LastWeekTonight LIES Ep 18, PART 2.

Annnnnd we are back! Sorry everybody for not updating for a while. Once John Oliver finally decided to take a small vacation, the ultimate relief of not having to watch his insane propaganda show was almost more than I could handle. I literally never wanted to look at John Oliver’s face again.

But I overcame my libtardphobia and decided that whats important about this series is not me, It isn’t John Oliver, it’s about the millions of people that are exposed to his propaganda and terribly unfunny humor.

I genuinely love to laugh. I like comedy and I can laugh at a well done tasteful Trump impression. LastWeekTonight is not funny. Or perhaps I just don’t find it funny anymore, it’s obscenely childish and very uncreative.

Unless you like John Oliver asking you to compare a political situation with having sex with a turtle…or taking a dump in a slurpee machine? Those are actual metaphors that John Oliver constantly uses and his dim-witted in-studio audience goes wild for it.

Many of his twitter and youtube fanatics go wild as well. They call me all sorts of names on twitter, of course it does not bother me, I welcome it. It means I have successfully infiltrated their echo chamber and disturbed their Liberal trance.

So anyways, let’s just go ahead and get right into the second half of Season 4, Episode 18 of Cuck Oliver…I mean John Oliver. Sorry.


John Oliver wants to talk about “Local News”. Or more accurately John Oliver is triggered that Conservative opinions are being spread pretty fiercely on more and more local news channels.

While most of the major news stations, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC are all pushing hard Left views and are shedding viewers daily. John Oliver and his ilk are TERRIFIED of this sudden unforeseen rise in Conservative media in local news stations. 23.png

They were so convinced of their stranglehold on the media. Sorry John, but the Liberal dominance in media is definitely going to be challenged more and more in the coming years. Especially with the continuing successes of President Trump and the everlasting failures of the Democratic Party.

So essentially John Oliver has dedicated this entire segment of his show to hitting Conservative media. Why? Aren’t you confident in your opinion or position John? No, obviously you are very scared that the Liberal viewpoint is starting to fail.


He goes after this guy, whom I had never heard of before this point. John Oliver plays a few select clips, 100% out of context to make Mark look crazy to the rabid LastWeekTonight audience, whom of course always responds.

I actually looked up Mark Hyman after seeing this and I have to say, he is quite brilliant and I pretty much agree with everything he is saying, so thanks John Oliver for bringing him to my attention.

John Oliver is making Sinclair Broadcasting Group, a media company that leans right, his main target. Like I said, this “man” and the rest of his Lib media cohorts are quivering at the thought of being replaced by Conservative media, which I assure you is inevitable.


Oh John Oliver is so triggered that they suddenly have a lot of stiff competition in the culture wars. Sinclair and FOX news are leading the way, but this graphic is just dishonest John. Why are you combining Sinclair and Tribune newscasts? And why is that significant?

You haven’t explained to your viewers that Sinclair has affiliations with NBC, ABC, CBS. Does that factor into your view count there? So it’s not like 2.2 million people are all being exposed to a Conservative viewpoint, Johns issue is that the people doing the broadcasting might be Conservative, because he hates us.

He even uses the 2.2 million average viewers of Sinclair and Tribune to attack Fox News’ The Five and Tucker:


He shows his disdain constantly for Conservatives and right-wing viewpoints. He shows it in his attack against Boris Epshteyn, former Trump adviser, who was recently hired by Sinclair. Sinclair mandates that some of it’s outlets run Boris’s segment, which has greatly triggered John Oliver, which has greatly satisfied me.


John Oliver brings up a Boris interview on CNN from last year where Boris was responding to a statement made by Donald Trump:

“It’s possible that non-citizen voters were responsible for Obama’s 2008 victory in North Carolina.”

Donald Trump on Monday, October 17th, 2016 in a speech in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Boris says that he thinks it’s possible Obama got an up to 5% illegal vote to sway what was an extremely close race. John Oliver says “obvious that isn’t anything resembling a fact” but rather than explain to us why he thinks Boris is wrong, John Oliver just ridicules him, without educating.

John Oliver says that Politifact has fact checked his claim and finds it “Pants on Fire”, but from what I see, Politifact has never fact checked Boris Epshteyn on this claim, they “fact checked Donald Trump”. So John Oliver again, clearly misleading and misdirecting, in my opinion outright lying.

Now, the 2008 Presidential race wasn’t close by any stretch of the imagination. McCain was pretty much dead in the water being the status quo candidate in a change year and I truly believe the GOP basically threw the election when they nominated McCain, but state elections were close and fiercely competitive. North Carolina was one of them.

Barack Obama won the state by .32% of the vote, yes about 1/3rd of a percent was what decided that states outcome. Now look at this interesting number, John McCain won 67 of 100 counties, Obama won just 33 of 100 counties. All of the Obamas votes came from the major population centers, from areas known to have illegal voters.

In fact, the Politifact article that John Oliver was referring to admits that at least 23 allegations of voter fraud were brought up by the state of North Carolina, but never investigated. What was Politifacts source for saying that Trump was “pants on fire”? They simply called up one of their “election experts” a professor at UC-Irvine, a heavily a Liberal school, who assured them Trump is wrong.

And just like that Politifact decides what is a lie and what is the truth.

Using the laws of cogency, Trump was entirely right, because he said the phrase “it’s possible”. It’s entirely possible that Obama used some form of illegal voting to carry the state, the first time a Democrat carried the state in over 20 years.

So moving on, John Oliver has a problem with Conservatives attacking Democrats. Specifically, that Sinclair Media dared to talk about how Barack Obama hid his campaign money, most likely because he received money from terrorist groups like Hamas.

Does John Oliver explain the connection? Or why anyone would think Obama got money from Hamas? No. He just ridicules and makes fun of anyone who would say such a thing even though it’s the complete truth.

WND reports:

Palestinian brothers inside the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip are listed in government election filings as having donated $29,521.54 to Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign.
And it’s very telling that reports also said Obama sent money to Hamas in his final hours in office:

Of course John Oliver would never take the time to explain this to his audience. As I have noted before he is completely disinterested in explaining anything to his audience, and in fact I think he benefits from keeping them in the dark, makes his job easier.

So yet again, another propaganda assault from John Oliver against our President, against reason, against logic and against our country. John Oliver is anti-American, and part of a cabal of others who claim to be comedians, but are only on TV to serve one purpose, mind control.

Thank you.

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