John Oliver LastWeekTonight LIES Ep 17

Wow, 17 episodes! This is really starting to fly by now. The time feels accelerated ever since my brain turned into soup from watching this much Liberal media, but I assure you it is having no major effect on me. Climate change, climate change! Trumps healthcare will kill us all!

Wait what? Who said that?

Anyways, like I was saying Russia-Trump collusion! Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Putin! Hillary won the popular vote! Trump will kill us all! Bring back Obama! 

OK maybe being exposed to this much MKULTRA style Liberal propaganda does have an effect on a person. I will just need to promise to watch endless hours of 2016 Trump rallies and watch FOX news to balance this out.

OK so diving right into this weeks episode of John Oliver. Some of you may have seen that John Oliver’s piece from last weeks episode about “Coal” didn’t go over very well with one of the people he was criticizing:


A man named Robert E Murray, sometimes called the “Republican Coal King” by Lib media is suing John Oliver for libel over his coal segment.

Which I think is hilarious and a long time coming. Murray said exactly what I have been saying about John Oliver:

“executed a meticulously planned attempt to assassinate the character of and reputation of Mr. Robert E. Murray and his companies.”

John Oliver segments are very carefully planned, worded, edited and approved before they air. John Oliver isn’t a simple comedian doing some improvisational stand up. This is a carefully crafted propaganda show that serves the interests of the Democratic Party.

Murray didn’t pull any punches and said John Oliver and staff “have vigorously supported and advanced” the agenda of Hillary Clinton! WOW! Haha! Go get em Murray.

So naturally John Oliver fans were chomping at the bit for their news god to hit back at Murray. Only that isn’t what happened. Oliver was only able to elude to the subject and had some very interesting body language that I took for


He stoops really really low and proceeds to tell his audience how the lawsuit isn’t a big deal, but that he can’t talk about it.

The greatest thing I ever saw on this show. John Oliver was finally muzzled. Saying his lawyers advised him not to talk about it. Meaning this is a bit more serious than he is letting on. The long arm of justice is certainly coming down on the Democrats right now.

So of course, that pretty much leaves Oliver one angle left. Trump. Possibly Trump-Russia though that narrative is quickly falling apart for the Democrats.


Now I am not kidding when I say that 16 out of 17 episodes now have directly attacked Trump despite John Oliver saying he was “anxious not to make his show about Trump”. Well the payday must be pretty big to make you totally go against yourself John Oliver.


So Oliver starts by taking aim at the Presidents revelation that he did in fact not record James Comey. Which I mean, look at the tweet John, you literally have it right next to your head. Did Trump say “I have tapes of James Comey”? Did he say “Tapes of James Comey exist”? No.

He said “James Comey better hope that there are no tapes”. Brilliant move by the way, but of course John Oliver doesn’t think so. In fact he thinks Trump was guilty of “tampering with a witness”.

Someone tell John Oliver witness tampering applies when you get the witness to tell lies, not when you get them to tell the truth. I am sure Comey wasn’t planning on going out there and announcing to the world that he was weak and spineless. He did that because he felt he had to be more truthful.

The Comey testimony was a total fail and waste of time by the Dems. Now they feel twice as dumb because Trump admitted he bluffed them. As anyone has ever played  poker for money can tell you, it really throws you off when you fold a decent hand and your opponent shows you a bluff.

The Dems are like the guy that tries to flip the table over because he’s losing so badly. They really don’t know what to do, it’s sad, they have to trot out their little attack dogs like John Oliver to rile up their feral base since they can’t do it by winning any political victories anymore.22vv.png

So the default move for John Oliver is to go after the new Senate healthcare bill. He really says nothing new here, it’s all the same stuff about medicaid being cut. He really does seem thrown off by the pretty serious lawsuit he is facing.


Now. This is a pretty random topic to bring up and a totally pointless segment actually, and John Oliver himself, in his never ending idiocy admits why. This is just another anti-GOP, anti-Trump hit piece. Why is he talking about vaccines? Was there some epic vaccine story that broke this week?

No, he’s just trying to attack people who don’t want to inject their babies with dozens of substances two weeks after they are born. He brings up an old clip of Trump from last year, LAST YEAR, is your show called “LastYearTonight with Cuck Oliver” or is it called “LastWEEKTonight with Cuck Oliver”? Stop bringing up old clips of Trump that you frame to make it seem like it just happened, it’s getting old.


So John Oliver admits the CDC says that “the vast majority of parents” are vaccinating their children. Making this a total non-issue, yet John Oliver spends 30 minutes going on and on about how horrible anyone is that doesn’t want to inject newly born infant with substances that most likely they themselves were never injected with.

That is the main concern here I think, and it’s a totally valid concern for parents. Human beings have never been injected with this stuff before, so why are they being persecuted for asking questions now?

I think every parent not only has a right, but an obligation to question what goes into their babies bodies. The government are the absolutely last people that should be able to force inoculate your children.

The argument that “there are no peer reviewed scientific studies” is hogwash, total crap and they need to stop using that “Peer reviewed” label to hide behind and control all of the scientific data. Anyone trying to investigate autism and vaccines is quickly attacked, ridiculed, disbarred and cast aside.

Anyways, his whole vaccine segment is totally pointless and weak attack on Trump. Parents should be able to forego vaccines or postpone them for later dates if they feel uncomfortable having their two week old infant injected with foreign substances. John Oliver is becoming unhinged. bbn.png

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