Healthcare Wars: Revenge of Trumpcare.

CaliConservative! You and your evil GOP are about to kill 23 million people if you try to repeal Obamacare and replace it with Trumpcare!! Trumpcare will kill veterans! Trumpcare will kill kids! YOU MANIAC!Obamacare-Trainwreck-10-2013.png

Whoa stop triggering out CaliLib! Trumpcare isn’t the worst thing ever, I admit it’s not perfect–

NOT PERFECT?! It’s a monstrosity that will kill billions of people! That in combination with Trump leaving the Paris Climate Accords I cant believe the world hasn’t ended yet! Though in many ways, it did after the election.

Wow. The entire Democratic party deserves ever single acting award and accolade available, there are no better actors in the world than Democrats, especially when it comes to playing the victim.

Obamacare has RUINED our healthcare system and made it harder for many people to get health insurance. Especially if you are a working class citizen, it’s insanely expensive to pay for healthcare right now.

SO!? You think I give a damn about working class citizens? Especially racist white people?! They deserve to pay for the health insurance of all poor people and feed them! g

It always has to be about race with you. The working class, all members of the working class, are the ones that suffer the most under Obamacare. We are the ones that get taxed the most and ask for the least in return.

Health insurance is harder to get for people to earn a modest income. I will never forget that woman at the Bernie Sanders vs Ted Cruz debate. 130712-obamacare-fix-cartoon-.jpg

The woman who said she owned a business that was only able to hire 49 employees because if she hired one more employee she’d be forced to pay for the healthcare of all of her employees, possibly resulting in her bankruptcy.

She looked Bernie Sanders straight in the eye and said she herself did not have health insurance and if she forced to pay for the healthcare of all of her employees, it would bankrupt her and everyone would lose their

Bernie looked her right back and said something to the effect of ‘you know what, I’m afraid to tell you, but I think you will have to provide health care’…heartless.


No. That was totally unacceptable. Bernie Sanders doesn’t care about people that actually employ people and make it possible for people to have comfortable lives at the expense of their own.

The 1% aren’t the only ones feeling the effect of Obamacare, it’s the average business owner and employee that ultimately takes the hit for these types of social programs. I remember I had a job at McDonalds before Obamacare kicked in.

I was working 45+ hours a week, yes overtime and lots of work per week. The day that Obamacare took effect my hours were cut to less than 30 per week with strict restrictions on overtime.

An evil mega-corporation like McDonalds should be forced to pay for their employees health insurance!

This McDonalds was a franchise owned by a local businessman who drove a normal car and dressed like a pretty normal guy who knew his way around the kitchen. He wasn’t some mega-billionaire CEO like the Left pretends are the ones paying.

Well so what? Like I give a damn about people like you and that horrible business owner. I am concerned about people with pre-existing conditions

My aunt, who has suffered from terrible epilepsy, suddenly had to travel several cities away for healthcare at a much less sophisticated hospital than she went to before Obamacare.

Besides Trumpcare keeps in place the restriction on insurance companies denying coverage to those with a preexisting condition. Trumpcare even keeps “young people” 26 and under on their parent’s health insurance. Which I am against because I think the age is far too high and keeps young people from properly maturing.

There is pretty much no reason Liberals should be against this bill since it still keeps the overall structure of Obamacare in place.

But Trump wants to defund Planned Parenthood!

GOOD! About damn time! Planned Parenthood seems to have enough money to donate $1 million dollars to the failed campaign of Jon Ossof, but they still need federal funds? How about all these rich elitist celebs that say that support Planned Parenthood pay for it?

But even still, the corrupt GOPe might take out the defunding of Planned Parenthood at the last minute to pass the bill.

Trump promised not to cut medicaid–

and it won’t be cut until a few years from now. Which I think the whole system is so corrupt it should have been cut years ago, not years from now.


The worst part about the bill is it doesn’t go far enough. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and others have already shown they are against the bill. I think it’s an incremental step in the right direction, and gives many concessions to you Liberals.

NO! You will see CaliConservative! The blood of 23 million Americans is on your hands. Thousands will die because of what Trump is doing! You will see, don’t be surprised if you have more shootings like the one in Alexandria from brave people standing up to the evil GOP!

You guys are the ones killing people! Worry more about your radical extremism than of someone potentially losing government sponsored healthcare.

*CaliLiberal scoffs and walks away*


Blatant lies, borderline propaganda, by Ted Lieu. His argument lies solely on a study that said 1 in 10 veterans rely on medicaid. Without mentioning medicaid cuts wouldn’t be for years, giving the VA time to reform and use budget increases to better take care of veterans. Don’t worry vets, Trump got your back. Count on it.

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