#Trumpcare Strikes Back!

NOOOOO! How dare you vile disgusting evil fascist Trump?! You ReTHUGlicans seriously did it this time! This is it, this is the last straw! You will kill every American by doing this!

CaliConservative, without #Obamacare, there is NO healthcare! Obama literally invented healthcare, oh Gaia I miss him so much! He needs to come back and stop this madness and stop Trump from ruining our already great country.

Then we can finally have the socialist utopia we were promised! We can finally have our socialized medicine, just like in the Soviet Union! No one ever had to worry about how their next doctors visit was paid, it was all taken care of, that is our goal.s.jpg

Whoa! CaliLiberal, calm the heck down snowflake! First of all, all that happened was the bill made it past the House, it still has to go through the Senate where I am sure it will be debated in length for hours and hours.

Second the Soviet Healthcare system was a disaster, and third, are you ready for this? Humans had healthcare before Obamacare existed.


CNN is the biggest crap on television. Actually, I can’t decide if MSNBC, CNN, or MTV are the biggest pieces of crap on TV. Why not just award all of them the title? The Liberal media is whipping you up into a frenzy can’t you see that?


He works at Chase? Are they serious?

Drumpf is the only one whipping me up into a frenzy! What about people with pre-existing conditions?! OBAMA PROTECTED THEM! Trump doesn’t give a damn about people like me!

What pre-existing condition do you have CaliLib?

Well, OK I don’t have a PEC, but I wish I did because then I could virtue signal about it! And I know people that have real PECs.

Like my girlfriend, yes I am interested in women, surprised? But not with any sort of sexual intentions of course since that would be misogynistic.

Her family has decent money shes actually studying to be an attorney, and suffers from anxiety and depression. She also needs help paying for her birth control.

Not so that we could be intimate, but so that she can “regulate her period” or so she tells me. What about her?!

Well, this may trigger you, but I think healthy people like you and your girlfriend are fully capable of finding your own healthcare and paying for it.

If you can afford to go to college there really is no reason you should be starving, and are fully capable of finding your own medical coverage.

For people that have very serious life-threatening preexisting conditions this new bill sets aside $138 billion dollars to cover people with PECs and mental health issues.

But it’s up to the States to decide who is covered! We can’t allow that! Sure, I might be safe here in the Socialist Republik of Commufornia, but what about people that live in Fascist Texas or Nazi-zona?

Especially immigrants, people of color, and religious minorities will be oppressed!

This isn’t about any racial issues this time. Sorry CaliLib, it isn’t about Islam or immigrants. It’s about sick and healthy. Right now we have a system that punishes people for being healthy.

Look at what happened in Alaska. The cost to care for just 500 chronically ill patients made the deductible skyrocket of about 24,000 other Alaskans on the same plan. The state moved to create a separate high-risk pool to care for the chronically ill. It’s what Trumps plan proposes to do nation wide.


Obamacare forces everyone on the plan to support the chronically ill, so the less people on the plan, the less money going to support the sick. Since the deductible for the lowest Obamacare insurance is at a whopping $6,000 average deductible. Simply, unaffordable.

We have alot of talk about Trump discriminating against people with preexisting conditions, when in reality Obamacare discriminates against those without preexisting conditions. kkkkkljjhjhh.png

Trumps plan seeks to establish those high-risk pools so that the cost of caring for the chronically ill are shared by more than just those currently enrolled in the plan. It also will force states to provide assistance to the severely ill if they cannot afford their insurance.

My aunt who has severe epilepsy had FAR better healthcare under Clinton and Bush. She was able to go to the best local hospital and get her brain surgeries. Than Obamacare kicked in.

She had to travel far away to a far worse hospital, to receive inferior medical care because now everyone was sharing. It’s very true what they say, socialism is the equal sharing of misery.

Where did you hear all that? On Breitbart? Or Faux News? Everybody knows Trumpcare is gonna be a disaster!

Did you hear that from the same people who told you Hillary was going to win the election?

Well yea–

Then I think Trump will be just fine.



P.S. I wish that part about CaliLib advocating for a Soviet style healthcare system was satire, but it isn’t. There are actual socialists who advocate that we adopt the Soviet healthcare model. If we do, I sure hope that system treats the worst preexisting condition of all, Liberalism.

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