LastWeekTonight LIES Ep. 15


WOW! 15 episodes! Welcome everyone, as we are celebrating the 15 episode milestone!  I could never have imagined we would make it here, well mostly I couldn’t imagine that I could stand to sit through this much John Oliver, but I did it! With your help of course my brilliant readers, thank you to every single person that has read this series.

15 articles countering the blatant propaganda being spread by John Oliver. He will pretend he is a simple comedian, and yes perhaps you are simple sir, but a comedian you are not.

John Oliver makes millions off of his show, he has an agenda. My blog makes nothing, I do not monetize it with ads even though I have the option. Sure my blog isn’t perfect, and God knows grammar isn’t my strength, nor proper sentence structuring, nor sometimes properly covfefeing thoughts and yes the numerous typos.

I apologize, but damnit it I don’t get paid to do this. I wish I did *hint hint gestures towards ‘donate’ button* but I don’t. I do this entirely for myself and for anyone out there looking for a counter to the disgusting message being pushed on this show.

I do this because people like John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Colbert and others aren’t just “telling jokes” or “making fun of Trump and calling him names” no, they are engaged in a very sinister plot.

They are spreading vicious, mendacious, atrocious, horrendous, slanderous and even salacious lies, rumors, and false narratives.

Even in your other roles John Oliver, you were HORRIBLE. Namely Community, you’re performance as Professor Ian Duncan is abysmal, totally unbelievable and pulls me out of the experience of enjoying an otherwise great show.

You are unfunny John Oliver, but that isn’t to say you have never made me laugh. You have on occasion actually made me laugh with a genuinely clever and creative joke, especially more so a few years ago. Now though? You have lost near all ability to form thoughts that aren’t always “Trump-Russia”.ff.jpg

I have noted in just about every article here that John Oliver constantly talks about, or mentions Trumps name and tries to connect a lot of his “jokes” to Trump. The show has become a political attack dog for the DNC. Well it always was let’s face it, but the show has become a vehicle for assaulting the Trump administration.

John Oliver has a personal vendetta against Trump, because last year John Oliver utterly failed to stop Trump from becoming President, even after dedicating almost an entire episode to assaulting Trump in a segment went viral online with tens of millions of views.

Now as I have stated before I didn’t have any problem with honestly objective criticisms of Donald Trump during his campaign, but John Oliver REFUSED to even speak about Hillary’s very real email scandal. He REFUSED to mention how insane the Bernie Sanders economic policy was.

He couldn’t dedicate not even two minutes to talking about Hillary or Bernie, but constantly attacks Trump. So that is why I go after him so much and I will redouble my efforts in the future, these clowns need to be exposed and stopped. So let’s get into it.


Wow. Not even 60 seconds in, literally, :53 seconds in already attacking the President. Can’t say I didn’t see this coming with the way Comey just made a fool of himself in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.


Comey was a shill for the DNC, he was basically the gatekeeper protecting the Deep State Swamp. The Democratic Party is really scared right now, already reports are trickling in of corrupt Democrats being arrested for various crimes.


So they need to trot out their little British attack dog to do some damage control, and push the Russia Trump narrative even harder, no matter how much it hurts their movement, which is a considerable amount.




I have said it before the Left is basically going kamikazi jihadi durka durka suicide bomber with this Trump Russia conspiracy. They don’t care if it is actually their undoing, which it may very well be, especially with Comey gone and unable to help them. aa.png

He says that Comey was “tricked” into having dinner with the President, but the only thing worse would be dinner with Jared Kushner as well because he’s “creepy”. Really John? You’re calling Jared Kushner creepy? You literally look like a disturbed serial killer.

Anyone that isnt a feral Liberal that watches your show for more than five minutes knows you are deranged, and you, but most likely your overpaid writers, come up with some of the single most insane “metaphors” I have ever heard in my life. One shudders to wonder what horrifying thoughts lie buried in the dark cesspit you call your “imagination”.

James Comey is an obvious liar. John Oliver shows very few select clips from the Comey hearing. The main ones that he needs to push his narrative that the President is a liar, because a confirmed liar James Comey said so. This is beyond pathetic. Oliver COMPLETELY ignored the moment where Marco Rubio absolutely eviscerated comey to shreds.

Also completely glossing over the fact that James Comey admitted to leaking private information to the press, that he had no business leaking in the first place. Anyone trying to defend Comeys actions at this point is totally lost. Comey admitted the President did not order him to do anything, but that he Comey felt like he was being ordered.

What is with Liberals and how they feel about everything, even when all the evidence staring them in the face says otherwise. Trump didn’t order Comey to do anything. Comey admitted he was weak, and John Oliver completely failed to mention the revelation that Loretta Lynch was in fact the one to pressure Comey into downplaying the Hillary investigation. niy.png

OK so moving on to John Olivers two main points of the night, damn nice move Oliver, he is deciding to talk about the UK election and Brexit. He really strayed into unexpected territory here. Probably because he is utterly giddy about the Liberals winning something, somewhere, anywhere, he will focus on it.

Of course we can assume Oliver is a Corbyn fan, since they are both Feral Liberals, which explains why he is so smarmy and happy about this segment, the sky isn’t falling over Britain anymore since the Conservatives took a hit.

Now I actually don’t know that much about European politics, probably because Europe is a socialist cesspit that is crumbling under it’s own twisted form of “tolerance”, so I will keep this very short and sweet.

John Oliver thinks it’s absolutely great that a troll named “Lord Buckethead” actually had a pretty strong showing in the election there. buckethead.jpg

A complete troll, with a damn bucket on his head, making a total mockery of British politics. This guy is completely 100% endorsed, praised and personally flown to New York by John Oliver because he is taking on the Conservative candidate.

Trump ran for President of the United States with real solid plans to lower taxes, end NAFTA, end TPP, greater border security, greater domestic security, increased economic prosperity and John Oliver attacks him every single night because Trump dares to take on the Progressive Establishment. AKA: the people that pay John Oliver.

Let that sink in.

If this isn’t proof of who John Oliver actually serves, well then you probably think Hillary won the election.

Thank you for reading and until next week, stay safe.

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