Seth Rich, Sean Hannity and Kim Dotcom.

*CaliLiberal is sitting down under a tree with his legs crossed reading a newspaper, CaliConservative sees him and approaches*

Hey CaliLib. Whatchya reading there? Ewww is that the Washington Compost?? I don’t know how you can stand to read that garbage.

Real fans call it “The Post”, and I wouldn’t want to read it either if I was an ignorant racist wingnut Trump supporter like you. The Post is brave enough to stand up to Trump and you deplorables.

Well what are they complaining about now anyway? Probably about how much privilege White people have and that is why minorities can’t advance anywhere, except of course without the help of White Liberals.

Or maybe they are pushing more unsubstantiated nonsense concerning Russia-Trump conspiracies. Let me guess, the reports were confirmed by Buzzfeed “news”?!

*CaliConservative laughs heartily. CaliLiberal rolls his eyes and cracks a wicked half-smile*

Very funny…that was in yesterdays paper. Today they are running an opinion written by Seth Rich’s parents. Actually concerning the unsubstantiated nonsense conspiracies being pushed by right-wingers like you and that evil Hannity.

What?! That makes absolutely no sense. I literally just watched a video of them thanking people for continuing to chase leads and question the suspicious, untimely and unsolved death of their son, Seth Rich.

*CaliCon snatches the newspaper from CaliLib. He begins reading the article by Mary and Joel Rich*1.png

Hmm they have a problem with Conservatives suggesting the DNC could be behind his death, but not at all mad that the WashingtonPost is making tons of ad revenue on this opinion supposedly written by them? This article smells worse than what I imagine a lib feminist that doesn’t wear deodorant would smell like after a 4-hour march for “science”.

Oh CaliConservative, just face the real facts. You wingnuts are pushing the Seth Rich conspiracies that try to paint the Democrats in a negative light and it is hurting the poor Rich family.

That his parents took the time to write the most carefully crafted letter of all time and made sure to make anyone connecting his death to the DNC feel like the terribly conservative trash that they are.

What was up with them singling out Conservatives? When the #DNCLeaks were breaking in July of 2016 many Bernie supporters were supporting Wikileaks and using it against Hillary.

I would honestly think that you CaliLiberal would be far more concerned with who actually killed Seth Rich for two reasons. The first and most important reason, he was one of your side.

The second reason is that if you can prove that Seth Rich was just the unfortunate victim of a suspiciously timed botched robbery and the murderer had no connections to the political world, it would end the questions once and for all.

How little the Left cares to find out who killed Seth Rich is very upsetting and I am very sad that his parents have given in to the pressure from the Left to disavow anyone attempting to connect the DNC to this murder.

You have absolutely no evidence to say the DNC murdered Seth Rich it was most likely a botched robbery! Stop politicizing his murder.

No criminal in the history of ever would pass up an easy robbery after shooting a man several times. Do you truly believe a person with a gun that had every intention of robbing you would run away with nothing after shooting you? He left Seth with his wallet, phone and watch.

And the timing of all this is the single most suspicious part, Seth was murdered about two weeks before the first batch of DNC emails leaked. Perhaps once Assange saw they had taken out Seth he knew he had no choice but to publish whatever materiel he could.

Seth had been promoted directly into the Hillary campaign shortly before his death. So I consider his promotion to be like the “kiss of death”. A sort of way of Hillary making herself seem like the last possible suspect.

They had probably found out that Seth Rich was working with Assange to expose the DNC.

BULLCRAP! Stop it CaliCon! Stop it right now seriously I am getting very triggered at all of this! You know damn well Seth Rich was only working on some analytical data to help people register to vote.

He didn’t have access to those emails, he wasn’t in contact with Wikileaks. We know Russia hacked the DNC it wasn’t Seth Rich! Why would someone inside the DNC do this? Only a right-wing neo-nazi fascist like Putin or a Trump supporter would try and hurt the beloved DNC.

Seth Rich was a brilliant man. Everyone that he ever worked with had nothing but high praise for him. He wasn’t simply working on analytical data, he was actively developing computer programs and other software for the DNC.

He really knew what he was doing when it came to computers and software security and vulnerabilities. It is entirely possible that he obtained the files and leaked them to Wikileaks. Reports had recently emerged that indeed Rich was in contact with Wikileaks prior to his death. Which of course CNN was quick to attack.


In fact, Kim Dotcom just came out and said he has first hand accounts that Seth Rich was involved with the hacking of the DNC server. To me it makes far more sense that the DNC leak came from someone on the inside and this Kim dotcom report is the final piece of the puzzle.

Pffft, you are crazy. You are peddling unsubstantiated conpiracies—


Touche. Continue.

Well, back in 2015. Kim dotcom, founder of Megaupload, had said that Julian Assange was going to nail Hillary and was gunning to take her down. How could he possibly know this a full year before the first batch of DNC emails leaked? Perhaps because he could have been the go between Assange and Seth Rich.


At the very least he had some type of contact between both Assange and Seth Rich. Kim had this to say:3.png

It’s a strange connection that when Seth was murdered his father said that Seth Rich wanted to “Make a difference in the world” and Kim dotcom says “He wanted to change that from the inside” sounds kinda similar to me.

Pffft, face it CaliConservative. Evil Russia hacked the DNC it wasn’t Seth Rich. 99.jpg

Then why so much opposition into trying to find who exactly killed him? The Democrats seem to be the only ones opposing finding the Seth Rich murderer. They even “assigned” one of their cleaners to be the “family spokesman” for the Rich family. This guy a Democrat operative.

This is Brad Bauman. A public relations guy that always attacks Trump. Why would they need such a vehement anti-Trumper to speak for them? This guy is a complete shill and as long as he is speaking for the Rich family unfortunately we can’t trust alot of what they say.

Which at this point we don’t even need their insight for anything. What could interviewing the parents of Seth Rich possibly achieve at this point? I found it odd that they railed against people supposedly asking them for their opinion regarding their sons death.

Why not say who those media outlets are? Ask them to stop bothering you, ask them to stop calling you if you don’t want to speak to them. I am convinced the opinion piece they “wrote” for the WashingtonPost was written by Bauman and just signed off on by them.

They should be asking why the DC police never asked for the surveillance tape from the bar Seth was at just before he was murdered. They should be asking why the police never interviewed the staff from that bar about Seth and who he was or if they even knew him.

If this was indeed a robbery attempt like the DC police were trying to say it was, than most likely the person needed immediate funds. Most likely people they know and associate with also are strapped for cash, so the numerous amounts of financial rewards offered for information about Seth’s killer should have been enough to get some information.

Since no one has come forward I think the person who committed the murder wasn’t there to rob Seth. Also since Wikileaks itself was offering a very substantial reward, I think that confirmed that Seth Rich was most likely the source for the now infamous DNC leaks that destroyed Hillary Clinton’s chances of becoming President.

It seems all forms of basic police investigation protocol were thrown out the window when investigating the murder Seth Rich. There is so much more that could have been done immediately following his murder. Every day they wait to properly investigate the leads will get colder and colder, but that is probably what they want, for it to just go away.

Sean Hannity is one of the few brave patriots willing to hammer this point home on national television. Generating massive buzz around the Seth Rich story to the point that FOX even got scared.

Understandably so, the DNC is very powerful and holds massive influence. Already Hannity is being viciously singled out for daring to point out the many inconsistencies in the peculiar case of Seth Rich. His sponsors are being targeted in an effort to force Hannity off the air.

We need to support Hannity and Kim Dotcom right now and keep talking about Seth Rich! Whatever you do, do not stop talking about this very important murder. Seth Rich had lunch with Debbie Wasserman Shulz shortly before he was killed.

One of his bosses was the corrupt Donna Brazile. These people are the highest level of criminal. They are not above murdering, many people who come into contact with these high-level Democrats, and especially if they go against them wind up dead.


We cannot let the Left get away with this blatant mafia like behavior. They are using violence, murder and intimidation as political tools. Seth Rich is the key to completely destroying the Russia narrative. If we can bring the Seth Rich murderer to justice perhaps we can get some info on who hired him.

Stop it CaliConservative! I am warning you seriously stop spreading these insane lies and conspiracy theories!

Maybe if you guys stop talking about fake Russia-Trump collusion.

*CaliLiberal scoffs and walks away*

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