable of making a full biological change from male to female or vice versa. I think it completely stands to reason that a frog, with the addition of chemicals, could be forced into gender confusion.



This is real stuff that Alex Jones is talking about, it might sound insane the way he is telling it, but honestly John the reason why I trust Alex Jones more than you is that Alex Jones encourages me to research and look it up for myself.

He challenges what I think I know about life and the world. Unlike you John Oliver. You keep your audience buried in the dark under a pile of unfunny jokes and obscene nonsensical metaphors. You only tell them what you and your buddies at CNN want them to hear.ConservativeRadio.png

Aaand now you see why they are panicking. Look at that list, the top 10 most listened to ratio talk show hosts in America are all Conservatives and Alex Jones is number #26 on the list, up from #42 in 2016.042


And that is a huge jump. 2016 was an amazing year for Jones where we saw Infowars very seriously breaking into the mainstream, that is why Alex Jones wears a Rolex, he’s a real self-made man. He made his way up from actually investing his own money, time and soul into what he does and it paid off tremendously.

John Oliver literally tries to attack Jones for his success! Look, I know Alex Jones sensationalizes literally like there is no tomorrow, but if you look up and research what he is saying you will probably learn something you never knew before. Like I said, unlike John Oliver, Alex Jones actually encourages his listeners to look up for themselves what is going on.

And that’s why people like Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and Levin dominate the talk radio cycle, because they actually inform and challenge their listeners to hear something they may not even want to listen to.

Twice throughout the segment John Oliver has to randomly mention that Alex Jones dared to question the official narrative of the Sandy Hook massacre. Just to make sure that in case his insults weren’t enough to take down Alex Jones in the eyes of the feral LastWeekTonight audience(that I legitimately mistake for a laugh track).

So getting on, John Oliver wants to attack Alex Jones now for daring to sell herbal supplements and survival products. TacticalWipes.png

The first thing he goes after at the Combat One Tactical Bath wipes sold through the Infowars store, now here John is insanely dishonest because this is not an Infowars product at all. You can buy Combat One wipes at different outlets and even on and they are made by Avadim Technologies, Inc.

Full disclosure, I have never purchased any of the products on Infowars. I even thought it was a terrible idea once Alex Jones started selling these products because of stuff like this.

However, reading all of the reviews, and comparing all the ingredients from other brands to what’s in the Infowars brand, I really don’t see anything wrong with the Infowars products. They really actually seem high quality.

Take the Combat wipes for example, yes Alex Jones doesn’t make them, which John Oliver should have mentioned, but from what I am reading these combat wipes are an extremely versatile survival tool that has a range of uses and can even save your life by disinfecting and cleaning a wound in a remote location.

The wipes only have 7 reviews on Amazon, but they are all positive.

What about some of the other products Alex Jones sells? Well, let’s take a look at the “Child Ease”, which John Oliver made fun of:ChildEase.png

When you look at the ingredients compared to other herbal remedies designed to help children, the Infowars one actually has extra ingredients some other more expensive ones leave out. There are a multitude of stories from parents with autistic kids, or kids with developmental disorders that say they benefit from herbal supplements like the ones provided by Infowars.

If Alex Jones can provide this herbal supplement, that ingredient wise is totally legit, cheaper than its competition by almost $10, still make a profit and is helping a family, how could that possibly be a bad thing?? Shame on you John Oliver you disgusting sorry excuse for a human being.

Next John Oliver goes after the Infowars ‘Caveman Paleo’ formula: InfoWarsNutraCueticals.png

He makes the ingredients sound terrible, Bee Pollen?! Chicken Collagen?!? Wtf are those disgusting things and why is Alex Jones trying to sell it to you? Well John Oliver because those things that you just made sound terrible like Bee Pollen and Chicken Collagen, are actually extremely healthy for you.


It sounds like clickbait but in reality Bee Pollen has so many positive effects it really makes you want to run out and get some right now. Did you know bee pollen is 40% protein and contains nearly every nutrient required by a human being? Well if you only watch John Oliver and never research for yourself you would never know!

ChickenColl.pngTo be perfectly honest I had never even heard of Chicken Collagen before, but it seems to be an incredible superfood that can ease arthritis, boost your immunity, improved digestive health and a host of other amazing benefits. I am actually going to get some for myself now, this stuff sounds pretty amazing and something I would imagine Liberals would like.

But we know that anything a Trump supporter likes, anti-Trumper Progressive DNC shills like John Oliver will take the opposite position.

John Oliver proceeds to play a clip of Alex Jones drinking his Paleo blend:  OliverDouche.png

Of course the clip is only a couple seconds long before it cuts to Oliver and his audience laughing hysterically despite John Oliver promising he would give Alex Jones “full context” yet still proceeded to play a ton of clips…out of context!!! It’s very frustrating.

Then Oliver says he supposedly has some of the Paleo Drink, but honestly this may be your biggest lie ever John hahaha:


I think your producers gave you some sewer water there John because the drink Alex has looks WAY more appetizing than whatever the hell you are drinking. Maybe it’s Hillary’s diarrhea you’re drinking.

Sorry, that was way too disgusting, my audience doesn’t deserve to be treated with obscene metaphors like the incredibly daft LastWeekTonight audience is subjected to on an almost weekly basis.


OK…the LastWeekTonight writing staff and John Oliver have COMPLETELY run out of original ideas. I saw David Pakman making fun of Alex Jones for this video two years ago. WOW, come up with something new John.

Here is another outright dishonest lie from John Oliver:


He points out that the Infowar Vitamin D3 supplement is $25, but a consumer watchdog called says “you can buy the same amount from other sources for less than 4 dollars” according to John Oliver. Sure if you wanna buy that garbage D3 that isn’t anywhere near the quality that the Infowars site has. When you compare it to other premium D3 the price starts to make more sense: WinterSun.png

So he shifts to attacking a doctor who regularly appears on Infowars to help sell the products and is actually the brains behind a lot of the supplements. Dr. Edward F. Group III. DrGroup.png

Immediately John launches into childish attacks like saying Dr. Group “doesn’t look like an MIT alumni” and accusing of Dr Group of lying about graduating from colleges he never attended, but when you really look into what John Oliver is saying it doesn’t add up.

John claims Dr. Group lied about graduating from the colleges listed below, and that he John Oliver confirmed Dr. Group never graduated from the following colleges:


But the interesting thing is that on Dr. Groups own profile page on his website, the above mentioned colleges are not even listed:DrGroupLies1.png

You can clearly see Dr. Group never claimed to graduate from those schools John Oliver mentioned, funny John didn’t mention Harvard Business School. So Dr. Group was never claiming to have graduated from those schools and John Oliver is essentially just making stuff up on the fly now.

As for MIT, Dr. Group said he was an alumni of MIT. John Oliver proceeded to “fact check”:


Now, it’s unfair that all we get is a blurry, very long email that of course we only get 1 and a half sentences of context from. Dr. Group never claimed to have a degree from MIT, he attended a non-degree certificate program at MIT Sloan business management.

Which I still think is pretty damn prestigious and honorable and I find it disconcerting that Oliver spits on Dr. Groups achievements simply because he disagrees with the politics of Alex Jones. What a sorry excuse for a human being this guy, I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

Its also funny to note in his vicious onslaught against Infowars, he completely neglected to mention Paul Joseph Watson who is a strong competitor to Oliver on YouTube and vying for that ever important young demographic. No doubt John Oliver doesn’t want his audience to even know PJW exists. He’s scared.

And that is it for this episode. Wow this was one of the longest blogs I have ever written and I thank you if you stuck through to the end on this one thank you so much for reading and I hope you will join me again this coming Sunday for more libtardation from John Oliver.

Please share and spread this thank you.

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