LastWeekTonight Decucked: Episode 11

Here we are, wow 11 weeks. Actually, John Oliver took a few breaks here and there. It probably isn’t easy coming up with so much propaganda disguised as comedy, even when the “comedy” in the show is dreadfully mundane and predictable at best.

So it has been about 13 weeks of me writing about this horrifyingly bad show. I watch, week after week, left with a feeling of shame and regret every single time. Left feeling that I have been lied to and scammed.

It wasn’t always that way. I actually used to be a big fan of the show back when I was Libtarded. I used to really think Oliver was talking about some serious issues and telling me the truth. That was until last year when he went after Trump.

OK well a few of his stories made me very suspicious leading up to that, especially when he said there was no evidence of voter fraud ever having taken place which is false. But that Trump episode, it really made me mad.

Not because he was going after Trump, but because he wasn’t saying a damn thing EVER about Hillary. John Oliver has never bad mouthed Hillary Clinton once in his entire life. Even though Hillary has plenty of actual, real scandals.

Or Bernie, they never went after Bernie. Oliver or Maher couldn’t tell their fans he never had a serious job until he started working for the government and there he has stayed this entire a time, a leech on our system.

I am all for criticizing political candidates but when it’s so blatantly one sided while pretended to be unbiased is too much. At least say your bias, at least say you are working for the Democrats.

John Oliver is of course close to John Stewart and Steven Colbert. They are all Democrat operatives working for the DNC. To spread their Liberal Progressive programming all across TV.

That is why it is important for me to debunk this stuff. Because although it is disguised as comedy, this programming has a very sinister agenda behind it. So let’s take a look at episode 11 of LastWeekTonight.

We have pointed out in this series that Oliver has directly attacked Trump in all but one episode. That one episode he didn’t talk about Trump? He talked about Russia( to the surprise of no one).

Whoa John. You really took a different route on this one. I am genuinely surprised.y.pngNow this is actual satire news. Which is rare for this “satire” news show. John Oliver talks about a story that is genuinely funny. It seems the New Zealand National Party stole the hit Eminem Song “Lose Yourself” for their campaign ad.

The court proceedings have begun and it made for a fair bit of humor in the courtroom. As the NZ National Party tried to defend itself by saying that the song was not an Eminem song, it was “Eminem-esque”.

So finally some actual satire from Oliver. No trying to push an agenda, but something tells me this won’t last. Aside from his Zebras thing, or the fake ads he made, very little satire coming out of this show lately.

So very quickly Oliver decides to move on to attack the Republicans for taking the very first steps towards repealing Obamacare. So much for satire or any type of humor. z.png

Right to pushing a political message. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out or predict this one. Oliver will cry about “24 million” Americans losing health insurance, that honestly the government was in no position to grant to begin with.

Now we see why government entitlement are dangerous because once someone feels entitled to something they suddenly act like they cannot live without it anymore. Get rid of food stamps? Millions starve to death. Get rid of gov healthcare? Millions will die.

The sky is always falling with these Liberal Democrats. So get on with it, what do you have to say John? Him simply mentioning the House of Reps gets boos and snickers from his rabidly Liberal audience.


Oliver is upset that some Republicans didn’t thoroughly read the legislation. Mind you at least they had some legislation to read, remember this beauty from Nancy Pelosi?71463c6b2f1b4d4804ca549864ddeb64.jpg

No one read Obamacare before they passed it. You literally could not read it, it was a whopping 2,300 pages long!! Trumps healthcare bill? Just north of 40 pages! Actually readable. nn.png

John Oliver wants to talk about of course, in his never ending predictability, the possibility of having to pay more due to “Preexisting conditions”. zz.png

Its almost as if all of the Liberal media reads from the same script. Then they all cite each other in a never ending circle jerk of agreement. That is the Liberal way, everyone marching in line, no dissent, no outside thoughts allowed. All pushing the same narrative to drive the message directly into the mind of the impressionable.

But John Oliver want’s to get to his main point of the night. Net Neutrality. x.png

This is yet another virtue signaling issue for John Oliver. One where he gets to pretend that he is advocating for the little guy while actually promoting a policy that forces only a few tech giants to dominate the market, while hurting the ability to upgrade our physical internet infrastructure.

“Net Neutrality” on paper is supposed to be the equal treatment of all bandwidth. Meaning that an internet service provider cannot limit the speed or access of certain websites.

Let’s say for example you us the Amazon Prime video streaming service, but your ISP has struck a deal with Netflix to help promote their service. An ISP could theoretically limit the speed of Amazon Prime or block access to it, while increasing the speed of Netflix, giving them an unfair advantage.

Now all of this sounds like a good thing, but rarely does the government getting involved mean anything good for anyone. The worse words in the English language are “I am from the government and I am here to help”.

While I am 100% in favor of a free and open internet that is fair to all users, I can also see on the technical end of things how that can make things vastly complicated. Sometimes an ISP unfairly has to upgrade it’s services without necessarily gaining more profit.

Netflix is an extremely popular streaming service. More than 20% of all streaming is through Netflix. The increase in popularity in the service places an extra burden on the internet service provider who now has to upgrade its broadband infrastructure to handle the new load of users.

So “Net Neutrality” essentially bans an ISP from practicing methods that would make Netflix want to help share of the cost of upgrading the infrastructure to handle the new load caused by it’s streaming service.

So John Oliver thinks that the government needs to interject itself in order to stop ISPs from practicing these throttling or restricting methods. However, Trump and his new FCC chairman are firmly against Net Neutrality: wewqe.png

Trump even tweeted a few years ago about it.

So John Oliver is making it more of a personal crusade for him to take on this issue since his sworn enemy Trump is moving forward on this. Oliver says that without Title 2, which most of the Net Neutrality restrictions lie, is a good thing and restricts ISPs from engaging in discriminatory behavior.

However, John Oliver also says that most of the ISP business is unaffected by this order. So what is it John? Is it restricting them or is it having an impact on their business? v.pngHe also doesn’t think that it affects Conservative sites, but then why is Media Matters saying the complete opposite? That it would help Conservative sites and the major internet service providers.


John Oliver and the modern Progressive Liberals are authoritarian. They truly believe that only with total government control of all forms of media and business can things truly be corruption free. We have seen the opposite to be true.

Government intervention always creates backroom deals and unseen consequences. Look at what happened to healthcare when the government got involved? We, as consumers, need to be the ones to bring pressure upon ISPs.

We don’t need a government law telling an ISP not to sell some of your data, we as a consumer should be smart enough to stop using that service if we dislike their practices.

People like John Oliver would rather have you believe that only with total Democrat control and socialization can we be safe, he couldn’t be more wrong and what is his final appeal? To make fun of our FCC chairman. wadwda.png

Seriously this is what passes for Liberal “news” these days.

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