May Day: The Left Riots.

*Los Angeles, California. A large crowd of people gathered in a park. The pungent stench of marijuana, EBT cards, and a sense of entitlement wafts over the crowd.*


Hey CaliConservative, you made it! Isn’t this great? You can smell the socialism in the air! It’s great to see you decided to finally come and really fix America!

By fix of course I mean tear down the borders and let in everyone who wants to come!

*CaliLib has painted small hammer and sickles on his cheeks just underneath his eyes. He is wearing a t-shirt imprinted with the image of Che Guevara. Holding a sign with a painted Orange wearing Trump hair, the caption reads: Orange I Glad I Voted Hillary!*

Man whoever said “the freaks come out at night” has obviously never heard of May Day before.

You guys really got socialists, communists, vegans, new age trans-non-binary humanists and illegal immigrants here. It seems just about every spectrum of the Liberal drum circle is represented.

*CaliConservative stops his gaze on one peculiar sight*

Why is that guy naked?

Hes protesting apparel oppression.

What is apparel oppression?

The idea of wearing clothes enforces oppression, created by the Conservative White Male Patriarchy.

Oh, he must be one of those drug addict, schizophrenic homeless people.

Actually, he was a classmate of mine at Berkeley, he’s a professor there now. Hes visiting for a few days. We majored in “LGBT+ studies” together.

And yes that is different from my major in “Gender Studies”, you homophobe.


Socialism: Can’t live with it, and they don’t allow you to live without it.

OK, anyways, I’m not here for the rally I was just passing through. There’s a great ramen noodle place nearby.

Figures, I should already know a wingnut like you doesn’t care about immigrants rights.

Well actually the ramen place I was just at is owned by immigrants, people that came here legally, got a citizenship and invested in a business that contributes to our economy.

These people are just asking for handouts. They want to skip the line, cheat, they don’t want to earn it.


Exactly! 20 million European immigrants came to the USA in 1880-1920. They learned English, found a job, saved money, bought a home, married and had a family.

Those people actually became American. They stopped waving the flags of their home countries and started flying ol’ glory herself, the stars and stripes.


*The gathering goes quiet and all eyes turn to CaliConservative*

Well, ahem, I mean, it’s true. You left-wingers never praise white immigrants, or even the Hispanic and others that assimilate fully to the American culture.

*CaliCon grabs a nearby cucks megaphone*

Also there isn’t a single right that any legal citizen of these United States possesses that native born citizens do not! We are all afforded the same rights, as long as you are a legal citizen! Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! God Bless America!

*The crowd stays silent for moment then suddenly starts rumbling. Some begin to yell:

-No Human is illegal! Sanctuary for all!

-Down with Trump! Down with White Supremacy!

-The Constitution is racist!! America is fascist!

-He said God! God doesn’t exist!

-Climate Justice for Black Lives!

What the hell does that last statement even mean?

*Suddenly, a bike lock swings and strikes CaliCon in the head, he falls to the ground and looks up to see who did it*


Oh you thought these were tools? Those are just the weapons they use to kill “fascists”.

The naked Berkeley professor? CaliLib your friend hit me in the head! Where was he hiding that bike lock-Wait, don’t answer that I don’t wanna know.

Just get me the hell out of here!

*But CaliLib had been overtaken by the mentality of the intolerant Liberal mob, he pulled out a pepper spray, covered his face with a mask, and began to spray CaliCon in the eyes*

Take that you fascist scum! I been wanting to do that for a whil–

*A loud crack is heard, a sudden snap, and a flash of red white and blue lightning is heard. The Liberal mob is suddenly stunned*


*CaliConservative, slightly dizzy, rubbing his eyes proclaims*

It can’t be? Gee golly, It really is him! Its the spirit of Reagan riding a white horse, oh thank God you are here in classic ex-machina fashion sir!

*CaliConservative salutes the majestic Reagan as he drives off the vicious unwashed horde of Liberals while reciting verses from the Constitution*

The Socialists and Commies were certainly out in force. May 1st, has become known in America as a day when Immigrants and workers protest, but May 1st, or “May Day” has much more sinister origin. 3


To give you a true sense of the people that celebrate May Day, it is one of the single most important holidays in North Korea, and was a major holiday in the old Soviet Union.

May Day is a socialist holiday. The immigrant issue is just cover. One of the main tools of installing socialism is riling up the “oppressed” classes. So the socialists use immigrants the same way they use LGBT.

It’s simply part of their socialist agenda, once they become the majority party they will go after those “oppressed” groups one by one. We must be aware of this. Socialism is the ultimate evil, incompatible with freedom.

Socialism is the new slavery. Using illegal, and even legal immigrants, to drive down wages and cause economic instability, which they then blame on capitalism. When in reality it is the application of socialism that destabilizes capitalism.


The Left in a nutshell, A cardboard cutout of Hillary and acting like the theft of jobs is somehow righteous.

We must guard against this very sinister evil. Immigrants that come from a poor and oppressive country are going to inevitably have much lower standards of what they consider wealthy or non-oppressive. They will happily accept a wage that normal Americans would reject, which in-turn lowers wage earning potential for others.

Especially when our government is not properly forcing them to get a US citizenship and assimilate. When they come over waving the flags of their home countries. When they bring over a lifestyle of crime and poverty. When they bring over a lack of respect for American societal advancements like Gay or Women Rights.


Then help your mom get her citizenship already! You look like you are 20 years old, how long as she been here?!

Many of the illegal immigrants these Liberals are fighting for don’t even respect half of the beliefs they have. A lot of them viciously hate gays, have no respect for women, and are prone to resorting to crime. A lot of the Hispanic immigrants hate blacks, which in turn fuels gang wars between Black and Hispanic gangs.

This is a massive problem we are facing, and if we don’t do something soon America will be gone forever. In fact it might even be too late, but we must fight to the end. We must do everything we can to severely limit the impact that accelerated illegal immigration has on our communities.

That can only be achieved by making sure we have tough borders(#BuildTheWall), well funded immigration agents, and are carefully selecting immigrants that enhance society, not degrade it.

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