LastWeekTonight LIES Ep. 18, Pt. 1

WOW! We lasted, we persisted, we endured the unendurable, 18 straight episodes of the dreadfully unfunny LastWeekTonight. Well, I guess the show could be funny, if you were a semi-retarded individual that thinks socialism is a good thing.

Metaphorically retarded of course, I would never dare compare the afflicted with these insane Liberals. People like John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers, Bill Maher, Colbert etc, these people fuel an entire generation of completely mindless Leftist zombies with their hateful rhetoric poorly disguised as comedy.

Hordes of people that need to be told what to think. Listening to condescending, rude, disgusting, filthy, smarmy “comedians” that use insane metaphors and out-of-context videos reaffirms the Leftist mentality.

After carefully studying this technique of brainwashing over these 18 weeks, I can conclude this technique was most likely forged in the experiments of MKULTRA and it’s related programs.

Anyways, Let’s go right into this episode of LastWeekTonight. John Oliver is taking a break for a couple of weeks after this episode. Which sure, he takes breaks from time to time during the season, but it’s very funny timing that after getting gagged by a lawsuit Oliver decides to take some time off.

Making up that many lies and insane metaphors and editing videos out of context all day must get very tiring. So what’s it gonna be this episode John? I can predict with a 90% certainty that you will attack Trump….and that’s a real 90%, not that “Hillary is a 90% favorite to win the election” type of 90%.. So let’s have it.


Aha!! I am not kidding folks, literally 5 seconds after opening his beak Oliver starts squawking about President Trump!! Wow. He’s beating his own records for how fast he can start whining about Trump, how often he can get triggered and Oliver smashed his record for most insane metaphors this season.

So what is your issue this week with Trump?


“The President sent a series of disgusting tweets”

John you are able to say all manner of the most grotesque metaphors ever, but if the President says what is probably a fact, that Mika had plastic surgery and that she was enjoying her stay at Mar-A-Lago, that is “disgusting”. Real facts.Mika-Brzezinski-Plastic-Surgery-Face

But John Oliver isn’t going to take time to explain the President’s tweets to his feeble minded target audience. No, he just brushes over it, proclaiming it “disgusting” and “indefensible” without actually explaining the context of the tweet.


4You know, when you want to accuse someone of being disgusting, or making wild statements, you probably don’t help your message when you start making wild statements and John Oliver is the king of wild statements. He makes the single most outrageous metaphors I have ever heard.

Every single media outlet is allowed to hit Trump, and they hit him hard with vicious LIES. Trump trumps them with the TRUTH!

Did you know, if you rearrange the letters in trump you get truth? What? That’s not true? Ah well ill just post it on CNN. *rimshot, audience laughter*

But he doesn’t explain or dissect the tweets at all, he moves right on.3.png

He wants to talk about the Travel Ban. He makes some asinine joke where he says “yes the travel ban is called a travel ban despite what biased mainstream media sources like the President tell you”. People were saying it wasn’t called a Muslim ban John. Many people were using the phrase Travel Ban including me.

John Oliver, and apparently MSNBC are triggered that the Supreme Court decided in favor of the Travel Ban. 9.png

But why does John Oliver not want a Travel Ban on potentially dangerous people? I could probably sympathize with him if he is fighting on the rights of protecting the rights of CITIZENS from potentially being wrongfully persecuted.

No. It’s because of refugees. Yes. John Oliver is mad that the Supreme Court reinstatement of the Travel Ban, which actually made considerable efforts to make sure people who had a reason to come to our country could safely enter, probably under a very watchful eye, but a person can still enter if they have a close family member in the US.

Except Refugees, they made sure to say that a person that has been resettled with a family as part of a refugee program could not use that family to reenter the country. This of course to me seems like a minor issue, how often does this happen? John Oliver insists thousands will be affected, but I find that highly unlikely.

This was a huge win for the GOP and for Trump, so John Oliver needs to pivot, most likely trying to play off of some emotional issue to tug at the heartstrings of his mentally incapacitated audience.


So John Oliver uses the Travel Ban and his white-knight status of Refugee Commissar to springboard into attacking the one and only Tuck. He calls Tucker a “Human Lacrosse Stick”. Now I don’t know if that’s some sexual fetish thing I have never heard of or just a terrible joke but it wasn’t funny, yet his rabid audience laughs.

Oliver could literally sit there making fart noises the entire night with a picture of Trump next to him and he would probably win an Emmy and be hailed as some type of Libtard art genius.


This tweet had hordes of the unfunny Liberal actors, “comedians” and artists bashing Tucker non stop. But none of them answered his question. In fact neither does John Oliver. Come on John, explain in clear details how exactly America benefits from bringing in people from failing countries.

John Oliver starts out by saying ‘Just because a nation is failing doesn’t mean it can’t produce some amazing people’ OK wow, nice John good start to an argument, OK hit me with 10, hell just hit me with 5 amazing people that have came here recently from failing nations. John continues ‘Just as a successful nation…can produce some truly failed human-beings #tucker’….

So rather than educate, you obfuscate, you pontificate, hell you masterbate your own damn ego and don’t feel the need to provide any type of strength to your arguments. Honestly though, you don’t have too, because you have an insane feral base that will laugh at literally any lie that you spew.

Then he moved onto the hilarious tweet Trump sent out where he is featured taking down CNN.

John Oliver said that it’s Trumps fault the media went into a frenzy over this tweet. That Trump has “never ending bullshittery” which is a great way to describe what John Oliver does. Trump understands internet culture, and he is responding to the recent amazing citizen journalism undertaken by Project Veritas exposing CNN.

If John Oliver cared at all about sharing truth with his viewers, he would show them the Project Veritas tapes. He wont, because that doesn’t benefit the wishes of his master Podesta.

Oliver reaches a low point here when he takes a clip completely out of context.

So I kid you not, this was all just the first 6 minutes of the show. I will have to make a part two to this article. To be continued…

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