Paris Climate Accord Gets Trumped.

President Trump has done it! He has held up his promise to put America first! I honestly was not 100% sure if he was capable of something like this, but man do I love it when Trump proves me wrong! “I cannot, in good conscience, support a deal that punishes the United States” WOW!


Why does that seem so revolutionary now? Why is anyone mad that Donald Trump is getting USA out of insane agreements that are detrimental to our economy and way of life? It seems like common sense to be but the Liberals are going full berserk mode over this one.


*CaliLiberal suddenly bursts in and drops to his knees sobbing, his disheveled green hair looks terrible, the stench of alcohol, marijuana and socialism wafted into the room*

NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOO! How dare Untitledyou Trump!? He will destroy the planet with this move. Climate Change is real and it’s the greatest threat to our civilization.

If the Commander-In-Cheeto thinks he can pull out of the Paris Climate Accords without getting impeached he better think twice about this. Climate Change is the single greatest threat we face! Well other than racist right-winger Conservatives of course!

WHYYY?! This is the worst thing that has ever happened in my life time! The Orange will not survive this one! We can impeach him now and get Obama back in there to fix this catastrophe!

Calm down CaliLiberal you are being hysterical. At this point the Democrats have become the party that cried impeachment, racism and climate-change. No one is listening anymore, outside of a few rabid fanatics at CNN, WashingtonPost, New York Times and MSNBC.

The Paris Climate Accords was nothing more than a slush fund. It does absolutely NOTHING to protect the environment. Even a top climate-change scientist said the Paris Climate Agreement does nothing for Climate Change, it’s simply a waste of money.


The Paris Climate Accords is a scam, it is designed to redistribute wealth into a fund that was not authorized by congress while simultaneously handicapping our economy. This agreement is viciously anti-American in every single respect. It limits our ability to compete economically.

We will be unable to build coal plants, but China will be completely unrestricted in it’s ability to build new coal plants. America would lose thousands of jobs under this commitment, it doesn’t help the average American citizen. America would have seen losses in just about every manufacturing sector. bg-paris-consequences-charts-2-600.jpg

LIES! The Paris Climate Accords was the ONLY way to stop global warming–I mean Climate Change! C02 emissions are at the highest level they have ever been and we are experiencing a greenhouse effect! 2016 was the hottest year on record!GW-Summit-600-LI.jpg

Oh please, it seems like every single year has been the “hottest year on record”. It’s always bound to be the “hottest day on record”, when Humans have only been accurately charting temperatures for 160 years or so.


Plus the tools to chart temperature are becoming more precise and accurate so we have more data now. That data has to be interpreted by someone, it isn’t very hard to alter the data, especially if a few million dollars will find their way into your pocket if you tow the line. 00.png

The Paris Climate Accord is a DISASTER for America, on par with NAFTA. Trump came in day 1 and killed the demonic trade deal that was known as TPP. The Liberals pretended to be against it, but were silent when Trump squashed it. Now he has gotten us out of the Paris Accords, completely reaffirming his commitment to put America first and Libs are going ballistic.

The Paris Accord is a “deal” that helps other countries get rich, at our expense. It is designed to send our manufacturing to other countries. The climate ALWAYS changes. Sorry that I don’t think we should dismantle the economy and downgrade our entire

We don’t want dirty factories and toxic coal plants poisoning everything. The Paris Agreement was going to help us move towards clean energy! If Trump wants China to take the lead on fighting Climate Change than good.

Let a real country and a really good government like China do this. They are smart enough to have leaders that don’t listen to dumb Conservatives like you CaliConservative. 55.png

Haha, you love your communist totalitarian governments don’t you CaliLiberal? You Liberal-Progressives are not only stopping us from using tried and proven energy sources, fossil fuels that are still great, cheap and effective main energy sources, but you basically want environmental fascist-dictatorships, that completely overrides the sovereignty of the United States of America.


You want an overbearing global bureaucracy to prevent new energy from being produced. Having a cheap abundant energy source, like coal and oil, really helps bring affordable electricity into even the poorest homes. Opening up the restrictions on the energy sector will lead to new advances in energy production.67ee8f45ffbe6a734c8cac02ef062d79.jpg

So it was a very good thing Trump got us out of this agreement and that he is putting America first just like he promised. I am not running to be President of the world, I am running to be President of the United States he promised, and he kept that promise. You will see that CaliLiberal, eventually I hope.

Thankfully Governor Jerry Brown has already said he will not listen to Trump and will follow the Paris Climate Accords regardless of what the commander-in-cheeto Drumpf thinks! Jerry Brown is a real patriot.4.jpg


Jerry Brown is a traitor! No State should be making alliances above the offices of the Federal Government. California is fastly becoming a rogue state, and people don’t realize we can’t survive without the support of the rest of the Union. They would all boycott California, and it would be hard to trade with anyone.

Californias commitment to the Union is much more important than the Paris Climate Accords. If Brown thinks it’s a good idea to recognize some global unaccounted bureaucracy than he is headed for disaster in the next election. The Democrats have proven to be the Anti-American party, and they will be voted out! We will Make Cali Great Again. You will see.

*CaliLiberal scoffs and storms out*

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