You’re Fired! Comey Edition.

AP_17123523892579-654x362-22afde0.jpgWe did it! We finally got rid of that Democratic operative that somehow became our FBI director, James Comey. He was an obstructionist and completely anti-Trump. Oh what a day!

*CaliConservative opens a bottle of wine and begins to pour two glasses*

More than being anti-Trump he was very pro-Hillary. Though I will say he did decisively reopen the Hillary case at a crucial moment during the 2016 campaign, which bolstered the Trump camp.

Albeit after he royally screwed up after deciding to end any investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information and faced resounding backlash from Liberals and Conservatives alike.

Comey absolutely discredited himself and tarnished the reputation of the FBI when he refused to go after Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of classified information.

Even if all he did was impose a damn fine he should have done it. Just so she could at least officially be classified guilty, as she so obviously was.

So have a drink with me CaliLiberal. To Trump, to keeping campaign promises and draining the swamp.

*CaliLiberal scoffs and takes a sip of wine*

The only reason Trump fired Comey was because he was getting close to the truth about Russia! We were going to get the hardcore evidence we have been begging for after a grueling six long months, but we were actually going to get the truth.


We had nailed Flynn pretty easily, but then it got a little tough after that and we really had an embarrassing fail after we thought we got Jeff Sessions and he recused himself. However we buried that failure pretty successfully.

We went to our greatest strength, Patience. That and virtually all of the mainstream media to methodically transmit the Russia narrative. From late night comics to news anchors, we slowly pushed the propaganda, and it was working.

We had a dismal performance by Sally Yates, but we were able to squeeze out the fact that she had warned Trump that Michael Flynn had indeed had conversations with the Russian ambassador, even though he told Mike Pence the opposite. So Flynn was susceptible to blackmail from the Russians, don’t you see how dangerous that is CaliCon?!

And even though she warned Trump about Flynn, Flynn continued to work at the White House for an additional two weeks, until a brave Obama loyalist leaked the classified information to the Washington Post and Flynn was forced to resign!

So Trump decides to fire Comey, obviously just to cover his tracks. What gives him that authority?! He is behaving like a third world dictator! This had nothing to do with Comey being biased, or incompetent. It had nothing to do with Comey constantly interjecting himself into the political sphere.

Actually Bill Clinton was responsible for setting the precedent of firing an FBI director. He fired a guy appointed by Reagan named William Sessions.bbbb.png

Oh give me a break CaliLib. Sally Yates pretended that she was worried about the Russians being able to blackmail Michael Flynn when in reality she was the one blackmailing him. Basically telling Trump, if you hire Flynn, we will leak the info and get him fired.

And everybody knows Hillary was guilty of mishandling classified information, even Hillary knew! Her excuse was she thought the large “C” at the top of the message was for alphabetical filing.

Comey should have done something about it, anything, but even if he decided that he didn’t want to go after Hillary he shouldn’t have been on TV announcing his decisions so candidly. He pretty much apologized for Hillary when he decided not to prosecute her.BenCarson.jpg

Then he suddenly says he is reopening the investigation with the discovery that Huma Abedin had emails and may have even stored them on her husbands on laptop. Then he suddenly decides yet again a day before the election to say that Hillary has done nothing wrong.

You can’t stop deflecting onto Hillary and Obama to avoid talking about Russia!

No! It’s just that this whole Russia conspiracy is pure poppycock.

Watch your mouth!

I mean it’s a bunch of non sense! I swear the Flat Earth conspiracies have more valid points than the Trump Russia conspiracies. Especially after the Syria strike and Trump showing zero favorability towards Russia so far.

Every single thing you guys bring up gets debunked over and over. The Russia investigation has gone absolutely no where. It’s a bunch of hearsay from hysterical people that would rather make up fantasies about Putin than admit they were wrong about Trump.

Comey was part of that delusion. The Democrats have built a network of obstructionist. They are against a border wall, but they want to set up political walls that prevent anyone from stopping the Progressive agenda. Comey was a crucial corner stone to that political wall.

With Comey gone the door is open to investigating Hillary Clinton and her crime syndicate. The FBI can finally be built up into what it was meant to be, an effective law enforcement agency that doesn’t have it’s hands tied by red tape that relies on integrity and justice.

RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! PUTIN AND TRUMP! I know Putin is involved with this somehow and I will get to the bottom of this I will find out the truth about Trump and his ties to Russia!

When you find out that “truth” tell me if the Easter bunny and Tupac are finally coming out with that Christian rap album. The world is laughing at the Russia hoaxers, the people that would rather cry and throw tempter tantrums against non-existent collusion.

You guys would rather believe in insane conspiracy theories that have zero merit or credibility. Trump has no ties to Russia, and investigating further, while it is totally within our rights, will only turn up more nothing. Russia.png

This Russia conspiracy is a waste of time, energy, and resources in a crucial time when we all need to get to work fixing our country if we still want it to be a country in 100 years.

I am so happy Trump fired Comey, it was one of the best moments of the Presidency so far and another reaffirmation from Trump that he intends on keeping his campaign promises. Hopefully next we see Hillary in an orange jumpsuit picking up trash on the side of the road.

*CaliLiberal scoffs and walks away*

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