Trumps First 100 Days: Top 10 Moments.







*CaliLiberal faints, CaliConservative rushes over and cradles him*

Oh damn, what’s wrong CaliLib? Is it heat exhaustion? Did an ISIS sniper get ya? Or did your legs finally give out from never really being used?


*CaliLib goes unconscious* 

Nooooooo! @POTUS why did you have to be so damn effective and good at your job?! Why did you have to defy all your critics and win win win?

Wait a minute! Damnit, Trump being a successful President has zero effect on your physical health.

*CaliLiberal springs to life*

Yeah, but like, its very triggering for me having to go through this ordeal. How dare Trump hold a rally thanking the people that voted for him instead of going to the White House Correspondents Dinner to thank the Lib Media that bashes him. Also “successful” means two different things to you and me. 

Obama was a successful President! Despite him causing us to lose the House, Senate and Executive branch, because he made sure he created just enough government dependence. Using a carefully selected mix of Muslim and Hispanic immigrants, to ensure a massive Dem voting bloc for years to come!

All we have to do is keep Obamacare from being repealed and stop the illegals from being deported! That is how we will be protecting Obama’s real legacy! Now that is success, that’s Progressive. Plus, Trump was a total failure in his first 100 days, in fact he was the worst President ever.

Get the hell outta here, President Trump is by far the greatest President since Washington, in my opinion, and a successful President to me is one that empowers the individual to take more control over their own lives by going after the most sinister evil, government dependence.

Trump inspires the hell out of me because he said what he wanted to say! He inspired me to create this blog! I should have created this thing last year because I knew Trump was gonna win and that he would be the best President ever, he has even exceeded my expectations!

Standing up for the Constitution, for our Military, for our…Actually let’s just go ahead and run through a list of what I believe to be President Trumps Top 10 Moments in his first 100 days. Wont you join me on this patriotic journey CaliLib?

I guess so CaliCon, I have time to kill anyway. I am due to speak at a “Commu-Vegan for the New Age Feminist” seminar at that burnt out building down by the docks in two hours.

I don’t even wanna know what that is, let’s get started. Trumps top 10 moments, IN MY OPINION.

Number 10: Inauguration Day. TRUMPP.jpg

I gotta admit, although I was sure Trump would win the election, it really didn’t hit me until he took that oath of office. I was fully prepared to watch him lose and watch Hillary Clinton take the oath of office and run this country into the ground, probably grinding my teeth and punching holes in the wall the entire time, but I was ready to accept that reality.

Liberals however didn’t seem to be prepared to watch Trump take the presidency, and I am sure the New York Times, WashingtonPost, HuffPo, CNN had nothing to do with the false perception that Hillary was guaranteed win with their fake polls. So we were treated to one of the greatest SJW meltdowns of recent memory.

Hey that is just a concerned citizen because that’s exactly what we are witnessing now CaliCon, the total collapse of America under that orange tyrant! Stop conning your readers. You like that line huh?

Damn, that was a good line, but you are the one spreading lies CaliLib! Stop libeling…no wait..hmm, Lib..umm..OK damn I can’t think of a good comeback right now, but you know damn well we are witnessing the revival of the American economy. A rebirth of American freedom and a new era of prosperity and it all officially started on Trumps Inauguration Day!

More like Putins Inaguration Day!

The Media was left scrambling and ran very sad stories about crowd sizes comparing Trump and Obama. What did that have to do with anything? Besides, CNN and The New York Times still had to run fake news. The photos were taken at different times, the Obama one was taken a little later in the day when more people had arrived, while the Trump crowd photo was from early in the morning when people were still arriving. Sad.

Number 9: Killing TPP.

Almost immediately into his presidency, Trump affirmed his commitment to his promise of America First, by killing the 12-nation trade deal brokered by Obama known as TPP. The “Trans-Pacific Partnership” became a national issue for a time.

Trust me when I say that ending the TPP was supposedly HUGE issue for the Liberals. It was one the few issues they actually protested Obama against(but probably because they had no Republicans to complain about at the time).

Then all of a sudden, because it was their sworn enemy Trump ending TPP, doing what they wished their politicians would do, they went dead silent. No praise, no celebration from the Left. On an issue they pretended to be massively against? Don’t believe me? There are literally thousands of photos of Liberals protesting TPP.

How do I know they are Liberals? Because some of them didn’t seem concerned about the deal being unfair to American workers, but that the TPP somehow “accelerated Climate Change”. Liberalism really is a mental disorder.










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Can’t you see CaliCon? It’s just Trump swindling you yet again, he isn’t against TPP, he just wants to alter it so all the money funnels into his corporations. It must be true if I saw it on the Occupy  Democrats Facebook page comment section.

It’s seriously never enough for you guys is it? This is why I never concede territory to you Progressives, it’s never enough! Things are NEVER good enough for you guys! That is why I don’t give a damn what you lot think anymore and neither should Trump. I don’t care if you lot are happy or not with Trump, hes #MyPresident.

Number 8: Trump Calls Out Voter Fraud

This was a great moment following Inauguration Day,






Trump calls out the Democrats for relying heavily on voter fraud and promises to investigate it.

Yeah but did he? Everybody knows voter fraud doesn’t exist.

Let me guess, you saw that on an episode of LastWeekTonight with John Oliver?

Yes, but I didn’t need to see that because I think that everyone should be allowed to vote in our elections! Plus only the popular vote should count, the electoral college is a relic of a bygone era.

I guarantee you once Trump begins to deport more and more illegals, you will begin to see the number of people voting Democrat will diminish. Those that Trump grants a citizenship will be forever grateful and will most likely vote GOP, or at least vote him to be reelected.

Number 7: Trump Calls CNN Fake News



Trump obviously had a long and sorted road with CNN all of 2016 which culminated in, at the time, President-Elect Trump got into a fierce exchange with CNN and called Jim Acosta and CNN fake news.

Of course Trump thinks they are Fake News! They tell the truth about him and his evil administration every single day! Thank Gaia for CNN! and the New York Times, just about the only truth tellers left these days!

This was an awesome moment for me because it showed that we finally had a President that was willing to hit back at corrupt Liberal media. These media elites see themselves as the definitive word in news and it was about time someone took them down a peg or two.

Number 6: Trump Overturns EPA Tyranny


This was yet another great move by President Trump. To relinquish the Federal authority over just about every single aspect of the environment. This is one of those major hypocrisy flashpoints for the Progressives. They rail against “tyranny and authoritarianism” yet advocate that the Federal government have complete control over, not only our nation , but the global environment.

Because how else could one possibly slay the specter of Climate Change unless they actually go over to China and say sorry Ping, but you can’t make your Bowl Noodles anymore because they may have caused a microbe to go extinct on the other side of the planet.

The Progressive obsession over controlling the climate, and their side quest of controlling the climate narrative, is one of their great weaknesses. Because they will ultimately be proven wrong. Time and time again they are. All the lies of Al-Gore have been blown away, polar bears are almost becoming over-populated, and the Antarctic ice has grown at a race not seen in recent decades.

STOP SPREADING LIES CALICON! You are such a fascist for saying that! Everyone knows that corporations are killing the planet and we should have elected Bernie sanders because he was the only person willing to do anything about it! That is why he owns 3 homes, I am sure they are all geo-strategically located in climate change zones, and he needs the fast sports cars to be able to quickly travel to potential research sites, I am sure of it!

Number 5: Trump Addresses Congress.


This was one of President Trumps best speeches by far! I even felt inspires enough an article about it.  It had overtones of patriotism, unity, and the constant reaffirmation that the days of placing the interests of others above those of our citizens were over.

This was an epic moment that garnered a lot of praise from both sides of the aisle, though of course diehard Democrats opposed everything Trump said and found fault with it all. The average voter felt reassured that we finally have a President that works hard and cares about bringing Americans together.

This was a historic shift in my opinion, and any notions of illegitimacy or incompetence were utterly dispelled. It showed that Trump is aware of the gravity of his office. It showed that he does not take his position lightly, and he understands the magnitude of the dire situation we find ourselves in at this historic moment.

That moment when he honored the wife of fallen warrior, Senior Chief William Ryan Owens, that moment really made me very proud to have voted for Trump.

Pffft, yeah right CaliConservative give it a rest. She was only pretending and that was a horrible speech! Evil and dark, filled with overtones of ugh patriotism aka racism. It made me so scared! Worst speech ever!

Gee I am really glad I brought you along for this….

Number 4: Overturning LGBT Regulations


This is yet another crossroad flashpoint of Liberal hypocrisy. Apparently Liberals like Federal authority. Because like the EPA, the LGBT wing of the Federal government created under Obama, was sort of like a gender police.

Using “Transgender Mandates” to force schools all across the country to allow any person to use the bathroom of the gender they identified with. If the school was found in violation of the mandate, federal funds could be withheld.

This of course was utterly illegal, a blatant overreach of federal authority, but because Obama was a smooth talker, and because the Libs agreed with his motives, they didn’t say anything at this seemingly massive increase in federal reach.

Again, Liberals pretend to be against authoritarianism but they actually fully endorse and implement it for issues like LGBT, and Climate Change. The biggest irony here is that Trump isn’t even installing his own order. He could try to do a reverse Obama and force every school to make children use the bathroom they were biologically assigned.

Instead what Trump did was he simply ended the Federal jurisdiction over your childrens bathrooms, and is returning the power back to communities and parents to decide what is best for their own children.

They don’t know what is best for their own children! They are most likely just dumb Conservatives who are oppressing these kids and denying them their sexuality!

Kids shouldn’t have to worry about sexuality! Don’t they have enough on their plates with just trying to do good in school and make friends? Why force extra societal pressure on them? Oh right, because it gives you yet another “oppressed” class to pimp out for Dem votes.

Number 3: Trump Frees American Prisoner Held In Egypt.


This really was one of the more heart felt moments of the Trump Presidency so far. It was heart warming and a very positive story. President Trump worked for several weeks with Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi to secure the freedom of Aya Hijazi, 30, a U.S. citizen, as well as her husband, Mohamed Hassanein, and four other humanitarian workers.

This was yet another moment where Trump was proving that he places the lives of American CITIZENS above all(this lady was an immigrant Liberals, so stop your White Supremacy alarmist bullcrap, Trump is no racist). Trump even freed her husband who isn’t an American, but because he is married to a citizen we can extend him that sweet arm of liberty.

Proof that Trump can negotiate virtually anything with enough time and leverage. Also that he is working on many other projects that people are not currently aware of, few knew he was negotiating the release of this hostage until we saw her released.

Big deal, Trump only did this to use her as a photo op, she would have been better off staying in that Egyptian prison. Who wouldn’t wanna be a female prisoner in a Muslim country?

Number 2: Curbing Immigration


Now most people might tell you that the only problem we have is with illegal immigration, some liberals will tell you even illegal immigration isn’t a problem at all, but I think we have reached the point where we need to severely limit the amount of immigrants being admitted into the USA.

Trump has moved against every form of immigration, from illegal to legal. His travel ban was aimed at predominately Muslim countries on the other side of the world, while empowering our border patrol agents has curbed immigration coming across from our border with Mexico. Trump is cracking down on the H1-B visa that he railed against during his campaign.

Immigration was a central issue of the 2016 election. Rightly so, the US was admitting record numbers of Muslim immigrants, African Refugees, and Hispanic immigrants were coming over in droves, including thousands of children. Obama should have turned them away, instead he welcomed them in.

Normally I might not be against helping people, but with poverty at extreme levels, and our economy faltering, now might be the worst possible time to try to help rid the world of it’s problems. It’s time we cared about our own, not the troubles of others.

Racist!! *Yawn*

Honorable Mentions

Trumps travel ban was a top moment for me, and Trump keeping himself to his word about his promises.  Had it not been struck down by the 9th circus, I would have placed it on the list.

The push through of the Keystone pipeline was a top moment, if only just to see the Liberal meltdown that ensued.

The Confirmation of Neil Gorsuch.

Trumps Buy American/Hire American order.

Trumps ban on hiring new Federal employees.

I am sure there are others that I forgot sorry!!

*CaliLiberal is sound asleep*

NUMBER 1: Syria Strike/MOAB!


I might get a hate from some conspiracy theorists out in the audience, any Infowarriors listening may not be happy at me siding with the CFR, Girlscout, Illuminati, Neocons.

The moment when Trump launched those Tomahawks at Syria. The moment those eerily effervescent missiles plumed and screamed off the deck of our warships and sailed towards their targets. The moment Putin and Trump stared each other down, for one brief second, and Putin blinked. That was Trumps top moment in my eyes.

It strategically achieved so many things. While the strike itself may have had a limited impact, the message was clear. Not just to Assad, not even just to Putin. It was the shot heard around the world. The shot was a clear warning that America was under new management. Gone are the days of indecisiveness and inaction, or as Trump calls it “strategic patience”.

Putin blinked and backed down, Assad went quiet with a virtual whimper as Trump showed that he won’t be painting red lines, he will be enforcing them. The world changed on that day, when American retook the lead in global affairs. Some may want to be isolationists and avoid the worlds problems, but we can’t do that in the modern time.

The complex global realities of our economy are that we have interests in every country on Earth. American citizens are sailing and living all over the world, and President Trump, as our leader, feels an obligation to protect us. He proved that when he dropped the MOAB on Afghanistan.

If any nation even thinks about hurting us in the future, it’s clear Trump intends on exacting a revenge ten times as punishing. God bless America, God Bless Trump, God Bless our Troops.

*CaliLiberal is asleep like a baby with his special blanket*

Come on CaliLib, you missed your “Commu–Vegan for the New Age Feminist” seminar lets get you home.

*CaliLib whimpers*

I pretended I had that seminar gig to virtue signal, I had nothin else to do today. We will stop Trump one day #Resist…….

*He nods off and CaliCon carries him away*

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