LastWeekTonight Ep. 13, MORE LIES!

First off I want to take a serious moment to send regards and prayers towards #Manchester, England right now where evidently a serious terrorist attack has taken place at an Ariana Grande concert. ISIS have praised the suicide bombing.

While I know sending “prayers and regards” may not do much to actually fix the problem on the ground, but I think it helps to bring awareness to a problem. While I dislike, maybe even hate, Liberals, I still would never wish violence upon them. Rest in piece to the lost souls, go with God. I pray for a speedy recovery for the injured.

Now moving onto the actual article. Thank you all.

Hahah CaliConservative you have been hacked again! It’s me your arch-nemesis CaliLiberal! See, here is my EBT card and medical marijuana card to prove I am a real Progressive Liberal from California! 

Damn, if only I was a person of color than I could really do some damage. Oh well, I will have to wear dreadlocks and a Rastafarian hat until we can get another Democrat into office and “race-change” operations become covered under medicaid, then I can finally become a trans-racial non-binary gender neutral demi-queer. I will be so oppressed it’ll be great—

*CaliConservative suddenly bursts through the door*

Aha I caught you red handed CaliLiberal! You can’t keep hacking into my blog, barging in while I am trying to write, and attempting to silence and intimidate me. I will not stop speaking up against shills like John Oliver. I will not stop supporting our illustrious President Trump.

Stop it CaliConservative, you are trying to silence my free speech!

Aha you don’t like it do you? Now you know how I feel everytime you barge in here trying to stop me. Besides you broke into my home, this is private property, you are hacking my website and I am the one trying to silence you?!

It’s OK when I do criminal things to you because you are a racist fascist xenophobic wingnut that supports the commander-in-cheeto Trump! Duh, did you even go to college?

Can’t you see CaliCon that John Oliver knows best and he is absotootely hilarious and always completely right. I need John Oliver. Trump is a racist demagogue and needs to be taken down by people like Maher, Trevor Noah, Colbert and especially my hero John Oliver.

First of all never use the word “absotootely” in here again. Second of all yours and Maher, Noah, Colbert and Oliver’s hysterical hatred of President Trump is causing a rift in the very fabric of American society.

The Left pretends to be against hate but it is the most hateful part of the political spectrum! Look at a few of these comments I found from John Oliver fans on this weeks episode of his garbage show.


That last one was so bad I had to block out the guys name!! This is the type of mentality that “comedy” shows like LastWeekTonight are perpetuating.

Those people are just brave patriots that are simply standing up to the illegitimate commander-in-criminal Trump.

Those are not patriots, they are disgusting vile Leftists that are being indoctrinated to use violence and intimidation as a legitimate form of political expression.

I already told you CaliCon, it’s OK if we attack you guys because you are a bunch of racist violent wingnuts! How many times do I have to tell you this?

I have honestly had enough of your Liberal hypocris—

*A sudden stirring behind the curtains*

Who is there? What the…who else is in my house?

*James Comey appears from behind the curtains*

Wow James Comey, former FBI Director, I totally didn’t see you blending into those curtains, you are like a 7 foot tall chameleon. huyrt.png

COMEY: “Really?”

No you nincompoop everyone could see your gigantic slenderman body “hiding” behind those curtains. No wonder you were fired.

*Audience begins cheering. CaliCon and CaliLib take a bow. CaliConservative narrates:*

CaliCon&CaliLib was filmed in front of a live studio audience. Tune in next week for more political hijinks and shenanigans.

OK slightly more seriously. Episode 13 of LastWeekTonight with John Oliver. Sorry this post is a little bit late. I have to work 40+ hours a week for a living and sometimes the last thing I want to do when I come home is listen to John Olivers autistic screeching for a full half hour.

Sometimes by the end of the half-hour I feel more mentally exhausted than an 8-hour shift at work. Because LastWeekTonight is filled with so many logical inconsistencies and factual inaccuracies that you would have to be completely devoid of any real facts to find this show funny.

It’s almost like if it purposely panders to an ignorant audience and only serves to further confuse them keeping them perpetually looking towards John Oliver for answers. I am not joking when some liberals literally say they need John Oliver to explain things to them.

Because he uses absolutely insane metaphors that seek to establish laughter at a person with a sense of intellectual superiority over that person. No joke, Olivers audience think they are smarter than Trump. Which begs the question why they aren’t all the President or billionaires. If Trump is an idiot, than what does that make them?

Anyways getting to this crapfest for the week. We all know John is going to attack Trump. We have noted here in prominent studies conducted at the University of CaliCon, John Oliver has about a 90% chance he will attack Trump in this episode. Indeed in all but one episode John Oliver has attacked or otherwise insulted our President.

Mind you his attack rate was about 10% when Obama was President. John Oliver would never attack his boo thang Obama. The level of hate emanating from John Oliver towards Trump is absolutely staggering and it seeps into his audience.

So where are you going to start this week?


Less than a minute in immediately attacking Trump. John Oliver says the “last 7 days have been insane”. I actually see it as the Left has gone completely insane in the last 7 days. They are going all in against Trump right now in a completely desperate Hail Mary attempt at impeachment.

Why? Because Trumps appointments, people like Sessions or David Clarke are going to prosecute the hell out of the Democratic party for all of the corruption that has been going on over there. They saw what happened to Corrine Brown, lifelong Democrat going down on 18 guilty counts. The clock is ticking for Democrats like Hillary.

They know it, that is why they are unleashing their attack dogs, people like John Oliver. That is why this episode of LastWeekTonight is going harder at Trump than he has in any other episode. This is part of a sudden ill timed blitz, which will ultimately fail.

Consider this push to be like the Nazis attacking during the Battle of the Bulge. One last desperate attempt to break through the lines of the victorious Allies that had the Nazis surrounded. The Dems are like a wild animal backed up against the wall right now, so expect increasing attacks from John Oliver and Colbert.

John Oliver starts off his assault by going after Trump sharing intelligence with Russia concerning ISIS. This one really sent the Liberals into a fully triggered frenzy. I hadn’t seen them that enraged this they were decimated on Nov 8th.

This is what the Liberals have been doing to Trump since he announced his candidacy in 2015. They are making mountains out of molehills. They take literally anything and try to make it into the scandal of the century. xx.png

Now look at this article from 2016 when Obama wanted to share intel with Russia concerning ISIS.


The WashingtonPost seems totally fine with sharing intel with Russia so long as it is Obama doing it. John Oliver had NOTHING to say about this all last year, now all of a sudden he’s triggered by Russia because of Trump. Disgusting, blatant double standards.

Plus when you read every single one of these articles you really read and look for the right paragraph, you can see that it is all simply hysteria.


So you see there that President Trump is completely within his right to share information with the Russians. Especially at this crucial time in history when America is trying to avoid WW3. Liberals are still trying to drive us toward major conflict with Russia. They are like if passengers on the Titanic actually steered towards the iceberg rather than away from it.


Not a big deal at all, nothing compared to the proven crimes of the corrupt Democratic Party, but that wont stop you guys from triggering out anyway.

Then John Oliver throws out this beauty:


Look at this doozie fired off by the New York Times. Yet again, tons of hysteria, lots of fluff, but absolutely no substance. Just look at the source for this report:

The New York Times said they obtained his comments from a document summarizing the meeting. The outlet said the document was based on notes taken from inside the Oval Office during the meeting, and a source read the quotations to them.

So an anonymous source read them the document, which was based on notes, from a closed meeting. Anonymous source read the document over the phone, rather than simply take a picture of it with their phone and send the actual document over to verify its authenticity.

No of course they didn’t do that and why would the New York Times ask for that? That would require some form of journalistic integrity.

John Oliver decided to dedicate this entire episode to attacking Trump and Conservatives. He begins to go after the Vice President, Mike Pence.


John Oliver says that Trump going away “would be fantastic”. Disgusting, but that isn’t enough for him. He wants to get rid of Mike Pence as well. He basically wants to purge out every single Conservative. He is essentially declaring war on Conservatives with his show and his rabid supporters have picked up their pitchforks to go after “evil” Conservatives.

765.pngOf course evil to them means actually fighting for real religious freedom. What is Olivers problem with the “Religious Freedom” bill that Pence signed? Well that it “COULD have made it easier for religious Conservatives to refuse service to gay couples”. “Could” have. Not that it did, but that it “could have”

Liberals of course always pretend to be for religious freedoms, but are the first ones to lose their minds the minute any Christians actually try to protect and defend their faith.

Meanwhile if a Muslim blows himself up in the name of Allah and Islam, that is simply them practicing their culture. Gimme a break, the Liberal hypocrisy is so astounding that I truly believe less people are falling for it these days. The cries from the Left seem louder than before because they are fewer in numbers and backed into a corner.

I personally know people that while they don’t necessarily support Trump, they have began to distance themselves greatly from the Liberal movement. Because it has gone so insane that it is almost like a rabid dog that will bite the owner that is feeding it.

No level-headed, logical people want to be around that. Sure they might laugh at the Alec Baldwin impression of Trump on SNL, but less and less people are turning to satire news for real political opinions.

So getting back to John Olivers triggered drunk on self-righteousness tirade. He continues to attack the entire Republican establishment almost from top to bottom. He even extends his attack against Sean Hannity for once running a segment on Obama about…mustard. Yes.

kiuh.pngBut yet again John Oliver completely leaves out context. The reason why people were talking about this story was because Obama asked for the Grey Poupon, artisan Dijon mustard…at a local burger joint. This guy that the Dems ran as an everyman was trying to order Grey Poupon at a burger joint!!

Tell me that isn’t elitism, which I normally wouldnt even have a problem with, but Obama pretended to be an average Joe, but no average Joe would ever ask for that brand of mustard, or even any type of Dijon mustard.

Besides, Oliver wont tell his fans that Hannity has ran all sorts of stories on Obama that were far more important than Poupongate.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So John Oliver dedicated pretty much this entire show to attacking and insulting our President. Like I said, this is part of a very desperate gamble to either impeach Trump, or at least distract people enough so they don’t notice the never ending failures of the Democratic Party.

This is also to create a perception that they are somehow getting to Trump. When the hammer drops on the Democratic Party the way Hillary dropped hammers on her BlackBerry, they will say it is because Trump wants to prevent some type of truth from coming out.

This of course is a bluff by the Left. They have zero evidence on Trump and the numerous recent crimes of the DNC from the murder of Seth Rich to the rigging of their primary election are stacking up on them. They know they can only stand a little while longer and they are going to milk the Russia conspiracy before it is quelled for good.

So within the last few minutes of the show Oliver tries to switch gears and blames Trump for him constantly talking about Trump. He says it is Trumps fault that Oliver is dedicated pretty much his entire show to attacking our President. No Oliver, it is your corporate overlords in bed with the corrupt DNC that are making you do this.

So he tries to talk about the TSA for a few minutes. I am no fan of the TSA, but I am going to call out Oliver for NEVER caring about the TSA until now. He had pretty much the whole second term of Obama to talk about the TSA, but that wouldn’t fit his attack Trump narrative.


Again the TSA is another issue, like Medical Marijuana, the Debt or the Dalai Lama, that John Oliver and other Libs didn’t care about during Obama. Now that they can use those same issues to attack Trump, well of course they are taking full advantage.

This was one of the most sinister episodes of John Olivers LastWeekTonight. It was filled with paranoia, hate, and fear mongering. Slandering our President and the Conservative movement as a whole. John Oliver has positioned himself to be directly opposed to Conservatives.

We must do everything within our power to continue to defend our President and counter this destructive narrative being pushed by people like John Oliver. They are going all-in with these latest attacks, we must remain stronger than ever. I have full confidence that we will not only come out of this OK, but the Progressive Liberal movement will ultimately be weaker as a result of their hysteria.


No John. You and your audience live in an alternate reality drawn up by CNN and the New York Times.

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