Russia Derangement Syndrome.

Do you suffer from frequent delusions of conspiratorial grandeur? Do you often wake up in cold sweats after having night terrors of Vladimir Putin hacking elections? Do you frantically check your social media and the WashingtonPost homepage for literally any updates on the Trump-Russia conspiracy?

Do you often sit and wonder if you and your family will be shipped off to a Russian gulag? Perhaps you liked Russia when it was the bastion of communism, the Soviet Union, but despise Russia now that Putin is in charge?

Do you frequently complain that Donald Trump is an illegitimate President that only defeated Hillary because of help from Russia? Are you finding yourself incoherently muttering the name “Kushner” or “Flynn” quietly to yourself?

If you or someone you know is suffering from any of these symptoms. You may suffering from “Russia Derangement Syndrome”, but don’t be alarmed. RDS is being studied by top scientists at Kek Medicine of USC. Clinical studies have shown that RDS is a completely preventable and curable disease.


What makes Russia Derangement Syndrome so unique is the fact that it is the first syndrome ever discovered where the patient voluntarily contracts the disease. Not only does the patient voluntarily contract RDS, but they continue to harbor, nurture, and feed the vicious syndrome as well.

You most likely decided to contract Russia Derangement Syndrome after you came into contact with what is known at Kek Medicine as “Mendacious Propaganda”, most commonly referred to on the street as the “Liberal Media”.

It’s no secret that this blog recommends you steer clear of any Liberal Media hot zones without adequate protection.


The clinical studies have shown that wandering into Liberal Media hot zones without protection is one of the main factors in patients deciding to start having Russia Derangement Syndrome.

In one particular study we took ten patients that were completely uninterested in politics and sat them in front of a computer logged onto the “Occupy Democrats” Facebook page.

After four hours, 12 out of the original 10 subjects had contracted Russia Derangement Syndrome, because two custodians that attempted to clean the room during the study had also contracted RDS.

In another study we took 20 subjects and sat them in front of a television screen with a non-stop feed of CNN. We planned to keep them there for at least 8 hours, but by just two and a half hours every subject in the room was struck with a severe case of Russia Derangement Syndrome.

Our last study was to be conducted on 50 subjects. We planned to put them in front of computers that could only access the New York Times, the WashingtonPost and BuzzfeedNews websites. We were going to have them cycle through the sites in shifts of two hours each site, but unfortunately the UN filed a Human Rights abuse claim on the study which we completely agreed with.

In fact, I was the one that filed the complaint on my own study under Article 5 of the international anti-torture laws after one patient contracted a hysterical case of RDS while simply thinking about the study.

If you compare Liberal Media hot-spots creating Russia Derangement Syndrome to radiation exposure creating sickness, than BuzzfeedNews and the WashingtonPost are like the Chernobyl of hot-spots.

Like I have said before, the great news is that Russia Derangement Syndrome is a completely curable and preventable disease. Inside of every single human exists the ability to combat this vicious syndrome. By simply accessing what is known in Latin as your “Logicus et Common Sensicus”, otherwise known in English as your “Logic and Common Sense”.

You can easily dismiss your Russia Derangement Syndrome in an instant after accessing common sense and logic or CS&L. However, not all of us are capable of accessing our CS&L so easily.

The particularly vulnerable groups to are Liberals, Progressives, Leftists, Social Justice Warriors, Democrats, Antifa Members, Black Lives Matters activists, feminists, socialists, communists, Hollywood Actors and especially those already suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

In fact, for some they have chosen to allow their Russia Derangement Syndrome to infect every fiber of their being. For most of those people little hope exists of curing them of RDS. However that should not discourage us from trying to save as many minds as possible.

We have talked about accessing your Common Sense and Logic to help combat the spread of Russia Derangement Syndrome, but what does it mean exactly? Well, it means that we must see that Russia Derangement Syndrome is being spread by a small group of people.

There are a few people out there that actually benefit from the Russia Derangement Syndrome. A lot of high-level Democrats, but also the Liberal Media that is the main progenitor of RDS. These people had gone completely off the rails during the 2016 Presidential Election.

They essentially guaranteed everyone that Hillary Clinton was going to be a definite winner. Then in July of 2016, an organization known as Wikileaks began to publish a trove of emails that were said to have originated from the Democratic National Committees email servers.


Almost immediately, Hillary Clinton and the DNC blamed Russia for the hacking. Thus Russia Derangement Syndrome seriously began to spike. It had already slightly been around since Obama’s tiff with Vladimir Putin over the Crimea where Putin made Obama look like a total joke. Than Putin decided to cuck Obama in Syria and took the lead, but it wasn’t until the #DNCleaks that the DNC really declared war on Russia.

Russia Derangement Syndrome began to steadily grow and grow from there. With small events like Trump putting out a plea to Russia to release any of Hillary’s emails they may have possessed, continually throwing the RDS victims into a fit. Yet still the main supporters of the Russia involvement theory were the Democrats themselves, GOP said most likely it was an insider, but they used their Liberal media to assure everyone not to worry anyway.


Than, a massive event happened that would prove the catalyst to launch RDS into the minds of millions of Americans. Trump won the election.


The Liberal media went hysterical, ballistic, they went insane. Near literally insane. Russia Derangement Syndrome began to spread at a rate never seen before in it’s less than a year of existing. Rather than admit it rigged polls and created a false public perception, they decided it would be easier to spread Russia Derangement Syndrome.

Indeed they were even emboldened when General Flynn was sacked from the Trump administration for allegedly undisclosed ties to Russia. This really got them fired up, but they pushed too hard and tried to go after Jeff Sessions. That turned out to be a major failure and they needed a new angle to push the Russia Derangement.

So they found a new target, Jared Kushner. Now, for all intents and purposes, Jared Kushner should be an ally of the Democrats. He is a lifelong Democrat, Liberal from New York, but because he works for Trump the Liberal Media has decided to label him enemy number 2.

Since Trump has proved impervious to the attacks from the Liberal Media, especially concerning Russia. Trump always finds a way to shut down their criticisms *cough cough* Syria tomahawk strike *cough cough*. So they are going after the Kush man.

Now, I actually don’t harbor any qualms about Kushner. I think he seems like a generally nice guy, very devout to his religion, and I get the vibe of a brilliant strategist, but Kushner has business ties in Russia. Since Liberals are both anti-business and anti-Russia at the moment, Kushner finds himself in the crosshairs.

Despite being a Democrat, and they should view him as having some type of voice in the Trump cabinet. They should also be commending Trump for having diversity of opinion in his staff, but that isn’t enough. The latest source of Russia Derangement Syndrome comes from none other than the WashingtonPost accusing Kushner of trying to set up a private line directly to the Kremlin.


However the WashingtonPost doesn’t mention that The White House has had a private line to Moscow for over 54 years. What’s next? Are they going to accuse Kushner of setting up a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty with the Soviet Union?

So you see, with just the smallest bit of Logic and Common Sense, any person willing and able can overcome Russia Derangement Syndrome. We must do what we can to discourage the spread of this vicious plague. Along with Political Correctness Affliction, Russia Derangement Syndrome threaten to tear our very country apart.

We must push back against this, we must defend and support our President as he takes on these vicious Democrats that will stop at nothing to usurp the Oval Office from Trump. If that means war with Russia for them, so be it, they see it as necessary. Russia is not our enemy, they can be a very valuable ally in the future.

I for one think that America can lift the sanctions Obama placed on Russia. They are stupid and very ineffective and will only hurt America in the long term. The sanctions that were supposed to hurt Russia are creating a more self-sufficient, stronger and independent Russia. I think the Crimea is theirs just by the amount of blood they shed in WW2. zcxvc.png

So don’t allow the Liberal Progressives to damage foreign relations with vile dangerous conspiracies. I love a good conspiracy, there is some truth to the 9/11 conspiracies, Sandy Hook and others, but the Russia-Trump conspiracy has absolutely no validity and hurts our relations with Russia.

Don’t let the Liberal Progressives keep spreading this very dangerous conspiracy, stand up, be heard, and fight like hell. God Bless America.

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