Cinco De Mayo In 2017.


*CaliConservative has set up a Cinco De Mayo party, CaliLiberal suddenly busts in*

Stop this right now CaliCon! I am shutting this down in the name of tolerance and stopping bigotry!

I am actually hosting a Cinco De Mayo party, you should be happy CaliLib! We are celebrating Mexican culture. Also read the sign, sombrero and poncho required in here.

This is cultural appropriation. You are simply using the holiday as an excuse to party and get drunk. You are dressing up in cliche Mexican clothing have you any idea how insensitive and offensive you are being?!  

Its not my fault Mexicans invented an overly large and comical hat that looks utterly hilarious and that a poncho is basically just a blanket with a hole where your head goes through.  These are great for themed parties!

Plus people dress up like Leprechauns, Vikings, Cowboys or Pilgrims, you never hear white people complain about “cultural appropriation”.


Are you implying that we are using some form of reverse racism? Impossible, reverse racism simply doesn’t exist. Since racial minorities lack the institutional power to be racist.

Oh it certainly does exist. I don’t give a damn what your Social Welfare teacher at Berkeley said. Minorities can be just as racist as anyone, and in the modern day are far more racist than White people.

It seems like racial minorities always wanna fight to be a part of and accepted by the white society, but then once we get accepted we just wanna bring our own culture in mix and tear theirs down.


We can flood into America, but if suddenly millions of Americans began flooding into Mexico, you better believe Mexico will deploy its forces to stop people from crossing and build a wall.

Also shouldn’t Mexicans be happy that America celebrates their culture and embraces it so much? I don’t know if there is a city in America without a restaurant that serves Mexican food. Americans love Mexico, but that doesn’t mean we want to become Mexico. It seems like America is never accepting enough for you Libs.

ENOUGH! Stop with your far right propaganda! Trump will deport you all anyway, you will regret voting for that cheeto when he loads you on cattle cars and sends you back!


Just because I am of Hispanic descent doesn’t mean I will be deported. This seems to be the perpetuated myth by the Left that just because you or your parents are immigrants that you will be sent back.

Learn to the difference between legal and illegal immigration. You are simply fear-mongering, just like your “millions will die”rhetoric concerning healthcare. Stop trying to scare everyone.

Just grab a beer and relax CaliLib.

Ill be damned if I ever share a beer with you CaliCon! A racist, fascist, wannabe white guy like you celebrating Cinco De Mayo?! Hah, the hypocrisy! You hate Mexico!


I don’t hate Mexico. I hate the corrupt Mexican government and it’s insistence on sending it’s problems North to cross the border. Want healthcare? Go to America. Want a job? Go to America. Want a family and house and land? Go to America.

Why can’t we do it in Mexico? Because it is mired in corruption and crime. Mexico is like a miniaturized version of Iraq, except more of a threat because it’s so close to our country.

Imagine if a person from Afghanistan snuck into the US, sold drugs, killed and raped people, it might be considered terrorism related and deemed a threat. That happens almost every week with Illegals coming across from Mexico.


So why is a racist like you celebrating Mexican Independance?

Well actually, the official Mexican independence day is on September 16th. May 5th is simply recognizing a major victory of Mexican forces against the vastly superior French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

Puebla is one of the few states in Mexico that has official Cinco De Mayo celebrations, most wait until September, for the real Mexican independence day. The Battle of Puebla was significant for several reasons.

It’s always great to see a smaller underdog nation successfully secure it’s freedoms from the imperial endeavors of a much larger nation, but more importantly in my opinion is that the USA as we know it might not exist if the French hadn’t been defeated on May 5th, 1862trump-sombrero.jpg

You see, in the year 1862, another major conflict was also taking place. The American Civil War. The threat of France possibly allying the Confederacy against the Union was a real possibility. I personally believe that with the support of the French the South could have easily won the war.

Since the French were humiliated at the Battle of Puebla, where a much smaller and ill equipped Mexican forces that sent the French forces reeling, they couldn’t really focus on American anymore.

The French were eventually able to overtake the Mexican forces and captured Mexico City where they installed a puppet government. However the Mexican forces had held off the French long enough for the American Civil War to resolve itself.

The USA was able to send arms and supplies to Mexican rebels to help them overtake the french forces and drive them from the Western hemisphere. So we both have each other to thank for our sovereignty.

Also I think Mexico has been a valuable ally in world affairs, and generally a good trading partner when we have leaders willing to strike a good deal for us. They have sided with us in both world wars, and numerous conflicts.

We have to be careful not to damage our relations to Mexico too much, but we also must make sure they know the USA is in charge. Only by working together can the USA, Mexico and Canada secure a peaceful and prosperous North America.

So grab a tequila shot, put on a poncho and celebrate.

*CaliLiberal scoffs and walks away*

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