PRIDE Rally: Modern Hate Group?

Oh CaliConservative, here you go being all homophobic and bigoted. Can’t say that I am surprised considering that you are a teabagging wingnut Trumptard.

The Pride movement is all about love, and of course love now means resisting the commander-in-cheeto at all costs! Trump wants to cut all of our healthcare, cancel the climate, and kill all LGBTQIAXYZ+ people of color especially.

CaliLiberal you ignorant slut! None of that is true. President Trump is in fact a pro-gay President. So I really don’t understand why so many signs of resistance and anti-Trump were flying at these “Pride” rallies.


Nothing says “Love Trumps Hate” like stringing up a Trump pinata and bashing the head in. Ahh, good times.

It seems these Pride rallies have nothing to do with celebrating gay pride now or standing up to actual oppression. I am not saying there aren’t some great genuine people there, but it has become more about being anti-GOP and anti-Trump than about “love”.

Why would the LGBTQIAXYZ+ community want to “resist” the culture and society that they are supposedly trying to integrate into?

1u.pngLGBTQ people are being arrested for simply walking down the street! LGBTQ people are discriminated against for their HIV-status. LGBT people have harder time finding work and they even face a tougher time posting bail!

LGBT people have a harder time paying for their bail than everyone else and are arrested for walking down the street? What? Where do you get this stuff?

From the ACLU of course! Not that you know anything about that wonder organization. They are doing amazing stuff fighting and resisting the Trump administration and making sure we have equal rights for all.

We already have equal rights for all citizens. I know about the ACLU. They are soliciting donations all the time using the most disgusting lies you can imagine. I was an unfortunate gullible victim of the ACLU and donated to their disgusting organization.

A young woman was soliciting donations and she pleaded to me to help LGBT people especially “people of color” that were being discriminated against. She described a situation where an LGBT person was denied healthcare.

DDMp5XMXoAEzNOj.jpg large.jpg

wtf is this?

Later of course I learned these people weren’t being denied health insurance because they were LGBT, but they were being denied for other reasons and they just happened to be LGBT. DDMbQOwXUAAYrlg.jpg


Like if someone gets into a car accident and one driver is black and one is white and even though it was a complete accident the ACLU would say racism was involved.


I felt totally ripped off and lied too. The ACLU is guilty of spreading this type of extreme rhetoric around–

NO! NO SHUT UP! The ACLU is NEVER WRONG! They are fighting for good and helping keep our civil liberties in tact–

Name one civil liberty Trump is taking away.

Umm well–

Obama expanded the NSA, you know that?

And the ACLU was against that–

but did the ACLU blame Obama or blame the NSA? Yet they are spreading around this anti-Trump narrative blaming him for everything even things that aren’t really a problem like “LGBT oppression”. The US is a very tolerant country.

You want you fight against LGBT oppression? Go to Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran hell even go to Mexico where LGBT are actually murdered by the hundreds.

Quickly take a look at some ACLU dishonesty:lies.png

So I thought wow, that’s crazy, some states are criminalizing having HIV? Where is that happening? So I clicked the link and that took me here:


So here it wasn’t an LGBT person, but just a “person of color”, I really hate that phrase it’s no better than saying “colored folk”. Willie Campbell was sentenced to 35 years in prison for spitting on a police officer and since he was HIV positive his spit was considered a deadly weapon by the jury.

I thought wow, that sounds kinda bad, but I wanted even more details. So I clicked on that to find more details. Took me here: ACLUlies11.png

Sure scientists say HIV can’t be spread through saliva, but this man made his intent clear that he wanted to harmfully spread his HIV. He was unhinged and maniacal.

If I walk up to a police officer and with harmful threatening intent throw a bottle of green liquid in a face from a bottle marked poison. Even if its just green kool-aid at that point it doesn’t matter if it was poison or not, the violent threat should be clearly obvious.

This man had already been convicted of attacking two other police officers in the same way, and he was found biting two other inmates while in jail trying to further spread his HIV. He was also convicted in more than 24 other cases!

So he was indicted under a “habitual-offender” statute that made his sentence a mandatory 25 years, meaning he was only sentenced to an additional 10 years behind bars for his assault on the police officer.

This is the case organizations like the ACLU use to justify claims of LGBT oppression? Simply ridiculous. Stop resisting and start integrating, how about that? The ACLU cares more about serial criminals and those that choose to live extreme alternative lifestyles and cant handle the criticism that comes with it.

The ACLU doesn’t care about the average person and they don’t seem to give a damn about Conservatives.

*CaliLiberal scoffs and walks away*

Now. There actually was just a few photos taken at the pride rally in Canada that I thought were awesome:

These few people who actually spoke up about the real enemy, Islamism, very brave. I am sure they incurred some hate because of this, because VERY FEW people at these pride rallies are flying these types of signs that called out Islam.

So is the Pride Rally a hate group? Well they all certainly seem to hate Conservatives, the GOP, and especially Donald Trump. Make no mistake they will pretend they “Love Trumps Hate” but unfortunately we have all seen what that looks like, I reject that twisted form of “love”.

The Pride movement, the LGBTQ+ movement is just another arm of the Democratic party now.478907716.jpg

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