LastWeekTonight Decucked Ep. 12

Here we are yet again, episode 12 of LastWeekTonight, wow. At least Oliver didn’t take another week off, but how could he with Comey being fired? The “LastWeekTonight” twitter account even sent out a message hinting they would be talking about it, surprised? Of course you aren’t.

People like John Oliver, Steven Colbert(verified Dem operative) or the writers over at SNL live for moments like this. Moments where they can run with insane narratives without worrying about the harmful side effects they incur.

They don’t care if they are milking the very tired and thoroughly debunked Russia-Trump narrative night after night and that millions of impressionable Americans believe it. They don’t care if what they say is continually proven wrong because the damage was already done and most of the audience will NEVER fact check.

They already convinced millions of Libs of a Russia-Trump conspiracy and at this point probably nothing can change that. When the New York Times and CNN in cahoots with late night “comedians” like John Oliver or Colbert are constantly regurgitating the same message over and over.

So let’s get started on this episode of LastWeekTonight with John Oliver, Season 4, Episode 12.

Place your bet’s ladies and gentlemen, we are currently offering a 10,000% guarantee that John Oliver will mention Trump at some point throughout the episode. When the season ends, I plan to go back to LastWeekTonights previous three seasons and see how many times he mentioned Obama.


Yep! There it is, never fails, perpetually triggered by Trump. This is why Lib comedy will ultimately fail because it’s the same tired crap over and over again. Not delivered with the intention of entertaining you, but rather to establish moral superiority over the viewer, disguised as comedy.

Of course the big thing that triggered John Oliver this time was the firing of the incompetent former FBI Director James Comey.

He thinks that Trump is somehow in the wrong for firing Comey. In my opinion it was on the top moments so far in the Presidency. Trump keeping campaign promises, draining the swamp of one of the swamp protectors, James Comey. we.png

This was the man that fully laid out the case against Hillary, but then proceeded to apologize for her and decide to stop any investigations from going further. He somehow went through 50,000 emails within the course of a few weeks, but is taking nearly 8 months to find even a shred of Russia conspiring with Trump.

Yet despite Comey not being able to find any type of wrongdoing concerning Trump and Russia, he was getting set to expand the Russia probe. Meaning that all of the most likely and probably leads all turned up dry.

Trump of course reacted swiftly to end the shenanigans. James Comey was disgracing the FBI, by politicizing it and using it as a weapon and a shield. A weapon against conservatives, a shield for corrupt Democrats.

The problem with Obama was that he hired rabid ideologues across all departments of government.. Only people who would fervently tow the Liberal line until the bitter end. Comey was one of those men.

The only reason he reopened the investigation into Hillary was because he had faced massive fallout from his decision not to prosecute her in the first place. Then Comey blitzed through the investigation.

How when it was discovered Huma Abedin and her husband Weiner were in possession of classified material was Comey somehow able to sift through the tens of thousands of emails in no time?

Comey was able to start and end that investigation so quickly, but here we are 8 months after the rumors of Russian intervention into our elections with still no solid evidence. With Comey set to waste more money chasing specters and phantoms of Liberal conspiracies. All to protect Hillary, Obama and the corrupt DNC.

Enough was enough and Comey had to go, he was behaving erratically. No amount of complaining from the Democrats or John Oliver can change that now. They were all calling for his resignation when he decided to reopen the investigation into Hillary, now they act indignant because Trump fired him, the Liberal hypocrisy is astounding.


John Oliver moves on from Comey and then starts up an attack on New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English. Prime Minister English recently said that the show LastWeekTonight wasn’t funny, when a reporter asked him if he had watched the piece about the Eminem-esque copyright fiasco.


Oliver then proceeds to dig up literally anything he can on the Prime Minister. He even showed a small video that the Prime Minister made showing off the area he walks and jogs around his house. Which I say judging from the video was pretty nice, he apparently lives near some nice trails on a scenic bluff. mmmmmmnnnbb.png

Oliver calls it “indescribably lame”, but the video was entirely normal by my account and like I said, the trails he showed actually looked pretty cool as someone who enjoys hiking from time to time myself. However his audience is laughing hysterically the entire time during the video for NO REASON, other than they know they are supposed to be laughing.

They learn to associate hallow condescending laughter as a substitute for substance and fact.  Also when Oliver showed his edited version of the video he left out the amazing view at the end of the trail. iouyyy.pngBill English went viral last month when he posted a picture of some pizza he made with canned spaghetti. John Oliver starts to make fun of the New Zealand Prime Minister for this, but the internet already did that John.


Also notice the post got almost 10k Likes, but the John Oliver screenshot of the Prime Ministers Facebook post doesn’t show the amount of likes. tt532.png

Also here Bill English is seen poking some fun at himself:ytr.png

So moving on from that John Oliver wants to get to his main topic. Dialysis. Yes, wtf are my thoughts as well. This was a bit out of left-field and you can see the incredibly smug look on John Olivers face as he pats himself on the back for avoiding talking about something Trump related. I will actually give him a slight bit a credit for not turning this piece around and making it about Trump.


Oliver actually brings up some pretty serious points here and sheds light on a little known issue afflicting our nation. President Nixon signed into a law a requirement for government assisted healthcare for kidney dialysis. At the time, there weren’t very many people that had to be covered so dialysis costs were low.

But recently, perhaps due to an increase in obesity and heart disease, kidney dialysis has skyrocketed and now caring for the patients requires almost 1% of the Federal Budget.

Now John Oliver also decides to go after a major provider of kidney dialysis medication and machines known as Davita. Now from what I have seen about Davita is that this company has been actively engaged in fraud.

One scheme involved throwing medication in the garbage and claiming it was given to patients while charging the government and pocketing the money. So this doesn’t seem like to me a very hard subject for him to attack, and I actually don’t seem to have too much of a problem with him going after these types of practices in our healthcare system.

But, what was the point of talking about dialysis? Was it to expose corruption in some major provider? Or, was this an elaborate scheme to get more people to sign up for the organ donor program?

Oliver whips up his audience into a frenzy with hate over Davita, than says the best thing they can do is to tell their families that they want to be organ donors and tweet out #WhenIDiePleaseTakeMyKidneys.

Of course John Oliver himself probably isn’t an organ donor. He always wants his audience to do the charitable giving or activism while he sits on his fat limey ass and counts his cash.

I would strongly recommend NOT being an organ donor. Though I currently am I signed up for it when I was young and I didn’t think to research what it exactly I was agreeing to when I became an organ donor.


John Oliver should probably inform his audience that the term “dead” has taken on a variety of forms in modern medicine. A person could still be breathing, with a heart rate, and still be declared “dead”.


This website is dedicated to convincing you that you are not alive even when you appear to be alive. Want to steal your organs WHILE YOU’RE ALIVE NOT DEAD.

There was a time in America where if your heart was beating and you were still breathing you were legally alive. That changed around the 70s when the term “brain death” started to be floated around elite universities like Harvard,

The timing coincides with medical research at the time that showed that organs harvested from a still living body were much more reliable than organs harvested from an already dead body. A new legal definition for death was required so they could steal your organs from you without your consent, by declaring you “brain dead” even though your heart is still beating.

So I will ask John Oliver to go and donate a kidney. There are living donors that don’t even wait until they are dead to donate a kidney. John Oliver could be an example and be lead the way by donating a kidney. He won’t, he wants you to do it instead.

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