Defending Trump!! Re: Top 10 Moments.

So about 11 days ago or so, I wrote an article detailing what I believed to be the top 10 moments of President Trumps first 100 days in office. Speaking of, what a spectacular 100 days right? Anyways it seems I got a fan who found the time to form a response to that article!

Which incidentally is my most viewed article so far on my young blog here, thank you to everyone that viewed it #MAGA. The tweet that linked to the article was in fact even retweeted by the one and only Roseanne Barr.

Thank you Roseanne, your character on your hit show, the aptly named “Roseanne”  always reminded me of my mom. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing on my mothers part, but I loved your performance anyway.

So getting back to my most adoring fan ever! He left quite a long comment in response to the article. Rather than post it as a simple comment I am deciding to dedicate an entire article in response to it.

Since it is quite long, I have to break it down and respond to each piece, though other than that I will not be editing a single part of it. You will see exactly what this person said. Let’s see what my number one fan has to say in response to Trumps first 100 days:

First off – the entire tone of this blog is incredibly toxic. Here you insult everyone who thinks differently, placing them into an easily insultable box to suit your (widely discredited) views.

However you gave ten things in 100 days so i will respond directly to those, this should be fun.

Oh yeah I forgot this guy isn’t a fan, it actually sounds like he hates my guts and he definitely was offended by my blog. What does he mean I am placing people into an easily insultabl—

*CaliLiberal suddenly burst into the room*

CaliConservative! What is going on here?!

CaliLiberal! It’s not what it looks like!

No! I think it’s exactly what it looks like! You are cheating on me with another Libtard! How dare you?!

No I swear CaliLib!! You are the only Libtard in my life.

Well what is going on here then CaliCon?! Don’t do this to me, you know how emotional I get! Remember how devastated I was after Hillary lost the election?

We had to put black tape over any “H’s” that were around because they reminded you of the Hillary logo.

Then we took a trip to a “Hammocks and Hummus” factory in Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary to visit my friend Heath Hughes and that trip alone caused a tape shortage in Eastern Europe.

Those were good times. So what makes this other Libtard better than me?

Well first of all hes an actual real person not just a caricature that I created for the sake of making fun of Liberals. You are what he was talking about with his “putting people into an easily insultable box”. He doesn’t realize that I do actually base your dialogue off of real comments from real Liberal Progressives.

Actually I cannot even capture the true essence sometimes of the Libtards because it is just that insane:

He is so right though! I even agree with the guy you are replying too also, he is a brave resister for standing up to you racist xenophobes!

OK that is enough, there is entirely too much libtardation going on here for a supposedly Conservative website. Now I need to post pictures of Reagan and Jesus just to cleanse this post before we continue.



Now moving on. Here he begins to break down the top 10 moments I listed in the original article.

10. This is crazy silly. The number ten thing in 100 days is him going through a formal process? How does this provide a marker over achievements over the next 100 days. I managed to get into a decent university, that doesn’t prove a metric of how well i will achieve at said university.

You are literally saying one of the top ten moments was not him being elected president, but being recognised as being elected as president.

You spelled recognized wrong that university you supposedly got into must not have been very good. Haha just kidding(kind of).

I don’t care about grammar or spelling mistakes, anyone that has visited this blog before knows this is not a grammar friendly-zone. Honestly would you not say that you officially getting into that university wasn’t a top moment for you? Where I come from some kids would kill to go to university and would celebrate getting in.

Yes I am literally saying that his inauguration was a top MOMENT of the first 100 days. I never said these were one-of-a-kind achievements that only Trump has ever achieved. Though if you asked Trump he probably would tell you he had the single best inauguration of all time.

Also if this was a list of top 10 Trump moments of all time, than him winning the election would be the number one moment for me, but this was a list of just MOMENTS from his first 100 days, and I always made sure to say it’s just my opinion. Next.

9. The TPP isn’t dead. Trump himself has come out and said that it will not die, only be revised. One of his numerous campaign promises he rolled back on when elected into office.

This one. I honestly almost can’t. The level of denial in this one is astounding. Every single media outlet, Liberal and Conservative alike, all agree. Trump killed TPP, pretty much on day 1, during his first full day in office.


The Washington Post covers by saying Trump killing TPP helps China…is the Washington Post even trying to make sense anymore? Or do they just know they can say anything at this point and their readers believe it.

So TPP is dead OK? Dead like Hillarys chances of becoming president. Accept it. Next.

8. Voter fraud whilst i am sure has happened it is incredibly rare, certainly not enough to swing any result. I suggest you look up voting rights for non naturalised immigrants in the constitution (something you defend so passionately) and you may actually realise these people didn’t vote illegaly (as that seems to be your issue, despite the only example ever unearthed was clerical.)

This is an issue I constantly hear the Liberal Democrats talking about. That voter fraud is essentially a non issue. I don’t even know what he is talking about with the the “non naturalized immigrants” comment. I am only in favor of citizens having the right to vote, and even then, one vote per citizen.

The issue with illegal voting isn’t just illegals being able to vote, which in the state of California they absolutely can, but it’s more about citizens committing voter fraud. The only thing that virtually doesn’t exist when it comes to voter fraud is Republicans committing voter fraud.


But of course if you only read the Washington Post and watch John Oliver than you probably think voter fraud has literally never happened, except of course if it’s Russia hacking our election. Next.

6. I will ignore the racist overtones attributed to ‘Ping’ and instead focus on the fact you are a climate skeptic. That it understandable, i was too until i took the time to research scientific journals which quite clearly show the trends in our own records and ice cores we have bored from the arctic.

Wait what happened to number 7? For those of you who didn’t read the original article, and I strongly encourage you too, my top 7 moment was “Trump Calls CNN #FakeNews”. Couldn’t refute it could you anonymous Libtard? but OK moving past that it.

The “racist” comment i made that he is referring to, while also claiming to ignore, was this:

“Because how else could one possibly slay the specter of Climate Change unless they actually go over to China and say sorry Ping, but you can’t make your Bowl Noodles anymore because they may have caused a microbe to go extinct on the other side of the planet.”

Ping is one of the most common given names in China and even part of the Presidents name, Jinping. Next time ill call him Zhang We of Zang Fang instead.

Seriously ice core samples? I have looked at them and the furthest they can chart them is about 650k years ago, the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. I am not entirely convinced anyone could accurately see exactly what the climate of the Earth was from looking at an ice sample.

I am glad Trump has stopped devoting so much Federal resources and energy to controlling and policing the Earths environment to try and prevent climate change that is most likely naturally occurring. These Libs literally want to control the environment! I call it “environmental tyranny”, control the climate and you control the Earth. We must continue to fight this, Trump is a great ally in the fight. Next.

5. It was a rousing speach no doubt, one which was praised on both sides and yet when BOTH sides analysed they found no real substance other than rousing patriotism. Not really an accomplishment considering his abillity to capture the imagination and play on peoples emotions is already well known. – lock her up chants anybody?

Well hey, we can get a bit of agreement here, good because you are becoming very tedious and this article is going on forever. AGAIN I never called this article top accomplishments, it is Trumps top 10 MOMENTS of his first 100 days. MOMENTS, not accomplishments or achievements.

I haven’t had this hard a time explaining the difference between two words since that time CaliLiberal asked me what was the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. Oh and #LockHerUp. Next.

4. I actually agreed with this decision though if you consider it a great victory i don’t follow. This is something which should be considered trivial by his supporters, not a key metric.

Yay OK great, now we are zipping along, but of course you couldn’t outright agree with me, since you find the “tone of my blog incredibly toxic” thank you by the way that might be the new tagline for my website.

3. Again congratulations due. Though lets not forget the previous administration consistently petitioned for this to happen and it never did. What was agreed for their release we will probably never know but you can gaurantee the US gave up interests, probably in the middle east.

Yes that is what makes Trump a far greater President than the previous one. Trump actually gets things done, he doesn’t go around and around in circles like a dog chasing his tail. Obama was ineffective and weak, all talk no action. Next.

2. As far as I am aware there has been no real immigration policy passed other than a crackdown on illegal immigrants (i will add that obama deported more illegal immigrants than any other president.)

Though the wider issue here is you do not seem to understand how your economy works, that refugees are not the same as immigrants nor the current state of American finaces. America in terms of economic metrics has been the strongest it has been since Clinton, who recorded the strongest growth on record. Yes America has more debt than ever, a hangover from its financial collapse under Bush, but the deficit has been reduced massively (and as any economist would tell you, the only way to reduce debt is to eliminate the deficit) from heamoraging 1.4t a year to only 300b is a remarkable achievement in 8 years.

You need to look at the wider picture and realise that your economy relies on immigration, if it doing the jobs the American people are educated above or the exchange of intellects, immigration in todays world is a neccessity to stop you being left behind by everyone else.

Well first of all the only reason Obama “deported more” immigrants is because the way deportations were defined was changed. As the LA Times reports:

“Until recent years, most people caught illegally crossing the southern border were simply bused back into Mexico in what officials called “voluntary returns,” but which critics derisively termed “catch and release.” Those removals, which during the 1990s reached more 1 million a year, were not counted in Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s deportation statistics.

The vast majority of those border crossers would not have been treated as formal deportations under most previous administrations. If all removals were tallied, the total sent back to Mexico each year would have been far higher under those previous administrations than it is now.”

The “Obama deporting more than any president” statistic is yet another falsehood being spewed around by Trump critics/Obama supporters. President Trump simply taking the proverbial cuffs off of our immigration officers was a fantastic way to start. Now we need that wall #BuildTheWall.

2, The growth experienced under Bill Clinton was significant, however it had nothing to do with Bill Clinton or his policies. Even the unapologetically Liberal HuffingtonPost admitted it in 2013: EconBillC.png

The real reason for the Bill Clinton economic growth was the Internet Bubble and Stock Bubble. Which both burst shortly after Bush took office and tanked the economy, 9/11 didn’t make anything easier on them and by the time the Housing Bubble burst the economy poor little heart couldn’t take in no mo.

America has already taken in tens of millions of immigrants. As I stated in the original article, I am not against immigration, I am against unrestricted immigration. And we have allowed so many new people to come into the country that we should take a step back and make sure everyone is properly assimilating, which they are not.

Why do we need immigrants from other countries to do certain low level jobs? Why can’t we find top-shelf immigrants that enhance our country and can add something very valuable? Look at Melania Trump. She had a degree, $11m net worth before moving to the US and becoming a citizen. Those are the type of people we need more of right now.

We have plenty of people to do low level jobs I walk through the park after work on my home almost every day. You know what I see? Dozens of homeless people. Tent cities all over Los Angeles.

We have all these people that don’t work, why? Because the Democrats have made it easier to be unemployed. Sure these people don’t have jobs, but they have money still and plenty of beer and food thanks to their endless welfare supply. Which lots of immigrants are taking advantage of now as well so the entire system is a mess. gterqweqfdsfgdfgdf.png

We need to take a step back and reassess our immigration policies, Trump is capable of finally getting it done. Next.

1. I would agree and say this is his best moment and yet there are quite a few negatives. The first is he is dragging you into more wars, something all the America people generally tend to be against and goes against one of his key campaign slogans “America first.”

I think however you have misunderstood the situation. Putin didn’t sit back and say nothing, he laughed, just as he is laughing at the American population for being so polarised. What America did is remove itself from any peaceful negotiations for good and created defiance in the middle east, a territory which is incredibly important. If anything he has allowed an oppurtunity for Russia to take the lead and become the main influence over the region (something examplified by the current peace talks Russia is leading and America not being invited)

You underestimate the situation believing America’s might will prevail whilst in reality you lose control of the middle east whilst endagering yourselves to domestic radical terrorism by proving the rhetoric of ISIS in that America will use any excuse to bomb (or deport) any muslim.

food for thought on that one.

Wow hey! Wow very positive note here on this one thank you for saying the #MOAB strike was definitely the top moment of the first 100 days of Trumps Presidency. Trump isn’t dragging us into any wars we weren’t already engaged in, he is bringing an end to these wars and protecting the legacy of the soldiers who fought and died there, nothing more American than that.

I have always said the way to end our disastrous entanglements in the Middle East is to fully bring down our military might on the enemy in a swift, decisive and crushing blow that can weaken the enemy enough for local forces to finish the job.

Obama was scared of doing that. He could have prevented ISIS from rising while it was a tiny little nugget of a terrorist organization by aggressively pursuing it using all the tools we have available. Instead Obama adopted a policy that emboldened and ultimately strengthened ISIS.

Trump has shown he wants the Middle East to take the lead in handling its own problems, but if they do things like chemical attacks for instance, the US will respond. By creating an Arab NATO and making the Middle East responsible for it’s own refugees a truer sense of peace can finally come to the Mid East.

Trump knows that peace can only come through force in that part of the world, peace talks will only lead to ceasefires, that are always broken. Only by taking a very tough stance can real peace be maintained in the Middle East. Putin became successful in the Middle East by taking a very hard lined stance against ISIS. Trump is capable of delivering that same type of bold action, Obama was not.

 Hillary who Trump suggested wanted to start World War 3 said they were a good thing and Trump is now trying to take her foreign policy there (no fly zone.)

No actually quite the opposite in fact it is Russia that is seeking to ban US airplanes from flying over Syria. Anything Trump does now would be in response to this move:


In conclusion: Your offensive and polarising rhetoric aside the suggestions you make are relatively mundane compare to not only previous presidents but im general. The only real sign of strength regarding policy is his strike in Syria, everything else has been watered down to the point is no longer recogniseable as any of his campaign promises.

For supporting the President of the United States I am “offensive and polarizing”? Well at least you have finally come to your conclusion, which I could have guessed from before you finished, but I am glad you are finally finished. That actually wasn’t too bad……

To give you an example i will list eight of obamas achievements in his first 100 days in office (in no particular order)

Oh WOW! Hahah! I really thought you were done and this was over, but just when I think it couldn’t possibly get any more cringe you go and do this, OK now it is my turn. But remember, my list was just Trumps top 10 moments, wasn’t specifically about “achievements”.

1. Passed a bill through congress for the economic recovery act to deal with the very real threat of collapse in the American economy

The American recovery and reinvestment act of 2009

The bill passed in the House on January 28, 2009, by a 244–188 vote, and it passed in the Senate on February 10 by a 61–37 margin

2. Passing a bill which greatly reduces the statue of limitations on equal pay.

Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay act of 2009

3. Expanded State Childrens Health to cover 4 million more families

4. Introduced ethics guidelines to curtail lobbyists influence.

5. Got congress to agree a budget which addresses major health reforms (with no hold outs)

6. Released the restriction on stem cell research which is considered to be at the forefront of research into disease management and cures

7. Ensured that torture was no longer standard practice for intel gathering

8. Committed to pulling troops out of both iraq and afghanistan.

1.) The ARRA was deficit spending, the money that was poured into education, some $90b dollars saw no return or jobs saved in that section. The only thing I can applaud is the investment into infrastructure. Moderate Republican David Brooks summed the ARRA up best:

“First, by trying to do everything all it once, the bill does nothing well. The money spent on long-term domestic programs means there may not be enough to jolt the economy now… The money spent on stimulus, meanwhile, means there’s not enough to truly reform domestic programs like health technology, schools and infrastructure. The measure mostly pumps more money into old arrangements.”

2.) This was an instance where Democrats were very unhappy with a Supreme Court ruling and actively conspired against them, thank God that Trump came in and undid this federal overreach of authority by the Democrats.

3.) Helping children get proper access to healthcare is a good thing, however, the careless nature of the Democrats rushing to pass bills and providing blanket coverage can have unintended consequences. Like rising premiums or the care not actually going to the most needy children.

4.) Politifact.png


5.) Obama used hitlerian style tactics to ram his healthcare bill down peoples throats. Filli.png


6.)I dont know enough about stem cells to fully respond, but from what I have read it doesn’t seem to be a perfect science. Stem.pngStemc.png

7.) Yet he never closed Guantanamo and expanded the US drone program to epic proportions.

8.) Obama prematurely pulling out of Iraq was a disaster that created ISIS. We are still in Afghanistan. Obama didn’t commit to pulling troops out of Afghanistan, in fact he sent an additional two armored brigades to the region.

That was fun. I actually didn’t realize how much of a failure Obama was in his first 100 days, thank you. Now let’s finish this.

Notice how I didn’t use cheap tricks like failed negotiations over a trade deal, his innaugaration or a speech every president gives. I focused on actual changes that have been made and fundamentally impacted the view of that president. He left those 100 days with a 68% approval rating.

As you like to have a quote from Reagan at the bottom, i will offer a quote of my own which seems relevant to your mindset

Again, for the billionth time. I listed MOMENTS, not accomplishments. Of which your Obama “accomplishments” were lacking substance. Obama didn’t help America, he increased out debt and weakened our position overseas. He was a disaster. His “68%” approval rating is hogwash and I don’t believe it for a second, he was the most divisive president in recent history.

“When one side only of a story is heard and often repeated, the human mind becomes impressed with it insensibly.” – George Washington

Ah yes. That is why I created this blog, because all we have out there is one side of the story. The Anti-Trump narrative has been carried by major media networks for almost two years now, with any pro Trump opinions being viciously buried and silenced.

The one side of the story that is being heard if the liberal side, and it is often repeated. I constantly hear Liberals say that we Conservatives don’t read enough news, but we actively diversify our opinions and seek out those that contradict our own to create a dialogue.

Liberals only go with the popular opinion that is regurgitated over and over until the lies become fact. Using terms like social justice, or anti-fascism, these people seek to create a sense of heroism in their subjects. If they can instill that sense of heroism, they can get their minions to do anything without much explanation.

Some people can’t even properly explain why they oppose Trump. They resort to calling him an orange, or a racist, xenophobe, anything they can to avoid addressing the issues he is raising. Trump is the first president to tell us that our country is in serious grave danger and needs saving before we fly off the cliff.

He isn’t bothering himself with scoring cheap political victories like insuring children such a blatantly obvious attempt to look good and an issue easily handled by the States themselves. Trump is taking on much more difficult issues, North Korea, ISIS, the National Debt. We must continue to support our President and counter the Liberal Progressive propaganda that is trying to take him down.

These people are criminals that will go to any lengths to stop our president, supporting leakers and rioters. They want to stop Trump so bad they will try it even if it means tearing down the United States itself. We must do anything we can to oppose these people. Thank you for reading. God Bless the USA.

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