Liberal Extremism in the New Civil War.

Full prayers for brave patriot Steve Scalise for a full recovery. He is a casualty in the Lefts ongoing war against the Right.

Warning, Graphic Language. When covering the topic of Liberal extremism(or Liberal anything for that matter) it’s hard not to reach new levels of profane and vulgar, but since you are most likely a Conservative reading this blog, you probably wont be triggered anyway, but rather pissed off. So be forewarned, extreme Libtardation lies ahead.

A salvo in the New Civil War war has been fired, but the shooting in Alexandria, actually my apologies, I mean the Liberal terrorist attack in Alexandria was not the first clash in this New Civil War, or the Civil War 2.0.

A few months ago I wrote an article titled The Left Declares War. It was one of the first articles I wrote on my then infant blog. It was about the riot that occurred at UC Berkeley(which of the dozens of riots? ammirite?) 160326-world-iraq-baghdad-730a-jpg-0725_99c514ab8c6d3fa3449ed589ba28e55e.jpg

Liberals, Progressives and all manner of vile disgusting Leftists descended on the campus to prevent the speech of Milo Yiannopolous. Why did I title the article “The Left Declares War”? Because they literally held up a sign that said “This Is War”.

Now, ask a lot of Liberals online and they might tell you that they denounce these types of terrorist attacks, but of course only when you confront them about it and after trying to pass the blame onto the Right first. The Leftists that are very vocally denouncing the terrorism attacks are focusing on more on gun control than of Liberal Extremism.Twits.png

Liberal Extremism, I assure you is on not just on the rise, but already here and will continue to get worse, much much worse. Liberals were absolutely giddy on the inside about this attack, make NO mistake about this. This is exactly what the mainstream media has been driving towards. Very few Democrats are actually thinking hard about the rampant and obvious extremism on their side right now, perhaps in their blind hatred of Trump.untitled_30.jpg

Plenty of Dems in fact are saying the violence is a long time coming. That the Republicans have somehow been bullying the poor Democratic Party. Never mind that the Democratic Party and it’s KKK lynched all manner of their hated enemy of the Republicans for damn near a century.

Now in the modern day the Democrats use their mainstream media minions to launch multiple attacks on several fronts in the information war against the Right. The new tactic is to spread vicious anti-Trump and anti-GOP lies in an attempt to galvanize their defeated and exhausted soldiers, triggering violence.

The Left lost so much from the moment Obama stepped into office, and culminating in the most humiliating defeat ever when Donald Trump, the man they assured their base would never set foot in the office, won the presidency outright. This has left the Left completely depleted, shedding off followers every day.

The defeat of the Left is inevitable, but the question is, do they go out with a whimper or with a bang?untitled_30.jpg

To the Right, this completely vindicated our position that the Left is built on a pile of lies and doomed to fail under it’s own failed promises. The Left truly is the wing of “if you repeat a lie often enough and loud enough people will start to believe it”. They created an obvious myth that Hillary Clinton was a guaranteed win over Trump.

They were so convincing of their narrative that I think even a lot of Trump supporters were a little worried, I know I was very worried. I had a small stockpile of precious metals just in case Trump lost and the economy went to hell.

Even though I fully expected him to win, I was also fully prepared for him to lose and I would accept his defeat if the American people chose Hillary. Thankfully, we chose Trump. The Left however, was not ready to accept this outcome in any type of humble manner.arizona.jpg

No. Hell no in fact they went fully berserk and started shouting wild claims of Russian intervention. Like losing a coin toss and claiming “interference” because it hit a table or blaming you for flipping the coin onto your hand.

So in comes the Russia excuse, which the DNC had already been using since they lost control of their email system. They decided hey why the hell not use it as a reason as to why they lost the election? Rather than admit they lied that Hillary was a guaranteed favorite.




We hoped the election of Donald Trump would be a peaceful solution to rebuffing the Left. I knew they would protest his election, but to this degree? I never could have imagined this level of hate on the Left.

The Right wing has decided more and more to start defending itself. This will trigger a reactionary response from the Left. The situation will escalate, make no mistake about it, the Left has fired the first shot, but the Right will fire the last.

Black Lives Matters riots, the disgusting Occupy Wall Street Movement(that was more about selfishness than it was about reform) riots in Oakland and LA after Zimmerman was acquitted in the Trayvon Martin case.

Liberals rioting Ferguson, in Baltimore, San Jose, Milwaukee, North Carolina, Portland and Washington DC, attacking and assaulting Trump supporters. When the Feral Left shut down the Trump rally in Chicago. The police murdered in Dallas by BLM fanatics.

All of those instances, and others, the Right pretty much stood down. No “roving death squads”, no roving squads of any kind. So the Left has become emboldened.

Check this out, I recently went a little deep into a Liberal echo chamber known as “DemocratUnderground”. I am sure some of you may have heard of it by now. Some of the roots of where the extremism is coming from starts to show.

These Liberal echo chambers, like the OccupyDemocrats facebook page, or this forum known as Democrat Underground are breeding grounds for Liberal extremists.DCfr74CXYAAOJys.jpg large.jpg

Now with the vitriolic, hateful hashtag #HuntRepublicans #HuntRepublicanCongressman being spread by the Leftist terrorists, it’s obvious many of them are happy with the recent violence.

The rhetoric of the DNC strategist that started the hashtags, Jim Divine, is echoed in Liberal hotspots on the internet, let’s take a look at one extremist breeding ground.34.pngI am assuming their name is inspired by the Bill Ayers terrorist organization that was known as Weather Undergound Organization. Get this the Weatherman terrorists, originally formed a group known as “Students for a Democratic Society”. Bombings occurred all over the country by these radical Leftists who just wanted a true “Democratic Society”.

To this day Bill Ayers is still adored by the Leftists. Of course the Liberals have learned to keep their extremism a little more in secret now since The Left has learned to keep it’s violent intentions a little more hidden and occult now.

Take a look at this very interesting thread posted recently on DemocraticUnderground:


Basically the post is about a guy named Brian Levin, a writer at the HuffingtonPost, former employee of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Brian was there to cover extremism, the KKK while they were having a rally in Anaheim, CA. When Brian realized something he didn’t expect too find, the KKK actually weren’t the extremists, it was the violent Left that was there to oppose them.

The Left attacked and Brian found himself in the middle of the fray actually defending the KKK, since while he disagreed with their opinions, respected that they were engaging in civil discourse.

The violent Leftists that showed up were only there to cause violence, so naturally, as any level headed American would do, Brian defended the side that was actually engaging in a peaceful rally, even if it was considered “hate speech”, the KKK weren’t actually harming anyone at that rally.

There is a profound lesson in Brian’s encounter. That sometimes the side that thinks it is standing up to racism, injustice, inequality and hate, is actually the side promoting racism, injustice, inequality and hate.

With the recent shooting in Alexandria, Levin has concluded that there is a serious rise in extremism on the Left. So what are some of the responses by Dems on this forum?



This guy actually says “what did they expect”…”you can only push someone so far before they snap!” Only he thinks the GOP is pushing them, but it’s their own media that is radicalizing them.

One of them goes on to accuse Levin of being a right-winger, when as I have stated before, he worked for the SPLC, he is an expert on studying Hate Crimes, works for HuffingtonPost. Levin is no “right-winger” in the slightest.


Bwahaha! Initech says, no Left-Wing extremist groups exist…then two sentences later admits Antifa is a left-wing radical group. He doesn’t mention Black Lives Matter or the numerous radicalized Socialist/Communist groups.













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But remember, there are no “Left-Wing Extremist Groups”. Ok, just move along nothing to see here.


No Tea-Partiers, 3%ers, The Bundy militia, or the crowds at any Trump rally have never rioted violently, have never burned cities. Not only are they unable to take responsibility for the extremism on their side, they are perpetuating even more extremism.


Again, this pattern of extremism is not coming from one mass shooting, this is a continued prolonged, decades long trend of violent riots and extremism from the Left.


This guy, chooses to say yes Antifa is violent, yes it’s destructing and neo-Nazi like, but the difference is the “left denounces violence”, but besides it’s OK because Trump invited Ted Nugent to the White House so that justifies everything they do.

Yet this disgusting forum is more on the side of the attacker than they are on the side of the actual victims of real hate crimes, the GOP, right-wingers and Trump supporters.


One lone voice of reason, who actually describes himself as a centrist, makes a brilliant point. He points out that supposed “non-violent student organizations” like Bill Ayers “Students for Democratic Society” are actually a growing source for extremism that will ultimately hurt the Left more than it helps it by radicalizing the Left. Good point sir, but it falls upon deaf ears, no one replies or agrees with him.

Let’s take a quick second to go back in time a little and see some of the other crazy extremist nonsense going on in this terrorist breeding ground known as “DemocraticUnderground”:


Dec 1, 2016. What Trump secret server? This is the type of fake news pushed by Lib media that leads to the feeling of despair, the despair leads to helplessness which in turn leads to radicalization.


I can’t even comment on this insanity, it’s disgusting, vile, and racist, this is the Left.


and here I thought I voted for Trump because I wanted lower taxes, a better economy, and greater security when in Liberal reality the KGB made me vote for Trump…I used to enjoy a good conspiracy or two, but this is too much.


“It was a coup…it’s time to fight” if that isn’t inciting extremism, than I don’t know what it is.


“and shes right”…..These people are really dumb, and they call Conservatives low IQ?


“Time to fight them. Let’s start planning on how to f**k up the Trump admin before he takes office.”


“Im too stoned right now to read it” Well “NightWatcher” if you had bothered to read the article, you will clearly see it says Trumps profits far outweigh his “Financial Liabilities”.


I sure do hope the FBI is looking into extremist websites like this that are causes of radicalization. Where Liberals can get trapped in echo chambers that only reinforce their already misguided beliefs.

Until Liberal extremist breeding sites like “Democratic Underground” are taken down or exposed, the Liberal Terrorism problem will grow far worse.

Expect things to get worse before they get better the people we are up against have proven they are ready to tear America apart in their hate of Trump. We need to stand our ground, now more than ever.

Stay armed, stay vigilant, stay safe.





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