John Oliver LastWeekTonight LIES Ep. 16

Season 4, Episode 16 of LastWeekTonight with John Oliver. Here we are ladies, gentlemen and Liberals. How quickly the time has passed is amazing, and the number of lies, factual inconsistencies, spin and outright slander coming from John Oliver is astonishing.

Lets just dive right into it, because I just saw what was perhaps John Oliver’s lowest point. Which is saying a lot because pretty much no show gets lower than LastWeekTonight. This show is like toxic dirty brown water trash, its sickening and repulsive most of the time.

To me the biggest news of this week should be the shooting of Steve Scalise, the GOP Congressman who was ambushed at a baseball practice for an upcoming Congressional baseball game.

This brutal and violent attack was the ultimate sign of the growing radical extremism on the Left. It was a terrorist attack plain and simple, by the very definition of the word. Violence used for political motives.


Of course the guy was a Bernie supporter, a Maddow fan, and surprise surprise, he was a fan of yours John Oliver. I think you should address that. Let your audience know you denounce the violence that you have inspired with your constant vicious anti-GOP rhetoric.

So it was a mere :44 seconds into his show when John Oliver reached what I consider his lowest point ever. 1.png

He does talk about the shooting….for a mere 2 seconds. Simply saying, in a very hurriedly voice, “GOP Congressional staffers were shot at by an idiot”. Without skipping a beat he skips completely passed the shooting.

And that is it. Literally all the time he dedicated to talking about Steve Scalise being shot by a fan of his, 2 seconds. Hell he doesn’t even mention the name Steve Scalise! Why not dedicate a segment to this? I can guarantee you from watching this show so damn often, that if a Liberal politician had been shot, this would have been the episode”BreitbartJohnCuck.jpg

Instead John Oliver totally brushes past the attack, doesn’t mention any type of regards for Steve Scalise, and instead pushes on to talk about Bill Cosby…..John Oliver, you are a sorry disgusting exucse for a human being. Despite our political differences, I do not support political violence, John Oliver seems to be indifferent towards it, especially if Republicans are the ones being hurt.


Instead John oliver wants to attack the GOP. Still fanning the flames of extremism. Look at that disgusting graphic! A skull in our elephant with the stars from our flag inside of it?! When a Liberal GOP hating terrorist just critically wounded a man, you are still going to proceed to rile up your feral base?

This confirms it. Liberals, Progressives, and most Democrats are trying to inspire more violent acts like the one in Alexandria. By convincing them that the GOP wants to kill them. Just look at the hate he inspires in his rabid audience:1234

Now look at this group that the Alexandria shooter was a part of on Facebook.


“I hate Republicans”. The side that pretends it is standing up to hate, is viciously spreading hate that is boiling over to extremism against the Right. They masquerade as tolerant while hitting you in the head with a bike lock for supposedly being hateful.

That is why John Oliver want’s to talk about the AHCA, because he only cares about pushing an anti-GOP narrative. Not a real peace, unity, or anti-hate narrative. John Oliver promotes hate and violence with his constant lies, and taking comments out of context to whip his supporters into an anti-Right frenzy. To the point they go and shoot up baseball games.


Getting back to the AHCA. John Oliver says “Not one State favors” the AHCA. His source for this piece of “news”? The New York Times…So I went ahead and found that article.


Immediately, one sentence jumped out at me:


So they admit. “Very few state polls have been conducted” yet they still thought it was a good idea to put out that vicious headline? That “not one state supports” the AHCA while admitting very few polls on the subject have even been done? The dishonesty by The New York Times and John Oliver is shocking.

Even though “very few state polls have been conducted” the New York Times didn’t hesitate to make the following graphic:214.png

Look at all the gray spots! They honestly dont have the data to make outrageous claims like they are making. This facts and figures are completely distorted, and in the most case totally made up. Remember the New York Times are the ones that ran the following timeless gem which makes me very skeptical of anything I read on there:7trB0ywJC7IgoRwxn3EWqUyv96tlixO8oomOzPZw56I.jpg

No one should be listening to this garbage. It’s sad Liberals are unable to do their own research and make up their own minds. They must be told what to think and feel about everything, they can be convinced of things that are completely made up. Then when the lie is exposed, they get mad at the Right rather than the Lib media that lied to their faces.

So Oliver just had to go back to the AHCA well yet again, played out. We all know the AHCA is flawed, but whats a thousand times worse than the AHCA is the political violence the Left is using against the Right.


So moving on, John Oliver wants to talk about his main topic of the evening. Coal. Yes Coal is apparently more important to talk about than political assassination attempts. I can already presume John Oliver will also use his coal bit pretty much to attack Trump as well.

Yep, John Oliver even admits the reason he is talking about coal is because the President has been talking about coal. Admitting he is basing his entire show off of what Trump “says”. So nevermind things that are happening, events and news. No, John Oliver is dedicating himself to going after anything Trump is talking about, despite this:v.png

John says “we have been hearing a lot about coal this past year”…Your show is called “LAST WEEK tonight” and when the events of the week don’t favor your hateful narrative, you will dig up some other story that does. Despicable.


Going back to 2016 to avoid talking about this week in 2017. Total damage control mode, trying to talk about ANYTHING to distract from the violence coming from the radical Left.


He shows EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s claim that “since 4th quarter of last year, 50,000 jobs added in the coal sector in the month of may alone 7,000 jobs[added]” then John Oliver says “The only problem there is, the numbers are complete bullsh*t”.

This is why I say this show is not a comedy show. Oliver has these long drawn out segments where he spins the truth in the most dishonest way and proceeds to make some insane metaphor before you can think twice about the supposed “fact” he just hit you with.


To quote you John Oliver I will say “the only problem there is the numbers are complete bullsh*t”. Well not Politifacts numbers entirely, but John Olivers careful selection of that sentence you see there “the actual increase in coal jobs since the end of last year was 1,300”

You can immediately see he is using the middle of sentence of a lengthy article to justify his argument. How do I know the article was lengthy? Well I went and found that article and read it. yyy.png

Their argument is essentially strictly relying on the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting a low number of coal sector jobs, but the Politifact article admits the definition being used by the BLS is laughable. yyyyy.png

In another article, written by Politifact when trying to calculate the number of jobs added in the coal sector: yy.png

Using totally skewed numbers however doesn’t stop John Oliver from saying ‘Scott Pruitt is 47,000 jobs off and for the Trump administration that’s surprisingly accurate’ not at all taking the time to explain to his audience how a 50,000 increase in coal sector jobs when taking into account ALL the people that work in the industry, not just the miners, is entirely possible.


Politico even admits the difference by comparing state numbers to federal numbers. Look at West Virginia, the state says it has 48,000 employees in the coal sector, but the federal government reports only 12,000.

John Oliver is not interested in educating his audience, in fact it’s better for him if they stay in the dark and clueless about everything. Some of his fans literally look to him for ALL of their news. Scary!


Despicable. Places like West Virginia and Kentucky need their coal and cant so easily switch over to solar power like a place like California can. u.png

According to the National Climatic Data Center, some cities in West Virginia have less than 100 days a year with clear sunny skies. Increased coal regulations under the Obama administration, that may not hurt places like California, ultimately hurt places like West Virginia, Kentucky and others, we need to deregulate and make energy cheaper for everyone.

But does John Oliver preach this? No. He dedicates the entire segment to bashing the coal industry and Trump and just generally spreading demoralization. It’s no wonder the Liberals turn to extremism.

When all of your media is making things seem utterly hopeless, desperation is bound to set in, desperation always leads to extremism. The extremism will come from “non-violent” movements. The “Resist” movement, of which John Oliver is an obvious part of, is hell bent on doing whatever is necessary to disrupt.

John Oliver sows the seeds of extremism, then when one of his supporters snaps, he totally avoids taking any type of responsibility. I despise Bernie Sanders, but at least Bernie somewhat acknowledged that Hodgkinson volunteered on his campaign and denounced the violence and thanked the police.



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